County Formation in Acts of Tennessee > Washington County


"An Act for erecting the district of Washington into a county, by the name of Washington County."

BE IN ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF NORTH-CAROLINA, AND IT IS HEREBY ENACTED BY THE AUTHORITY OF THE SAME,  That the late district of Washington, and all that part of this state comprehended with in the following lines, shall be erected into a new and distinct county, by the name of Washington County, viz.  Beginning at the most north-westerly part of the county of Wilkes on the Virginia line;  thence running with the line of Wilkes County, to a point thirty-six miles south of the Virginia line;  thence due west, to the ridge of the great Iron Mountain which henceforth divided the Hunting Grounds of the Overhill Cherokee, from those of the Middle Settlements, and Valley;  thence running a south-westerly course, along the said ridge, to the Unacoy Mountain, where the trading path crosses the same from the Valley to the Overhills;  thence south with the line of the state, adjoining the state of South-Carolina;  thence due west, to the great River Mississippi;  thence up the same river the counties thereof, to a point due west from the beginning;  thence due east with the line of this state, to the beginning:  And it is hereby declared, that all that part of this State comprehended within the lines aforesaid, shall from henceforth be and remain the county of Washington, and shall be, and is hereby declared to be part of the district of Salisbury.

AND LET IT FURTHER ENACTED BY THE AUTHORITY AFORESAID, AND IS HEREBY DECLARED,  That all that parrot of this state lying west of Rowan County, and south of the county of Washington, shall be, and is hereby declared to be part of the county of Burke.



[The Remainder unnecessary to be inserted.]

Taken from The First Laws of the State of North Carolina (Cushing, 1984)