The Beersheba Springs Ledgers, 1879-1915, include four ledgers from the Northcutt Store in Beersheba Springs, Tennessee. The Northcutt store was originally in the building across the street from the Beersheba Springs Hotel and on the side of the mountain. Tommy Northcutt originally owned the store. Marvin Brown later acquired the business and eventually moved it to a location on Route 56 in the heart of Beersheba Springs. The store is now known as The Beersheba Market. Around 1932, the Burch family acquired the original building and converted it into a home. The Earthman family currently owns the building. The two Laura Barnes Hunerwadel scrapbooks, 1932-1949, contain photographs of the Barnes and Hunerwadel families, as well as newspaper clippings, greeting cards, and letters to Mrs. A. P. Hunerwadel from her son, Robert Hunerwadel, and her brother, Stanley Barnes, who were in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II. The photographic album contains photographs of the Hege, Hunerwadel, Plumacher, Kershaw, and Baumgardner families.