For student voter registration drives, the Secretary of State’s office can provide basic materials to host a drive and encourage participation in the #GoVoteTN social media campaign. If you are interested in hosting a drive on your campus, contact the Division of Elections at 615-741-7956 or Want more information about elections and voting in Tennessee? Check out the Elections homepage or visit

Do you want to host your own voter registration drive? Here are some tips to running a successful drive:

  1. Set a time and location with high traffic volume.
  2. Promote your event beforehand through social media, school wide emails, contact student or community organizations, fliers, etc.
  3. Contact your local county election office to get voter registration applications. They can also help answer any questions about the process. Click here to find your county election commission.
  4. Get out from behind the table and ask people if they are registered to vote!
  5. Participate in the #GoVoteTN social media campaign! Click here to get your sign.
  6. Make sure you are aware of the voter registration deadlines (30 days before an election) and get the completed forms turned in ASAP.

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