The Civil War Collection contains approximately 150 volumes and 4, 060 items are Confederate material, and approximately 10 volumes and 450 items are Federal material. Included are autograph albums, casualty lists, cemetery records, clippings, diaries, letters, maps, memoirs, orders, photographs, records (medical, supply, etc.), scrapbooks, sketches, and material relating to military personnel and units, monuments, prisons, and veterans’ organizations. Miscellaneous items include a casualty list and muster roll of Forrest’s command, Civil War veterans’ questionnaire data, Confederate money, field notes, a hospital register from Memphis, Tennessee, Rev. Charles Todd Quintard’s Manual of Devotions, a roster of quartermasters in the Army of Tennessee, and two theses. There are also fifty-one volumes of material concerning the Civil War Centennial of 1961-1965. These were placed in the Manuscript Division by the Tennessee Civil War Centennial Commission, Campbell H. Brown, Executive Director.