County Formation in Acts of Tennessee > Greene County



"An Act for dividing Washington County into two different counties, and erecting a county by the name of Greene."


I.  WHEREAS, the large extent of the county of Washington renders the attendance of the inhabitants on the extreme parts of the said county to do public duties, extremely difficult and expensive: 

II.  BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STAET OF NORTH-CAROLINA, AND IT IS HEREBY ENACTED BY THE AUTHORITY OF THE SAME,  That from and after the passing of this act, the county of Washington shall be divided into two distinct counties, by a direct line beginning at William Williams' in the fork of Horse Creek, at the foot of Iron Mountain, thence a direct course to George Gallespie's house, at or near the mouth of Big Limestone, thence a north course to the line which divides the counties of Washington and Sullivan, thence with said line to the Chimney-Top Mountain, thence a direct course to the mouth of Cloud's Creek, in Holstein [sic] River; and all that part of Washington County westward of the said line, from and after the passing of this act, shall be and is hereby declared to be a distinct county by the name of Greene

[The Remainder unnecessary to be inserted.]

Taken from The First Laws of the State of North Carolina (Cushing, 1984)