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March's Tennessee Business Spotlight: "Going Green"

(Published: March 6, 2014)

For Trey Palmer, president of Palmer's Turf Nursery in Dunlap, sod farming isn't just a business – it's a way of life. A way of life that conjures up memories of an older time in our country's history, when farms and farmers were more numerous.

"I love the scenery, the tractors, the simplicity of life, the kids running around on the sod farm," Palmer said.

Palmer's Turf Nursery was founded in 1994, when Palmer's father decided to get out of the landscaping business and concentrate on producing turf. Palmer followed in his father's footsteps, earning a degree in turf grass science from Penn State University.


Fighting the Chill: February’s Theme for Tennessee Business Spotlight

(Published: February 3, 2014)

The slogan on the Crescent Sock Company's website says it all: "We're crazy about socks!"

Cathy Allen, the 112-year-old, family-owned company's president and chief executive officer, backs up that passion with knowledge about socks that may be unmatched. (The knowledge, that is, not the socks.)

Contrary to popular belief, she'll tell you, socks are not "one size fits all." People who are buying socks often consider the coloring or texture of the socks without ever bothering to look at the sizes on the packaging. Also, washing and drying socks inside out reduces wear and tear. And in addition to the standard solid-color styles, Crescent sells socks in a variety of patterns – including dots, stripes, flowers and animal prints.


Tennessee Business Spotlight: January’s Theme is "The Sum of the Parts"

(Published: January 6, 2014)

When people think about the automotive industry in Tennessee, they tend to focus on the major manufacturers like General Motors, Nissan and Volkswagen. But the industry's economic impact on the Volunteer State runs much deeper. There are many Tennessee-based companies that produce the parts that go into vehicles made in our state and throughout the world.

In recognition of Tennessee's auto parts suppliers, the theme for this month's Tennessee Business Spotlight is "The Sum of the Parts."

Tennessee Business Spotlight is a regular feature on the Secretary of State's web site that highlights some of the state's businesses that create jobs, produce quality products and make contributions to their communities.


Media Alert: Secretary Hargett Warns of Familiar Scam Under New Name

(Published: October 10, 2013)

Secretary of State Tre Hargett’s office has been receiving inquiries from businesses and other organizations about an official-looking notice from Annual Business Services. In the notices that have been mailed out to Tennesseans, Annual Business Services claims the organizations must fill out a form and pay $125 to register. However, Annual Business Services is not in any way affiliated with the Secretary of State’s office and there is no state law requiring registration with that entity.

The standard annual fee to file a corporation registration report in Tennessee is only $20.

This appears to be similar to a scam that surfaced several months ago with an entity calling itself Corporate Records Services and using a different address.

“I strongly advise corporations and other organizations to exercise caution before providing private and confidential information – particularly credit card information – to this or any company representing itself in this manner,” Secretary Hargett said. “When questionable documents arrive in the mail, I encourage people to call our office to verify their authenticity.”


Uniform Commercial Code Filing Changes Take Effect Today

(Published: July 1, 2013)

Tennessee’s Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing system, which is administered by the Secretary of State’s Business Services Division, underwent significant change, effective today. On the same day that statutory changes in the UCC system approved by the General Assembly last year are going into effect, the division has activated its new UCC filing system.

The new UCC filing system replaces technology that has been used by the division since 1997 and offers customers new conveniences, including online filing capabilities.