Charitable Organizations Helpful Links

Helpful links and resources for individuals starting a nonprofit or who currently lead or serve an organization.

*Any information provided or posted via this website shall not be construed as an official or unofficial endorsement of a particular organization or agency.  Additionally, information gathered via any links provided cannot be considered legal counsel or financial advice provided by this department.

Federal Level

Information for organizations or consumers related to federal trade practices and regulations.
A resource on the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) website regarding information related to federal tax exempt status and required filings.
A search tool located on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website to verify if an organization is eligible to receive tax deductible gifts, filed a Form 990N or been revoked of its tax exempt status.
A dedicated site from the IRS detailing an overview of the responsibilities and federal tax obligations for a nonprofit corporation.

Nonprofit Sector

A Knoxville based organization serving nonprofits in 25 East Tennessee counties. The mission is to assist the region's nonprofits in their efficiency and effectiveness in walking out their missions and serving various constituencies.
A Nashville based organization dedicated to creating and sustaining nonprofit excellence in Middle Tennessee through training, classes and other resources.
A Memphis-based organization offering an extensive selection of trainings and networking, aimed at sharing knowledge, building leadership skills and providing tools and techniques that help nonprofits respond effectively to the needs of the community and the demand for accountability.
A Chattanooga based organization serving nonprofits in Southeast Tennessee. Venture Forward is a resource for networking, training and capacity building for the nonprofit sector.

State and Local

The Division of Business Services can assist you with information about nonprofit corporation filing requirements (i.e. Charter, Certificate of Authority, Annual Reports) for the State of Tennessee.
Information about a nonprofit governance or management requirements, dissolution process, or the Tennessee Nonprofit Act.
If you or your organization have questions about labor practices or law in Tennessee.
If you or organization have questions about state tax obligations or the process of seeking a sales tax exemption, please contact the Tennessee Department of Revenue.