Overview of Registration of Charitable Organizations

The Charitable Solicitations Act requires that charitable organizations which solicit contributions directly or indirectly from, or within, the State of Tennessee to register with the division, unless exempt from the registration requirements of the division.

Organizations that are required to register may File Online or complete and file the following by mail:

  • Application for Registration
  • A Summary of Financial Activities
  • A copy of the organization’s IRS Form 990, form 990EZ, or Form 990N from its most recently completed fiscal year, if tax exempt.
  • An audited financial statement if the organization’s revenues, excluding grants received from government agencies and 501(c)(3)private foundations, exceeds $500,000
  • Governing documents (Articles of Incorporation, if incorporated, by-laws, etc.)
  • A $50 filing fee

Six months after the end of each accounting year a registered charitable organization is required to renew its registration by Filing Online or completing and filing the following by mail: