Boards and Commissions Vacancy and Membership Information

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Pursuant of TCA 10-7-601, the secretary of state shall provide for annual updating of the required data and shall annually arrange for the publication of the compiled data from all agencies on or about November 15 of each year. Copies of the compilation shall be delivered to the governor and the general assembly. Copies of the compilation shall be made available by the secretary to any interested person at cost, and copies shall be available for viewing by interested persons.

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Notice of Vacancy - Use when a member's term is ending or a member no longer serves on the board prior to their term ending.
Notice of Appointment - Use when a position is filled by a new member or a current member is being reappointed.
Member Update - Use when a current member's contact information has changed. 
​Agency Update - Use when a board or commission is created or amended by statute.