County Formation in Acts of Tennessee > Haywood County



"An Act to establish Haywood County."


SECTION 1. BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE, That the territory west of Madison shall be, and is hereby, created into a county, to be called Haywood, which shall be bounded by the same lines as are pointed out in the act of one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one, establishing the boundaries of said territory.

SECTION 2. BE IT ENACTED, That for the due administration of justice in said county, the courts of Pleas and Quarter-Sessions, and circuit courts, shall be holden at the house of Richard Nixon, until otherwise provided for by law, and shall possess and exercise all the powers and privileges of other county and circuit courts in this state.

SECTION 3. BE IT ENACTED, That the sheriff of said county shall, on the first Thursday and Friday of April next, open and hold an election for the purpose of choosing field officers for the regiment composed of the militia of said county; which shall compose the ___ regiment, and shall be attached to the ___ brigade.

SECTION 4. BE IT ENACTED, That this act shall take effect, and be in force, from and after the first day of January next.


Passed on November 3, 1823