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Apostilles and Authentication Services

These documents are used to certify the signature of a Tennessee County Clerk, the State of Tennessee Registrar in the Tennessee Department of Health, or the Tennessee Secretary of State on notarized documents that originate in Tennessee for use in foreign countries.

Our office follows The Hague Convention Apostille and Certification Standards when we process Apostilles and the United States Department of State Authentication Standards when we process Authentications.

We have developed a new request form for you to submit along with your documents that are to receive an Apostille or an Authentication.

Click here for the Apostille / Authentication Request Form.

We will no longer process work and then issue an invoice for the fees that are due.  Fees must be submitted along with the request form and the documents that are to receive the Apostille or Authentication.  The filing fee is $2.00 per document submitted for Apostille or Authentication.  You will see a slight change in how the certificates are printed.

Authentications will now be printed on letter size paper instead of legal size paper.  Apostilles will continue to be printed on letter size paper.  Both document types will continue to have The Great Seal of the State of Tennessee in gold foil and will also continue to be stapled to a blue back document.  You can click on the links below to see examples of the new Apostille and Authentication certificates.

Our system also contains an online verification feature that will allow you to visit our website and enter information from the document to verify the authenticity of the Apostille or Authentication.

Click here to visit the verification website.

For more information, go to Apostille and Authentication Information.