Obion River Regional Library Hosts Legislative Day

Thursday, February 16, 2017
Obion River Regional Library Legislative Day in Martin Feb. 13, 2017

Representatives from seven West Tennessee counties gathered in Martin Feb. 13 to discuss a range of issues affecting the state’s public libraries. The event was organized by the Obion River Regional Library, which is part of the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

Attendees included a state legislator and various officials from Carroll, Crockett, Dyer, Gibson, Henry, Obion and Weakley counties.

The meeting included a discussion of new state laws affecting libraries, the importance of providing broadband internet access at libraries and the funding requirements city and county governments must meet in order to keep their libraries in compliance with state standards. The meeting participants also received a briefing about the need for state dollars to fund the construction of a new building for the Library and Archives in Nashville.

“I think this was a very productive meeting,” State Librarian and Archivist Chuck Sherrill said. “Each year, the Tennessee Library Association hosts Library Legislative Day in Nashville while the General Assembly is in session. This year’s Library Legislative Day is scheduled for March 7. While that event serves an important purpose, I also see the benefit of holding events like these in the communities served by our local libraries. I hope everyone who attended today’s event took away some useful information.”

Attendees included:

State of Tennessee

  • Senator John Stevens, District 24
  • Chuck Sherrill, Tennessee State Library and Archivist

Carroll County

  • Mayor Jill Holland, McKenzie
  • Mayor Dale Kelley, Huntingdon
  • Reggie Lawrence, Obion River Regional Library Board (OBRL), Huntingdon

Crockett County

  • Linda Rice, Director, Crockett Memorial Library, Alamo
  • Jim Stewart, OBRL Board, Alamo

Dyer County

  • Regina Patterson, Director, McIver’s Grant Public Library, Dyersburg
  • Janice Peevyhouse, Director, Newbern City Library, Newbern
  • Carol Harris, OBRL Board, Dyersburg
  • Sylvia Palmer, OBRL Board, Dyersburg

Gibson County

  • Missy Blakely, Director, Mildred G. Fields Memorial Library, Milan
  • Diane Wright, Director, Humboldt Public Library, Humboldt
  • Don Farmer, Chairman, OBRL Library Board, Milan
  • Dr. Beverly Youree, OBRL Library Board, Trenton
  • Jim Bronow, MGF Memorial Library Board, Milan

Henry County

  • Mayor Brent Greer, Henry County
  • Connie McSwain, Director, W.G.Rhea Public Library, Paris
  • Dr. Norma Gerrell, OBRL Board, Paris
  • Susan Pemberton, OBRL Board, Paris

Obion County

  • Mayor Benny McGuire, Union City
  • Michele Barnes, Director, Obion County Public Library
  • Mike Cox, OBRL Library Board, Union City
  • Ellarine Moses, OBRL Library Board, Union City
  • David Searcy, Obion County Public Library Board, Union City

Weakley County

  • Mayor Jake Bynum, Weakley County
  • Mayor Monroe Ary, Sharon
  • Mayor Randy Brundige, Martin
  • Mayor Cindy McAdams, Greenfield
  • Mayor Diane Poole, Gleason
  • Candy McAdams, Director, Ned R. McWherter Weakley County Public Library, Dresden
  • Judy Paschall, Director, Gleason Public Library, Gleason
  • Roberta Peacock, Director, C.E. Weldon Public Library, Martin
  • Nancy Hinds, OBRL Board, Martin
  • Hon. Tommy Moore, OBRL Board, Dresden
  • Lynn Alexander, C.E. Weldon Public Library Board
  • Sue Lasky, C.E. Weldon Public Library Board
  • Mike Rea, C.E. Weldon Public Library Board
  • David Sudberry, C.E. Weldon Public Library Board
  • Jim Phelps, Gleason Public Library Board
  • Faye Kendall, Sharon Public Library Board
  • Joyce Haworth, Sharon Public Library Board
  • Sam Richardson, Paul Meek Library, University of Tennessee - Martin