What are specimens?

A specimen is an actual example of the use of the mark in commerce.  It is the means by which the public would view your mark and be aware of the specific goods or services offered.

For trademarks, examples of acceptable specimens are tags or labels that are attached to the goods, containers for the goods, displays associated with the goods, or photographs of the goods showing use of the mark of the goods themselves. Invoices, announcements, order forms, bills of lading, leaflets, brochures, catalogs, publicity release, letterhead and business cards may be acceptable specimens for trademarks if they sufficiently demonstrate that the mark is being used with the goods. If it is impractical to send the actual specimens because of its size, photographs or other acceptable reproductions that show the mark on the goods, or packaging for the goods, must be furnished.

For services marks, examples of acceptable specimens are signs, brochures about the services, advertisements for the services, business cards or stationary showing the mark in connection with the services, or photographs that show the mark either as it is used in the rendering or advertising of the services. The specimen must either show the mark and include some clear reference to the type of services rendered under the  mark in some form of advertising, or show the mark as it is used in the rendering of the service (for example, on a store front or the side of a delivery truck).

The specimen should not be larger than 8 ½ inches by 11 inches and should be flat. Small specimens, such as tags or labels, must be taped or pasted to a sheet of paper and labeled “SPECIMEN”.