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logo image for Online Voter Registration

The Tennessee Online Voter Registration System offers a convenient way for voters to easily register or change their address if they have moved....

Voter Registration Information Lookup & Absentee By-mail Ballot Status Tracker

This tool allows voters to review their registration information, see early voting and Election Day schedules and polling places, or track the...

Absentee By-mail Ballot Information

Outlines the time frame for early voting and the procedures for requesting a by-mail absentee ballot.

Williamson County Courthouse

Need to register to vote, update your address, submit a change of name request or request a duplicate voter registration card? Contact your local...

Be a Patriot. Become a Poll Official.

Secretary Hargett announces a new statewide campaign to recruit poll officials for the August 6 State and Federal Primary and County General...

Federal and State Candidate Lists

View candidates lists for President, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and Tennessee General Assembly.

2020 Election Calendar

View key dates for the 2020 election cycle by clicking read more.

Honor Vote

The Honor Vote program gives Tennesseans the opportunity to dedicate their vote to active-duty military personnel and veterans.

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The GoVoteTN app allows Tennesseans the opportunity to view their sample ballot, locate their polling location and learn about their district....

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See the answers to questions frequently asked about Tennessee elections.

Elections Videos

Learn more about the “Be a Patriot. Become a Poll Official.” campaign to recruit poll officials for the Aug. 6 State and Federal Primary and County General Election.
This video, produced by the Tennessee Secretary of State's office and the Division of Elections, highlights Tennessee’s online voter registration system launched in 2017. The system offers a convenient way for voters to easily register or change their address if they have moved. For more information, visit GoVoteTN.com.
Do you ever wonder if voting matters? This video explains why your vote actually does matter and why you should vote in this upcoming election.
Tennesseans Can Honor a Service Member with their Vote
The Secretary of State’s Honor Vote Program allows Tennesseans to dedicate their vote in the upcoming election to a veteran or active duty member of the U.S. military.
Secretary Hargett Encourages Tennesseans to Help Run Elections in Their Community as Poll Officials
Today on National Poll Worker Recruitment Day, Secretary of State Tre Hargett encourages Tennesseans to serve as poll officials for the Nov. 3 State and Federal General Election.
Press Release
Secretary Hargett Looks to Build Upon Poll Official Recruitment Success by Partnering with the U.S. Election Assistance Commission for National Poll Official Recruitment Day
The department’s successful statewide campaign to recruit poll officials will continue for the November election.
I Voted Sticker
Voters Are Encouraged to Prepare Now to Vote in November Election
Secretary of State Tre Hargett is encouraging voters to prepare now to vote in the presidential election on Nov. 3. Tennesseans should make sure their voter registration is up-to-date and make decisions about whether they will vote in-person or absentee by-mail if eligible.

About Elections

The Division of Elections is headed by the Coordinator of Elections, Mark Goins, who oversees the election process in the State of Tennessee. The Coordinator of Elections works directly with ninety-five (95) local county election commissions, candidates and the public on election related issues.  The county election commissions are appointed by the State Election Commission.  There are ninety-five (95) county election commission offices throughout the State. 

Division of Elections
Mark Goins, Coordinator of Elections
312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue
Snodgrass Tower, 7th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243

About the State Election Commission

The State Election Commission is composed of seven members, four from the political party holding a majority of seats in the General Assembly and three from the minority party. These individuals are elected for a term of four years. This is the only commission in Tennessee state government which is elected wholly by the General Assembly.

To be eligible to serve on the State Election Commission one must be at least 25 years old, a resident of this state for at least seven years, and a resident of the grand division of the state from which one seeks election for at least four years preceding the election. No more than any two members may be from the same grand division of the state.

The State Election Commission is responsible for appointing five county election commissioners for every county in the state. This is done on the first Monday in April in every odd-numbered year. After making such appointments, the state commissioners then monitor the activities and performance of the county election commissioners and shall remove a county election commissioner for violation of the oath of office or if that person is no longer qualified to hold the position.

Candidates for statewide offices qualify by filing their candidate petitions with the commission, and the commission must pass on the correctness and propriety of such petitions. The commission works very closely with the coordinator of elections toward the common goal of maintaining uniformity in elections as well as preserving the purity of the ballot.

Members of the State Election Commission are:

  • Donna Barrett, Murfreesboro;
  • Judy Blackburn, Morristown;
  • Greg Duckett, Memphis;
  • Mike McDonald, Portland;
  • Jimmy Wallace, Jackson;
  • Tom Wheeler, Clinton;
  • Kent Younce, La Follette.

Please address all correspondence for the State Election Commission to the Division of Elections:

Division of Elections 312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue 7th Floor, Snodgrass Tower Nashville, Tennessee 37243-0309 (615) 741-7956