County Formation in Acts of Tennessee > Davidson County



"An Act to erect a county adjoining the line of Virginia, including a part of Cumberland River."


I.  WHEREAS a considerable number of inhabitants have settled on the lands on Cumberland River in this state, at a very great distance from any place where County Courts are held, and it is represented that erecting a county to include the said inhabitants, and appointing courts to be held among them, would be very beneficial and advantageous:   Therefore for the general good of the said inhabitants,

II.  BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF NORTH-CAROLINA, AND IT IS HEREBY ENACTED BY THE AUTHORITY OF SAME,  That all that part of this state lying west of Cumberland Mountain and south of the Virginia line, beginning on the top of Cumberland Mountain where the Virginia line crosses,  extending westward along the said line to Tennessee River, thence up the said river to the mouth of Duck River, thence up Duck River to where the line of marked trees run by the commissioners for laying off land granted the Continental Line of this state intersects said river (which said line is supposed to be in thirty-five degrees fifty minutes north latitude) thence east along said line to the top of Cumberland Mountain, thence northwardly along said mountain to the beginning, shall after the passing of this act be, and is hereby declared to be a distinct county by the name of Davidson.

III.  [Unnecessary to be inserted]

IV.  AND IT BE FURTHER ENACTED BY THE AUTHORITY AFORESAID, That the County Court of Davidson shall appoint an Entry-Taker for the purpose of receiving entries of lands for those who are allowed pre-emptions by the law for laying off lands granted to the Continental Line of this state:   And as it has been suggested that the inhabitants of the said county have no specie certificates, they shall be at liberty to pay at the rate of ten pounds specie or specie certificates per hundred acres, for the aforesaid pre-emptions, and shall be allowed the term of eighteen months to pay the same;  and that the heirs of all such persons who have died, having rights of pre-emptions as aforesaid, shall be allowed the term of one year after coming of lawful age, to secure their pre-emptions. Provided, that no grants shall be made for the said lands until the purchase money shall be paid into the proper office.


Taken from The First Laws of the State of North Carolina (Cushing, 1984)