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Giles County in General

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US Geol. Survey [topographic maps] issued periodically. Quadrangles: Sandy Hook, Lynnville, Campbells Station, Campbellsville, Milky Way, Brick Church, Cornersville, Bodenham, Pulaski, Tarpley, Frankewing, Appleton, Aspen Hill, Elkton, Dellrose, Union Hill, Salem, Elkmont, Ardmore.



There was a time: a history of Elkton & outlying communities. Elkton, Elkton High School, 1978. 46 pp.


Ku Klux Klan

(Note: numerous works on the Ku Klux Klan's development outside of Tennessee, & numerous fictional works, are available but in the interests of space not listed here.)

Alexander, Thomas B. Prelude to Ku Kluxism in TN. Vanderbilt U. thesis, 1940. 159 pp.

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Trealease, Allen. White terror. NY, Harper, 1971. 557 pp.


Martin College

Allen, Paul F. A history of Martin College: the first l00 years. Pulaski, Martin College, 1971. 49 pp.

Halvarson, Carl M. Struggle & promise; a study of institutional purpose at Martin College, 1870-1970. Nashville, n.p., 1968. 35 pp.



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