Highway Officials Certification Board Reviewing Candidates from 13 Counties

Thursday, January 21, 2016
Tennessee state seal

The Tennessee Highway Officials Certification Board will continue reviewing candidates for the August election beginning on Thursday, January 21.

Petitions and applications are now available in 13 counties where a primary election for the office will not be held. Candidates from the following counties may now submit applications: Campbell, Cheatham, Claiborne, Hancock, Humphreys, Lewis, Macon, Maury, Moore, Roane, Smith, Trousdale and Union.

The board will review 14 applications at its meeting next Thursday.

In each county, in order to qualify for the office, a candidate shall:

  • be a graduate of an accredited school of engineering, with at least two years of experience in highway construction or maintenance;
  • be licensed to practice engineering in Tennessee;
  • have a combination of education or experience equivalent to either of the above; or
  • have at least four years of experience in a supervisory capacity in highway construction or maintenance.

Candidates must hold at least a high school diploma or equivalent certificate recognized by the state Department of Education.

Interested candidates must submit applications to the board no later than Thursday, March 24.

The board is headquartered in the Division of Elections. For more information about the board, the application process and upcoming meetings and agendas, please visit the board's website at: http://sos.tn.gov/elections/thocb.