Secretary Hargett Reminds Voters of Election Day Hotline and App

Thursday, December 11, 2014

As Tennesseans head to the polls Tuesday, they should be aware that the state Division of Elections staff is available to answer questions or listen to any concerns about the voting process.

People can call the division's toll free hotline, 1-877-850-4959, or visit to get information about the elections.

Also, there's a new smartphone application produced by the division that can provide voters with their polling locations, hours the polls will be open in their communities, lists of candidates, sample ballots and more. The app, called GoVoteTN, is available free of charge in the Apple Store and Google Play.

People can also contact their county election commissions for information. Contact information for those election commissions is also available at

"I encourage all eligible voters who haven't already voted early to cast their ballots Tuesday," Secretary of State Tre Hargett said. "Voting is one of the most fundamental rights that we have in our system of government - and it's a right we should never take for granted. Also, I encourage people to take advantage of our new elections app. It only takes a couple of minutes to download and provides valuable information for people who are preparing to vote."

You can also follow election results on Twitter. The results will be posted at @tnconstamend, @tngovelection, @tnsenategen, @tnhousegen, @tnushouse and @tnussenate