"BEAUTIFUL JIM KEY" COLLECTION, 1885-[1897-1907]-1933

The Beautiful Jim Key Collection (1885 – [1897-1907] – 1933) showcases the accomplishments of Dr. William Key, the African-American veterinarian who partnered with promoter A. R. Rogers to promote the special talents of the horse, Jim Key. The collection is comprised of two scrapbooks, which include photographs, tickets, letters, programs, broadsides, flyers, newspaper clippings, and other ephemera related to Jim Key’s extensive travels around the country. Scrapbook #1 has been reformatted and encapsulated by the TSLA preservation lab, and can therefore be handled by the public. Scrapbook #2, however, is extremely fragile, and should only be handled when absolutely necessary; most of the pages have been scanned and are available for viewing as tiff files. This scrapbook has been interleaved and placed in an acid-free box, but many of the items are unstable, torn, and falling out. The items from the scrapbooks that fell out of their original location have been placed in acid-free folders and put into a separate box, labeled as box #1 in the collection.