Fantasy Sports

Pencil and paper showing handwritten fantasy football sports stats

The Fantasy Sports Act of 2016 requires fantasy sports operators to obtain a license with the Division of Charitable Solicitations and Gaming.

The license requirement applies to fantasy sports operators who offer daily and season-long contests that charge players an entry fee to assemble imaginary teams and subsequently offer prizes as a result of the outcome of those games. Licensing includes submitting financial documents as well as maintaining segregated player funds.

There is no requirement for players to register with the Division of Charitable Solicitations and Gaming. Free games where players do not pay an entry fee to win a prize are also excluded from the law.

Complaints submitted to the division are investigated. The division works in conjunction with the Tennessee Attorney General & Reporter's office, Tennessee Department of Revenue as well as various law enforcement and state agencies to enforce the Fantasy Sports Act. Violators could face civil penalties.

Anyone with questions can email or call (615) 253-6658 for more information.