Consists of correspondence, bank checks, photographs, military records, military accoutrements, scrapbooks, and various printed materials. The correspondence is primarily between B. M. Grizzell, Jr. and his parents. B. M. described his Air Force experiences, while his parents apprised him of life back home. The remainder is condolences to B. M.’s parents after his death. Grizzell left an abundance of photographs that captured his leisure time in the Air Force. They depict friends and family at the various places Grizzell called home: Waco, Texas; Newport Beach, California; Panama City, Florida; and Cowan, Tennessee. Military records detail Grizzell’s various assignments, qualifications, and certifications while serving in the Army Air Corps and United States Air Force. The military accoutrements include Grizzell’s identification patches and tags, pins, aviator sunglasses, and a pipe. The scrapbooks contain photographs and keepsakes of friends and family. Printed materials include newspapers and news clippings detailing Grizzell’s death, an advertisement for the Air Force showing an F-92, and an issue of the Sewanee Alumni News. Grizzell’s personal Bible is also present.