Constitutional Officers

Tennessee State Capitol

The Secretary of State, Comptroller of the Treasury, and the Treasurer are the legislative constitutional officers. Their jobs are specifically laid out in the Tennessee Constitution and they are in charge of specific legislative agencies. The House and Senate come together for a “joint convention” where all of the legislators meet in the chamber of the House of Representatives where the Lieutenant Governor presides. The General Assembly elects the Secretary of State to a 4 year term and the Comptroller of the Treasury and the State Treasurer to 2 year terms. 

Department of State - Secretary of State

The Secretary of State’s office is responsible for keeping a register of the official acts and proceedings of the governor and providing those records to the General Assembly. 

The Secretary of State’s office keeps track of all acts and resolutions adopted by the General Assembly and all state administrative rules and regulations.

The office also collects and maintains other business records for the state, including corporate charters, annual report, trademarks and the execution of notary commissions.  

Divisions within the department of state include Business Services, Charitable Solicitations and Gaming, Elections, Publications, Records Management, and the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

Comptroller of the TreasuryComptroller of the Treasury

The Comptroller of the Treasury is in charge of auditing state and local government entities. The office also participates in the general financial and administrative management and fiscal oversight of state government.

The Comptroller’s office helps local governments assess property for tax purposes throughout the state. The office also oversees state and local government finances by issuing all of the debt for state government, reviewing and approving debt for local governments, and approving all city and county budgets.

The Comptroller also investigates allegations of fraud, waste, and abuse in state and local government.

Department of Treasury - State Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for control of all state funds through bank accounts maintained by the Treasury Department. Major functions of the department include receiving and disbursing all public funds and managing all state investments.

One of the Treasurer’s main responsibilities is overseeing the State Pooled Investment Fund (SPIF) which manages all of the State’s investments. In addition to that, another major program that is administered by the Treasury Department is the Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) which is the pension fund for all employees of state government and many local governments.

In addition to managing investments, the Treasury Department also is responsible for identifying the state’s property and casualty risks, and determining the amount of insurance to cover those risks.

The Treasurer’s office also operates the Unclaimed Property and TNStars College Savings (Section 529 Plans) programs.