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Jackson County

Humphreys County

Jackson County was formed in 1801
from Smith County and Indian Lands
(Acts of Tennessee 1801, Chapter 48).

The county seat is Gainesboro.

There were fires at the Jackson County
courthouse in 1872 and 1926.



  • History of Gainesboro  [bound in book Jackson County Tennessee Miscellaneous Records 1810-1909] (WPA, 1938)
  • Jackson County, Tennessee (Tayse, 1989)
  • Pictorial History of Jackson County, Tennessee (Jackson County Historical Society, 2001) [surname index]
  • Those Were the Days: Bob Dudney's Recollections of Yesterday in Free State and Tennessee's Upper Cumberland  (Montell & Comley,  1996)

Additional county and community histories can be found at the Bibliography of Tennessee Local History Sources: Jackson County. The items in the bibliography may not all be available at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.  



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  • Jackson County Tennessee Miscellaneous Records 1810-1909 [church deeds, probate records, History of Gainesboro] (WPA, 1938) [alphabetical index for each section]
  • Jackson County Tennessee Ranger Book, 1817-1860 (WPA, 1936) [name index]
  • Jackson County Tennessee, Register of Church of Christ, Bagdad, Tenn. 1844-1936 (WPA, 1936) [name index]
  • Jackson County, Tennessee WPA records [historical sketches, church records, graves & tombstones] (Douthat, 1991?) [name index]
  • Jackson County Wills, Gainesboro, Tennessee (WPA, 193?) [name index]
  • Private Acts of Jackson County, Tennessee (McIntyre, 1994)
  • Service Record Book of Men and Women of Gainesboro, Tennessee and Community (19??)
  • Some Jackson County, Tennessee, Death Records, 1882-1912 (Parsley & Gilbert, 1998) [name index
  • United States Thirteenth Census of Jackson County, Tennessee, 1910 (Bilbrey, 1999) [name index] *



An inventory of microfilmed Jackson County records is available on our web site.  Individual reels of microfilm may also be purchased.   

Earliest records include:

  • marriages from 1872
  • wills from 1872
  • deed index from 1872
  • chancery court minutes from 1840
  • county court minutes from 1872
  • circuit court minutes from 1872
  • tax books from 1872


The following reels are available on interlibrary loan from the Library and Archives:

  • WPA Records, Jackson County  (Record Group #107, Roll 38,  1 reel). Roll includes Miscellaneous Records (1810-1909),  Minutes of Cumberland Presbyterian Church (1811-1935),  Ranger Book (1817-1860),  Register of Church of Christ at Bagdad (1844-1936) and Wills (undated).*



Newspapers were published in Gainesboro.  Scattered early issues are available from 1873, and a complete run begins in 1914.  Microfilms are loaned to Tennessee libraries.  Individual reels may also be purchased. An Inventory of Newspapers on Microfilm at the Library and Archives is available on our web site.





  • Census on microfilm for Jackson County:  1820-1880, 1900-1930
  • State-wide census index:  1830-1880
  • State-wide census index on microfilm  (Soundex):  1880,  1900-1930
  • Jackson County census records in book form: 1820*,  1850*,  1860*,  1870*,  1880,  1930*





* Indicates this title may be borrowed on interlibrary loan from the Library and Archives.