Charitable Organizations
Exemption Request (PDF, 128.1KB) SS-6042
Application for Initial Registration of a Charitable Organization (PDF, 220.0KB) SS-6001
Quarterly Financial Report (PDF, 546.8KB) SS-6039
Extension Request (PDF, 527.2KB) SS-6074
Application for Renewal Registration of a Charitable Organization (PDF, 232.7KB) SS-6007
Summary of Financial Activities for 990N or non 990 filer (PDF, 228.7KB) SS-6058
Summary of Financial Activities for 990EZ or 990 (PDF, 558.1KB) SS-6002
Summary of Financial Activities for 990PF (PDF, 542.7KB) SS-6704
Notice of Intent to Cease Solicitation Activity (PDF, 217.9KB) SS-6087
Complaint Form (PDF, 123.3KB) SS-6077
Gaming Events
Annual Gaming Event Application (PDF, 213.5KB) SS-6069
Amendment to Annual Event Application (PDF, 216.0KB) SS-6065
Affidavit of Cancellation (PDF, 112.3KB) SS-6064
Affidavit of Distribution of Proceeds from Annual Event (PDF, 105.6KB) SS-6078
Financial Accounting Report- Events over $5,000 (PDF, 211.8KB) SS-6066
Financial Accounting Report- Events under $5,000 (PDF, 199.9KB) SS-6070
Notice of Failure to Return 25% of Gross Proceeds to Charitable Programs (PDF, 209.9KB) SS-6068
Professional Solicitor
Application for Registration of a Professional Solicitor (PDF, 208.0KB) SS-6003
Surety Bond Form (PDF, 185.7KB) SS-6004
Professional Solicitor Campaign Notice (PDF, 573.8KB) SS-6020
Summary of Financial Activities for A Campaign (PDF, 122.4KB) SS-6022
Catastrophic Illness Trust
Notice of Establishment of Catastrophic Illness Trust (PDF, 120.0KB) SS-6073
Summary of Financial Activities of A Catastrophic Illness Trust (PDF, 123.9KB) SS-6075
Disaster Relief Fundraising
Disaster Relief Fundraising Quarterly Financial Report (PDF, 127.5KB) SS-6080

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