Notary Laws and Attorney General Opinions

2004 changes in notary laws.
Public chapter relative to notary name changes and change of address
Attorney General opinion on duty of notary public to maintain records
2014 Public Chapter 805 Relative to Notary Publics Charging Reasonable Fees
Public chapter that amends Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 8-21-1201 relative to Public Notaries reasonable fees and recording
2007 Opinion 07-157 states that a notary public is a state official whose duties are prescribed by statute.
2010 Opinion 10-97 states it is the opinion of this Office that a notary public is prohibited from notarizing his or her spouse’s signature because of the requirement that notaries discharge the duties of office “without favor or partiality.”
Instruction page for the 2004 change in the notary laws and notary seal requirements.