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These lesson plans were created by Tennessee teachers for Tennessee teachers. The goal of these lesson plans is to allow teachers, with an emphasis on social studies, to incorporate aspects of civic engagement and citizenship into the curriculum leading up to the Tennessee Student Mock Election.

We also encourage teachers outside of the social studies subject matter to use aspects of these tools in their classroom as well. Teachers can use these lesson plans and adapt them to fit their classroom needs.

These lesson plans focus on five (5) main aspects:

  1. Citizenship
  2. Roles of Elected Officials
  3. Campaigning
  4. The Voting Process
  5. State & Local Government


Middle & High School

*These lesson plans can be adapted to fit classroom needs and standards.


Roles of Elected Officials


The Voting Process

State & Local Government (Extended Version)


Grades 3-5


Elected Officials in State and Local Government

Campaigns and Voting


Grades K-2




Roles of Elected Leaders



Other Resources:

VIDEO: Why Your Vote Matters

VIDEO: What is Voting Like?

I Voted Sign


For more teacher resources from the Secretary of State’s office, click HERE.

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