voter registration deadline


Below are the steps to participate:

Sign your school up online

Any Tennessee student in public, private and home school in grades PreK to 12 are encouraged to participate in our Student Mock Election. Students who are part of a home school can also participate.  

Click Here to Register

Review our lesson plans and resources

We provide civics lessons plans that cover the following topics:

  1. Citizenship
  2. Roles of Elected Officials
  3. Campaigning
  4. The Voting Process
  5. State & Local Government
  6. The Constitution 
  7. Colonial Government
Gather resources provided by our office

Each participating school will be provided the following resources:

  1. A PDF of a mock ballot that can be printed (which will be sent via email).
  2. "I Voted" stickers (which will be sent via mail).
  3. A Student Mock Election "I Voted" sign (which is available to download).
Conduct your mock election

The Secretary of State’s office will provide printable mock election ballots. However, schools may conduct their mock election in whatever manner works best for their students.

Report your school's results

Results can start to be reported when the “Early Voting” period begins on October 19, 2022, and must be submitted by November 1, 2022Instructions for reporting will be provided to each school’s designated contact via email.