Using TSLA Resources to Turn Small Clues into Big Discoveries

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Every genealogical research project has to start somewhere, whether it’s a Google search of an ancestor’s name or an old family photograph unearthed from the attic. In this next installment of the Tennessee State Library and Archives free workshop series, veteran genealogist Jim Long will use case studies to demonstrate how even small bits of information can lead to important discoveries found among TSLA’s collection of resources.

Mr. Long, president of the Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society, will use real-life examples of how he utilized TSLA resources in his research. His lecture will touch on the information that can be found in old newspapers, deed books, land records and legislative petitions to learn more about long lost ancestors. He will also describe how photographs can provide clues that can assist in research. And he will provide tips on how to search through county records and use the Tennessee Archives Directory as a resource.

Mr. Long is a lifetime member of the Montgomery County Historical Society and a volunteer at the Stewart County Archives. He has studied genealogy for more than 35 years and has published nine books on Stewart County genealogical records. He also maintains the websites for the Tennessee State Library and Archives Friends, the Middle Tennessee Genealogical Society and the TNGenWeb sites for Stewart and Montgomery counties.

The workshop takes place on Saturday, Sept. 26th from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Although this workshop is free and open to the public, reservations are required due to limited seating in the auditorium. To make a reservation, visit

Parking is available around the Tennessee State Library and Archives building.

For more information, call (615) 741-2764 or e-mail