Notice of Rulemaking Hearings SS-7037

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How to File Rules & Notices

Important Update Regarding Filings

The Department of State has filed emergency rules that allow for electronic submission of signed rule filings, notices of rulemaking hearings, withdrawals, and stays. According to the rules 1360-01-01, 1360-01-02, and 1360-01-03, we will now accept three (3) original forms documents with original signatures in hard copy or a single PDF copy of the signed original form. Signatures may be affixed electronically. Notarization or certification of signatures is no longer required. Electronic filings should be emailed to We still require a Word document of the forms, and the Word document must be transmitted by email to the same email address as above.

These changes take effect immediately. To view the emergency rule, go to

If you have any questions, please contact the Division of Publications at 615-741-2650 or