Clinch River Regional Library

Clinch River Regional Library

Our Vision and Mission

The vision of the Clinch River Regional Library, and its counterpart regional libraries across the state of Tennessee, is that the citizens of Tennessee will have the information they need for personal growth and development.

The mission of the Tennessee Regional Library System is to make libraries better by:

  • assisting local governments and public libraries in the development and improvement of public library services;
  • assisting libraries in the selection, maintenance and use of library technologies;
  • providing supplementary library materials and digital content to member public libraries and facilitating the preparation of materials for public use;
  • facilitating the sharing of resources between libraries through a delivery system;
  • providing opportunities to participate in shared automation systems;
  • and providing continuing education to local library staff and trustees.


Clinch River Regional Library was established on July 1, 2012 with the former Clinch-Powell Regional Library and three counties (Grainger, Jefferson and Sevier) of the Nolichucky Regional Library. The Nolichucky Regional Library had its start in the Cherokee Dam Area Regional Library in July 1941 with Grainger, Hawkins, and Jefferson counties. Hamblen county joined the region later in 1941. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) provided the funding for the region, while the administration was provided by the Lawson McGhee Library in Knoxville. The Cherokee Dam Area Regional Library closed in February 1942 and the counties were transferred to the Douglas Dam Area Regional Library with the addition of Cocke and Sevier counties in March 1942. The region was re-named the Nolichucky Regional Library in December 1945.

The Clinch-Powell Regional Library also had its beginnings with the support of TVA. The Norris Library was founded in the 1930's because of the construction of Norris Dam. Local efforts provided the Clinton Public Library in 1941. This became the headquarters for the Anderson County Regional Library which became the Clinch-Powell Regional Library in January 1946 with the inclusion of Campbell, Morgan, Scott and Union counties. Claiborne County joined the Clinch-Powell Regional Library in July 1956.

The nine counties of the Clinch River Regional Library include Anderson, Campbell, Claiborne, Grainger, Jefferson, Morgan, Scott, Sevier and Union. The Clinch River Regional Library has 375,335 inhabitants in the 9 county area, according to 2010 Census data. The area covers 3,677 square miles including remote mountainous terrain and several large river valleys. The region serves thirty-three public library locations.

Clinch River Regional Library
130 N. Main Street, Suite 2
Clinton, TN 37716-3633

Legislators Public Libraries in the Region Staff Trustees


Ken Yager

Randy McNally

Frank S. Niceley

Art Swann

Steve Southerland


John Ragan

Dennis Powers

Jerry Sexton

Kelly Keisling

John Mark Windle

Andrew Farmer

Dale Carr

Jeremy Faison




Regional Library Director
Matthew Jordan

Assistant Regional Library Director
Debra Mattingly Email

Administrative Services Assistant
Paula Carroll

Technical Services Assistant
Catherine Wilcox

Library Information Systems Specialist
Russell Cook



Anderson County

Katherine Smith

Mary Jane Berry

Campbell County

Jim Arnold

No Representative

Claiborne County

No Representative

No Representative

Gatlinburg Ex Officio

No representative

Grainger County

JoAnne Shipe

Virginia Coffey

Jefferson County

Rose Marie Harrell

Lara F. Darby

Morgan County

Cathy Jones

Karen Schall

Pigeon Forge

No Representative

Scott County

No Representative

Sevier County

Tracy Baker

David Sarten

Union County

Mayor Mike Williams

Edward Halsen, Sr.