The Secretary of State's office has become aware of a new scam.

The Secretary of State's office has become aware of a new scam where individuals are being asked to provide personal information from a requestor who claims to be a celebrity or claims to be requesting information on behalf of a government official such as the Secretary of State. The scam may involve requests for personal information such as a social security number, drivers' license number or bank account details. The scam may also involve the requestor asking for help with forming a business, creating various online accounts, or creating an "" profile. The scammers typically communicate through direct messages on social media or Google hangouts, or through comments made on online video streaming platforms such as YouTube. Please be wary of any unsolicited communications using the name of a government official. The Secretary of State and his staff never send unsolicited communications through unofficial channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or twitter– and would never use these methods to request your personal information. If you receive such a request, do not respond. Instead please contact our office immediately at 615-741-2286.