Acts of Tennessee 1796 - 1850 : Index to Names

 A searchable index to the Acts of Tennessee 1796 - 1850 : Index to Names
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From the time Tennessee was a territory of the United States (1790 - 1796), its legislature has passed laws affecting the lives of its citizens. From acts legitimizing children to those granting divorces, from authorizing turnpikes & ferries to compensating a citizen for services rendered the government, the legislature has touched the lives of citizens in thousands of ways in its 200-plus years.

This name index to the Acts passed by the Tennessee legislature is intended to help provide access to this vast source of early Tennessee history & genealogy. Used in conjunction with the journals of proceedings of the Tennessee House and Senate, and the petitions of citizens to the legislature, the index can provide the means to interpret some of Tennessee's richest source material.

The index covers names in the first 50 volumes of the published Acts. The names of members of the legislature were not indexed.

The Acts, journals and petitions are on file at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. A copy of an act can be obtained upon request. Please see our ordering materials webpages for ordering copies of legislative acts and ordering copies of legislative petitions.