Recently Effective Rules and Regulations

1140-01: Pharmacy, Board of: Introductory Rules
Effective Date: 12/11/2018

1140-16: Pharmacy, Board of: Third Party Logistics Provider
Effective Date: 12/11/2018

1255-01: Real Estate Appraiser Commission: General Provisions
Effective Date: 12/6/2018

1200-10-03: Health: Drug Testing and Reporting
Effective Date: 12/5/2018

1220-04-13: Tennessee Public Utility Commission: Wastewater Regulation
Effective Date: 12/4/2018

0800-02-28: Labor and Workforce Development: Vocational Recovery Assistance Program
Effective Date: 12/3/2018

1240-01-50: Human Services: Financial Eligibility Requirements - Families First Program
Effective Date: 11/29/2018

0520-14-01: Education, Board of: Charter Schools
Effective Date: 11/27/2018

0520-02-02: Education, Board of: Career Ladder
Effective Date: 11/27/2018

0780-06-05: Emergency Communications Board: Board Meetings
Effective Date: 11/26/2018

0780-02-02: Commerce and Insurance: Codes and Standards
Effective Date: 11/22/2018

0780-01-35: Commerce and Insurance: Corporate Governance Annual Disclosure
Effective Date: 11/18/2018

0800-02-27: Labor and Workforce Development: Adjuster and Adjusting Entity Certification Program
Effective Date: 11/14/2018

1720-05-06: University of Tennessee: Traffic and Parking Regulations
Effective Date: 11/7/2018

0120-01: Architectural and Engineering Examiners: Registration Requirements and Procedures
Effective Date: 11/7/2018

1150-02: Board of Occupational Therapy: General Rules Governing the Practice of Occupational Therapy
Effective Date: 11/5/2018

0465-03: Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Department of: Office of Administrative Appeals
Effective Date: 11/4/2018

1360-11-01: State, Department of: Tennessee Address Confidentiality Program General Provisions
Effective Date: 10/30/2018

0080-05-06: Agriculture: Seed
Effective Date: 10/29/2018

0080-01-03: Agriculture: Civil Penalties
Effective Date: 10/29/2018

0080-06-28: Agriculture: Industrial Hemp
Effective Date: 10/29/2018

0880-02: Medical Examiners, Board of: General Rules and Regulations Governing the Practice of Medicine
Effective Date: 10/29/2018

0360-01-01: Fire Fighting, Commission on: General
Effective Date: 10/25/2018