DocsBox: World War I

DocsBox: World War I

World War I – Geared Towards Middle and High School

Students will expand their knowledge of World War I through the use of primary sources, media, and reproductions. Classrooms will analyze the effects of new technology in warfare, read entries from Tennessee soldiers who witnessed these new weapons first-hand, and learn about Alvin York’s heroic efforts and how Tennesseans memorialize him today.

The fee for each DocsBox is $25.00. School districts may pay this $25.00 fee by check. An invoice will be issued to the contact name and school listed on the reservation. The invoice should be paid before the box is shipped and within 30 days of receipt. 

Included in this DocsBox:

  • TSLA Primary Sources
  • Teacher’s Guide 
  • Student Worksheets
  • Over There!  American Songs and Marches of the Great War 1917-1918 CD
  • DVD:  How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson
  • DVD: First Air War
  • Reproduction Gas Mask

DocsBox: World War I Calendar

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