State Paintings

The paintings Tennessee Treasures and Tennessee Treasures Too, by Tennessee artist Michael Sloan, were designated as official paintings of Tennessee by Senate Joint Resolution 57 of the 100th General Assembly in 1997 and by Senate Joint Resolution 82 of the 105th General Assembly in 2007, respectively.


Tennessee Treasures features Tennessee’s ten most recognizable symbols—raccoon, mockingbird, iris, passion flower, tulip poplar, Tennessee River pearl, ladybug, zebra swallowtail, largemouth bass, and limestone—as well as images of the state flag, the actual geographic layout of the state, a gold-embossed seal of the state, and the signature of Tennessee’s first governor, John Sevier. Tennessee Treasures Too, a follow-up work, also contains imagery of the tulip poplar, passion flower, and iris; however, in addition, it depicts the yellowwood tree (the Tennessee Bicentennial Tree), honeybee, firefly, bobwhite quail, agate, box turtle, and channel catfish.