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Hickman County

Hickman County

Hickman County was formed in 1807 from Dickson County
(Acts of Tennessee 1807, Chapter 44).

The county seat is Centerville.

There was a fire at the Hickman County courthouse in 1864.



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Additional county and community histories can be found at the Bibliography of Tennessee Local History Sources: Hickman County. The items in the bibliography may not all be available at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.  



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An inventory of microfilmed Hickman County records is available on our web site.  Individual reels of microfilm may also be purchased.

Earliest records include:

  • marriages from 1868
  • wills from 1866
  • deed index from 1884
  • chancery court minutes from 1854
  • county court minutes from 1866
  • circuit court minutes from 1847
  • tax books from 1867


The following reels are available on interlibrary loan from the Library and Archives:

  • Administrators Settlements -- 1842-1923 (#A-260, 1 reel)*
  • WPA Records, Hickman County (Record Group #107, Roll 37, 1 reel). Roll includes Deed Book A & B (1808-1813), Guardian & Administration Settlements (1844-1846), Guardian & Administration Settlements, Book D (1844-1855), Account of Negro Sunday Time at Aetna Furnace (1854-1863) and Bible, Family & Tombstone Records (undated).*



Newspapers were published in Centerville.  Scattered early issues are available from 1878, and a complete run begins in 1949.  Microfilms are loaned to Tennessee libraries.  Individual reels may also be purchased.  An Inventory of Newspapers on Microfilm at the Library and Archives is available on our web site.






  • Census on microfilm for Hickman County:  1820-1880, 1900-1930
  • State-wide census index:  1820-1880
  • State-wide census index on microfilm  (Soundex):  1880,  1900-1930
  • Hickman County census records in book form:  1820*, 1850, 1860, 1880*




* Indicates this title may be borrowed on interlibrary loan from the Library and Archives.