County Formation in Acts of Tennessee > Dickson County



"An Act erecting part of Robertson and Montgomery counties into a separate and distinct county."


SECTION 1. BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE, That a new county by the name of Dickson, be and hereby is erected and established out of that part of the counties of Robertson and Montgomery, comprehended within the bounds following, to wit: Beginning on the south bank of Cumberland River, where the line which separates the counties of Robertson and Davidson intersects the same, running thence down said river to a point, half a mile below Fayetteville; thence southwestwardly by a line which shall intersect Barton's Creek, one mile north of the forge; thence due west to a stake or point, one mile east of the east boundary line of Stewart County; thence south to the southern boundary of this state; thence east with said southern boundary to the southwest corner of Williamson County, as was established by an act of the last session of the general assembly, entitled “An act to extend the jurisdiction, and to ascertain the bounds of the counties therein mentioned”; thence north with the west boundary lines of the counties of Williamson and Davidson to the beginning.

SECTION 2. BE IT ENACTED, That the first court of pleas and quarter sessions for the county of Dickson shall be held by the justices of said county, at the dwelling house of Robert Nesbit on Barton's Creek, and at such place or places as they may afterwards adjourn to; which first court aforesaid shall commence on the first Monday in February next.

SECTION 3. BE IT ENACTED, That elections and general musters in said county of Dickson shall be held at the place of holding the court immediately preceding the said election or musters.

SECTION 4. BE IT ENACTED, That the sheriffs of Robertson and Montgomery counties shall have power to collect the taxes for the present year, and all arrearages of taxes for any preceding year, due from any of the inhabitants within the present limits of either of their respective counties that may be included within the county hereby established; and that the inhabitants of said established county, now citizens of Robertson county shall be liable for the payment of their proportion of any debts now due by said county of Robertson.

SECTION 5. BE IT ENACTED, That James Elder be and is hereby appointed surveyor to run and mark the line between the counties of Montgomery and Dickson, who shall be allowed the sum of two and one half dollars for each and every day he may necessarily be employed therein, to be paid by the county of Dickson; and he shall employ chain carriers and a marker to assist him in running and marking said line; who shall be allowed the sum of one dollar each to be paid as above.

SECTION 6. BE IT ENACTED, That in elections for governor, representatives to congress, members of the general assembly, the county of Dickson shall be considered as composing a part of the electoral district of what is now Robertson and Montgomery counties, and shall be conducted under the same rules, regulations and restrictions as by law established, and the returns made by the sheriff in the manner and form as aforesaid.

SECTION 7. BE IT ENACTED, That the sheriffs of Robertson, Montgomery, Stewart and Dickson counties shall meet at the town of Clarksville on the Monday succeeding the election to compare the votes by them taken, and the sheriff of Montgomery County shall certify the poll for governor, representatives to congress and representatives of the assembly for the counties of Montgomery and Stewart, and also the senator for the electoral district; and the sheriff of Robertson County shall certify the poll for governor and representatives to congress and the representatives to the assembly for the county of Robertson and Dickson.



Passed on October 25, 1803