Burial Records of Federal Soldiers by W.R. Cornelius and Company

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During the Civil War, W. R. Cornelius and Company of Nashville had a contract to bury Union Army dead. A volume of these burial records was kept by the company during 1864-1866 and includes the Union soldiers, as well as hospital employees, black military laborers, citizens and occasionally a rebel soldier. Most entries in the volume include the individual's name, company, regiment, date of interment, cause of death, and hospital or other location from which the soldier came. The records are on file in at the Tennessee State Library and Archives and have been microfilmed for security and ease of use (Microfilm #1510).

The following index is arranged by name and gives the company, regiment, state and/or notes, the date of death of the individual, and the file number.

For additional information, please see the index Federal Civil War Burial Sheets.


Index compiled by Joan Pruett, volunteer

Updated January 10, 2014