Donation Bins - Property Owners

As a property owner or leaseholder, there are protections in the Charitable Solicitations Act to avoid donation bins being placed on your property without proper permission.  In the spring of 2015, the Tennessee General Assembly passed Senate Bill 1017 that includes the following:

  • Prior to placing any donation bins, an individual or organization must obtain notarized written permission to place and operate a bin from the owner or all leaseholders of the property. 
  • If a donation bin is placed, the individual or organization responsible for those bins must maintain them in a structurally sound, clean and sanitary condition and emptied at least every two (2) weeks.   Items left on the ground or surrounding areas must be collected in a time period not exceeding twenty-four (hours).
  • The law allows for a property holder or any one (1) leaseholder to request removal by submitting a written request to the address listed on the donation bin and a copy to the Secretary of State’s office.  Upon receipt of the request, the individual or organization responsible for the bin(s) must remove them and items in or around the area within thirty (30) days.
  • If a donation bin was placed without the proper notarized written approval, the property owner or any one (1) leaseholder may request immediate removal.

For a copy of the law, please click HERE.

Should you have any questions, need additional information or to report a bin that is located on your property without proper permission, please contact our office at (615) 741-2555 or