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Bedford County in General

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US Geol. Survey [topographic maps] issued periodically. Quadrangles: Chapel Hill, Rover, Fosterville, Webbs Jungle, Beech Grove, Farmington,

Unionville, Deason, Wartrace, Noah, Belfast, Bedford, Shelbyville,

Normandy, Ovoca, Belleville, Booneville, Cumberland Springs.

Wassom, Earl E. The rolling store. Unpub MS. 69 pp. Western KY U. Folklore, Folklife & Oral History Archives. (taped interviews with the operator of a traveling store in Bedford County, TN)



Bell Buckle

Barr, Charlotte. The Bell Buckle years. Bell Buckle, Iris Press, 1992. 56 pp. (poetry).

Bell Buckle United Methodist Church. 100 years 1883-1993. Compiled by Mildred Locke. Bell Buckle, the compiler, 1993. various pp.



History of Fairfield, TN, from 1796 to 1963. Eagleville, n.p., 1963. 21 pp.



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Webb School

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Homecoming '86: history of Wheel & the 18th district, prepared by Ed Perryman, Fay Neill Hurt, Jean Neill Rodgers. Wheel, Homecoming Committee, 1986. 155 pp.