Guide to Manuscript Materials : MF. 1500 - MF. 1599

Mf. 1500  -- Louise Dickson Townley Genealogical Collection. TSLA. 3 reels. 35 mm.
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This collection was compiled by Mrs. Townley (1892-1994) during six decades of genealogical research. The papers consist largely of compiled and transcribed records pertaining to Mrs. Townley’s ancestors, many of whom were prominent early residents of Montgomery County, Tennessee. The Dickson, McCauley, Moore, Batson, Tisdale, Williams, and Corban families figure prominently in the collection.

Mf. 1501  -- Jeannette Joy Sloan Warner Papers, 1793-1984. 500 items. THS. 2 reels. 35 mm.
The genealogical data collected by Jeannette Joy Sloan Warner (1895-1984), consist of certificates, correspondence, passports, photographs, printed material and miscellaneous items. Families covered include Bigelow, Chambliss, Dowlen, Hargrove, Harris, Hawkins, Joy, Lowe, Sloan, Townsend, and Tuttle.

The bulk of the genealogical data is on Marvel Lowe (1770-1834) and his descendants. There are several short social messages from Jean Faircloth MacArthur, wife of General Douglas MacArthur. Photographs include snapshots of the houses of Marvel Lowe and his son Gideon Harris Lowe in Cheatham County. The register includes a container list, a name index to correspondence and genealogical charts.

Mf. 1502  -- John Perry Bowen Papers, 1881-1900. 4 vols. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm.
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Papers of the Bowen family including biographical sketches of John Perry Bowen (1827-1906) of Grainger County, postmaster of Bowen, 1881-98, and married to Margaret Virginia Jones; Reece Bowen (1801-1881), son of John and Sarah Bowen; and Wylde Lyde Latham Bowen (1838-1905), Confederate soldier.

The collection includes accounts, correspondence, cards, court records, genealogical material, notes, photographs, and publications, arranged alphabetically, 1893-1900. Included is a photograph of John Perry Bowen and his wife “Genny” ca. 1900, and a photograph of the Bowen family ca. 1887. The collection also contains two farm account ledgers 1896-1900; a Bowen post office ledger; and a receipt ledger from the partnership of Albert and Bowen, 1885-94. The register includes biographical sketches and a container list.

Mf. 1503  -- Sabin Photographic Collection, 1870-1972. 11,000 items. TSLA. 9 reels. 35 mm.
This is the collection of Verne Sabin (1890-1976) and Nonie (Rhoads) Sabin (1890-1971), photographers in Union City, TN (1909-24), Raymondville, TX (1924-38), and San Antonio, TX (1945-50). Subjects include Reelfoot Lake and area, 1910-24; Union City and Obion County, 1909-24; Raymondville and the Rio Grande Valley, 1924-38; Fort Sam Houston and Brooke General Hospital, San Antonio, ca. 1940s; individual portraits and family photographs; the Pan Pacific Exposition in San Francisco, 1915; Newport News, VA and the A.E.F. Port of Embarkation, 1917-19; Washington, D.C., 1919; and military matters, including photographs from World Wars I and II and Korea.

The collection includes family correspondence, business records, scrapbooks, and 16 mm films made by Verne Sabin while residing in Texas. The collection is one of the most significant holdings of early 20th century photographs in the TSLA, particularly of the Reelfoot Lake area. The register includes a detailed and descriptive inventory of each image in the collection.

Mf. 1504  -- North Etowah Baptist Church Records. Etowah, 1916-1992. 9 vols. TSLA. 2 reels. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The records of North Etowah Baptist Church includes a church history; a list of charter members, pastors and other staff; enrollment records; church minutes; a pamphlet, Guidelines for the Establishment and Distribution of Endowment Funds; the church by-laws and policies; and committee and financial reports. The enrollment books are indexed, and there is also a chronological membership list.

Mf. 1505  -- Quarterly Conference Records of the Holston Conference of the Methodist Church. Bradley County, 1864-1893. 1 vol. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The quarterly conference minutes of the Holston Conference of the Methodist Church includes information on presiding elders, pastors and members present; pastor’s reports and salary, and treasurer’s reports. Also included is a newspaper article, “A History of Faith-Tasso Methodist Church.”

Mf. 1506  -- Index to South Carolina Confederate Pension Applications, 1919-1925. SCDAH. 4 reels. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This alphabetical index to Confederate pension applications for soldiers and widows living in South Carolina includes place of residence and name of the regiment in which the soldier fought, as well as the date of application.

Mf. 1507  -- New Hope Congregation Presbyterian Church Records. White Oak, 1875-1920, 1926-1949. 4 vols. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The records of New Hope Congregation Presbyterian Church, Dickson County, includes a history of the church, minutes of sessions, and church registers. Included are registers of elders and deacons giving the date the person was ordained, ceased to act, or died; chronological registers of communicants stating date of admission, how received, if dismissed, death date, and remarks; and registers of infant baptisms, marriages, deaths, and statistical reports.

Mf. 1508  -- Muster Roll of Captain T.S. Beatty, Company E, 9th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment, Confederate States of America, February 28, 1865-April 30, 1865. 1 item. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This is a Confederate muster roll of the 9th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment, Company E, during the latter part of the Civil War. Remarks on the roll indicate the unit participated in the battles fought at Franklin and Nashville, November and December of 1864.

Mf. 1509  -- Chunn and Allied Families Genealogical Collection Index and Container List. 16,000 items. TSLA. 8 reels. 16mm.
This genealogical material was compiled by Thomas Hader Chunn. The Tennessee family is descended from Sylvester Chunn (1757-59-1841), Revolutionary War soldier. After the Civil War the family migrated to Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and other states. An index and container list is available. See also Mf. 346 and Mf. 746.

Mf. 1510  -- W.R. Cornelius and Company Burial Records of Federal Soldiers. Nashville, 1864-1866. 1 vol. THS. 1 reel. 35 mm.
This is a volume of burial records kept by W.R. Cornelius and Company of Nashville, which includes information on Federal soldiers interred by the company 1864-66. Cornelius had the contract to bury Union Army dead, including soldiers and black military laborers, in Nashville. Each entry includes name, company, regiment, date of interment, cause of death, and hospital or other location from which the soldier come. The records are arranged by date.

Mf. 1511  -- Surveyor’s Field Notes. 2nd Surveyor’s District, 1807. 1 vol. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm.
The Surveyor’s Field Notes including the work of James Bright, William Edmiston, Alexander Turrentine, Malcolm Gilliam, William Rushford and O. Williams. The 2nd district covered south-central Tennessee along the Alabama line.

Mf. 1512  -- Frank Goad Clement Papers, 1920-1969. TSLA. 29 reels (20 are 16 mm. and 9 are 35 mm.)
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Frank Goad Clement (1920-1969) was three-time Governor of Tennessee (1953-55, 1955-59, 1963-67). Before his election Clement was an F.B.I. agent and chief council for the state Public Utilities Commission, and an attorney practicing in Dickson and Nashville. The papers include certificates, clippings, correspondence, financial records, photographs, schedules, invitations and programs, legal files, political campaign materials, and scrapbooks and speeches. The register includes a container list.

Mf. 1513  -- Ralph G. Morrisey Photographic Collection, ca. 1883-1956. THS. 1 reels. 35 mm.
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This collection consists of photographic images created and/or collected by award-winning amateur photographer Ralph G. Morrisey (1903-1956) during his twelve-year career with the Nashville Tennessean magazine section, called the Tennessean Magazine. Items are arranged alphabetically by subject and consist of black and white photographs and negatives as well as color prints and slides. Of special interest are Nashville street scenes, photographs of historic buildings and churches, and photographs of such notables as Billy Graham, Gene Autry, Minnie Pearl, and Hank Williams, Sr. See also Mf. 1453.

Mf. 1514  -- Bostick Family Papers, 1834-1870. 73 items. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm.
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This is a collection of correspondence between members of the Bostick family of Davidson County. The head of the family was Hardin Derkins Bostick and his wife was Margaret Litton Bostick. Most of the correspondence centers around the Civil War activities (7th Tennessee Infantry and 34th Tennessee Infantry)of the Bostick sons: Abe, J. Litton, and Thomas H. Bostick. Two of them were killed during the war, and the letters home convey quite vividly the personal tragedy engendered by the war.

Mf. 1515  -- The Southern Claims Commission Barred and Disallowed Claims, 1871-1880. NA. Microfilm Only Collection.
These are claims barred and disallowed by the Southern Claims Commission, created by act of Congress and authorized to examine claims of citizens who remained “loyal adherents” to the U.S. government during the Civil War. By 1873, the commission had received over 22,000 claims with only about 7,000 receiving approval. The collection consists of the case files of claims the commission disallowed or barred. A case file may contain any or all of the following types of documents: claimant’s petition, depositions of neighbors and acquaintances, the investigating agent’s notes, and recommendations of the commissioners. Case files for disallowed claims appear first, filed by the report number and by the office number. Barred claims follow, in alphabetical order by surname of claimant.

Consult Southern Loyalists in the Civil War - The Southern Claims Commission by Gary B. Mills (E 4805.M55) for the report and office numbers of a file. An index can also be found on the first four microfiche cards.

Mf. 1516  -- Pisgah Baptist Church of Christ Records, Decatur, TN, 1846-1905. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The records of Pisgah Baptist Church consist of minutes of meetings of this Meigs County church.

Mf. 1517  -- McDonald Funeral Home Registers, 1945-1996. TSLA. 10 reels. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The registers of the McDonald Funeral Home contain information similar to that found in death records. The registers include information on funerals conducted for individuals in Lewis County (July 1948-October 1996); Perry County 1945-95); and Hickman County (1945- 1996).

Mf. 1518  -- Roark-Conner Association Papers, 1795-1996. CHBL. 6 reels. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The family papers consist of diaries, letters, postcards, photographs, church minutes, service records, tax receipts, genealogies, obituaries, newspaper clippings, cards, and miscellaneous materials. The records center on the Tennessee communities of Salem, Birchwood, Ooltewah, and Chattanooga in the counties of James and Hamilton.

Families mentioned in the collection are Carr, Conner, Honea, Moon, Palmer, Roark, Shropshire, Stulce, Swaim, Talley, Wilson and Witt. The bulk of the collection concerns members of the Roark and Conner families, who came to Tennessee early in the state’s history and settled in the Salem area of Hamilton County. An index to all persons named in the Roark-Conner History Data File identifies each document in which the person has been named.

Mf. 1519  -- Cumberland Security Company Records. Nashville, 1905-1972. TSLA. 2 reels. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This collection contains state, county, and municipal bonds, primarily from Tennessee, and a small amount of business correspondence of the Cumberland Security Company. The company was incorporated in 1931 to “purchase, hold, sell, exchange, or invest in stocks, bonds, mortgages, notes, debentures, and securities,” probably to take advantage of the large number of heavily discounted Tennessee bonds in the market due to the failure of Caldwell & Company and the onset of the Depression. Most of the bonds relate to Tennessee government entities and document the financing of road and school construction projects, with supplemental statistical and historical information.

Mf. 1520  -- Mt. Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church Records, 1886-1991. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The Mount Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church Records consist of the charter and constitution, minutes and memoranda, financial records, church history and photographs. The Mount Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church in Columbia, Tennessee, was organized in October, 1843, making it the first National Baptist church for African-Americans in Tennessee.

Mf. 1521  -- Case Files of Applications From Former Confederates for Presidential Pardons (“Amnesty Papers”), 1865-1867. NA. 5 reels. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The Tennessee applications for pardon, 1865-67, were submitted to President Andrew Johnson by former Confederates excluded from the provisions of his amnesty proclamation of May 29, 1865. Together with the applications are the affidavits, oaths of allegiance, recommendations for executive clemency, and other accompanying papers. The files, in many cases, include recommendations from prominent citizens or letters from relatives and friends containing pleas for compassion.

A name index to the Pardon Application Files appears on Reel 1. Tennessee ’s applicants can be found in that portion of the index titled “Group One: Pardon Applications Submitted by Persons from the South.” These records include a few applications submitted to President Lincoln by persons excepted under his earlier proclamation. The applicants whose lives and circumstances are illuminated by these records were usually high-ranking or well-to-do former Confederates excluded from the general provisions of the presidential amnesties and so had to apply for special dispensation.

Mf. 1522  -- See Mf 1914 -- Records of the First and Downtown Presbyterian Churches in Nashville, Tennessee, 1827-1996.

Mf. 1523  -- Johnson Dyer Family Papers, 1860-1997. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The Johnson Dyer Family Papers contain correspondence, notebooks, circulars and one photograph. Perhaps most significant is a notebook dated from 1887 which includes sketches, floor and framing plans for the Mount Lebanon Baptist Church in Columbia, Tennessee.

Mf. 1524  -- Oscar L. Dortch Papers, 1911-1913. 900 items. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
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Oscar L. Dortch was superintendent of mining for the International Agricultural Corporation of New York and investor in stock, property, and mining rights in Tennessee. The collection contains primarily personal and business correspondence, some of it concerning mine investments in Tennessee. The collection is significant for the insight it provides into the efforts to capitalize on Tennessee ’s phosphate resources and the methods involved in the trade of corporate investments. The register includes a name index to correspondence.

Mf. 1525  -- James Donaldson Clemmer Scrapbooks on Polk County, 1884-1934. 37 vols. TSLA. 12 reels. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The scrapbooks of J. D. Clemmer (1871- ?), include a name and subject index. The scrapbooks relate to the people and history of Polk County.

Mf. 1526  -- Madie N. Webb Papers, ca. 1700-1970. 200 items. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm.
The papers of Madie N. Webb consist of correspondence, genealogical data, photographs, newspaper clippings, a will, a contract, an account, a bill of sale, and a recipe. Most of the correspondence is addressed to Ms. Webb and concerns genealogy, containing material on the Fletcher, Garrett, Klyce (Clyce), Nuckolls, Patillo, Sandidge, Taylor, Terry, Wyche, and Young families. These families were located primarily in Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Missouri. There is a name index to the correspondence.

Mf. 1527  -- Simon Perkins, Jr. Papers, 1862-1864. 20,000 items. SCHS. 28 reels. 16 & 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
Captain Simon Perkins, Jr. was Assistant Quartermaster of Volunteers, U.S.A. This is one of the largest extant collections of a Civil War quartermaster, containing documents relating to Capt. Perkins’s service as a Federal quartermaster in Nashville from February, 1862 through July, 1864.

The papers offer a detailed record of the interaction between the city of Nashville and the occupying Union Army for two years of the Civil War. Capt. Perkins’s responsibilities included being in charge of forage and fuel, managing building space, railroads and city transportation, and serving as Chief Quartermaster for General William S. Rosecrans. The collection consists of personal records, monthly and quarterly reports, forage and fuel receipts, financial records, death and burial records for U.S. soldiers and contrabands, and correspondence. Army regulations required quartermasters to file frequent reports on all the supplies and materiel going through their depots each month, so the documentation of Union Army activities in occupied Nashville is copious. In addition, Perkins kept careful accounts of his dealings with civilian contractors and Nashville citizens who may have provided, willingly or otherwise, goods to the army.

The register includes a biography of Perkins and description of contents.

Mf. 1528  -- Macedonia Baptist Church Records. Smith County, 1830-1876. 1 vol. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The records of Macedonia Baptist Church, New Middleton, includes a short history of the church, its constitution, a list of ministers and officers, and a list of members recorded on April 13, 1839. Thereafter, the entries are recorded monthly and often include information about the dismissal of certain members of the congregation for transgressions.

Mf. 1529  -- Mayfield Papers, 1889-1929. 2000 items. CPL. 4 reels. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
These are business and family papers of the Mayfield family of Bradley and Polk counties. The early papers center on the activities of Pearson Brummett Mayfield (1832-1904), law who served in the state legislature during the Civil War. After the war, Mayfield relocated to Cleveland, where he formed a partnership with John Hoyle. Mayfield maintained an extensive general practice as well as serving as legal counsel for the Ducktown Copper Company and the East Tennessee, Virginia, and Georgia Railroad. In time, three of his sons joined the practice, and the firm operated under the name of Mayfield and Mayfield.

The papers consist primarily of the Mayfield law firm’s correspondence 1895-1929, including incoming and outgoing letters as well as personal notes. Subjects include the building of Parksville Dam; Polk County ’s “Smoke Suits;” debt collections and title searches; personal injury suits against the railroads; estate settlements; and affairs of the heart. The correspondence is indexed alphabetically by principal and includes information on contents.

Mf. 1530  -- Thomas Sigismund Stribling Papers, Addition 4, 1906-1978. THS.
The Thomas Sigismund Stribling Papers, Addition consists primarily of material related to LouElla Stribling, wife of Thomas S. Stribling. Specifically, the majority of the collection concerns Mrs. Stribling’s career as a music teacher in the Florida schools. Included in the collection is correspondence, lesson plans, lists, minutes, lecture notes, notes from an unidentified novel, photographs, printed materials, programs and several miscellaneous items. See also Mf. 1029, Mf. 1213, Mf. 1413, Mf. 1482 and Mf. 2013

Mf. 1531  -- Booker Family Papers, 1950-1987. 3 boxes. TSLA. 3 reels. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
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This is a genealogical collection centered on the research of Lucy (Thomas) Booker of Maury County. Her primary interests were her own family, the Thomas and Clark families of Christian and Trigg Counties, KY, and Maury County, TN. Items in the collection are arranged alphabetically by subject (usually surname) and include applications, certificates, correspondence, notebooks, photographs, printed material, and sketches. The bulk of the papers consists of notebooks created by Mrs. Booker, containing genealogical charts and tables, photocopies of marriage, birth and death records, and copies of deeds and wills. The collection includes notes and supporting papers on Mrs. Booker’s Revolutionary War ancestors.

Mf. 1532  -- United Daughters of the Confederacy, Tennessee Division, Applications, 1994-1996. 2 boxes. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm.
These are applications for membership in the UDC received by the Tennessee Division. The applications provide information about the applicant as well as the Civil War ancestor. 
See also Mf. 583, Mf. 752, Mf. 959, Mf. 1021, Mf. 1276, Mf. 1326, Mf. 1369, Mf. 1411, Mf. 1479, Mf. 1582, Mf. 1638, Mf. 1687, Mf. 1705, Mf. 1755, Mf. 1849 and Mf. 1942 for additional UDC records.

Mf. 1533  -- Overall Family Papers, 1811-1976. 1000 items. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
Horace A. Overall (1822-1904) was a planter from the area of Liberty in DeKalb County. The plantation was established by Abraham Overall between 1806 and 1837 and expanded by his only son Horace to over 2500 acres with more than 40 slaves by the time of the Civil War. Overall ginned cotton and distilled whiskey for commercial use, and much of the collection documents the transactions between him and his neighbors. Horace Overall served in the state legislature both before and after the war, but there is little about his political activities or beliefs in these papers.

The collection is composed of incoming correspondence, legal and financial documents, memorandum books, land and estate records, insurance papers, photographs and genealogical records. There are a few Civil War records and a wealth of small receipts and promissory notes, which illustrate the role of planter Overall as “banker” to his isolated community. The collection records the workings of a well-to-do Middle Tennessee farm during the mid-19th century.

Mf. 1534  -- Martha’s Chapel United Methodist Church Records. Cunningham, 1872-1997. 5 vols. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The records of Martha’s Chapel United Methodist Church includes registers of members, pastors, and infant baptisms and marriages, along with an annual summary of members and minutes. There are a few additional records for the Chapel Hill and Salem churches in the same district of Montgomery County.

Mf. 1535  -- McCutchen Family Papers--Addition, 1746-1973. 1500 items. TSLA. 2 reels. 16 mm.
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This is an addition to the McCutchen family papers (originals only). This addition concerns the descendants of James McCutchen (-1755), who emigrated from Scotland and settled in Virginia and whose descendants came to Middle Tennessee. The records were donated by Miss Hildegard Smith, who used the main collection of McCutchen papers (see register) to write two volumes of family history entitled The McCutchen Trace. This addition contains accounts, correspondence, genealogical material, invitations, two poetry albums, and a copy of the aforementioned history. The correspondence is filed by name.

Mf. 1536  -- Organization Index to Pension Files of Veterans Who Served Between 1861 and 1900. NA. 10 reels. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This card file index to the pension applications of veterans of the U.S. armed forces who served 1861-1900, indexes the vast number of Union pension applications made during the decades following the end of the Civil War. Records for Tennessee Infantry units one, two, and part of three are missing. Spanish-American War units are listed separately on the last reel. The index cards are organized alphabetically by state, within the state by regimental organization, then by company and individual’s name, and supply the date and number of the veteran’s (or widow’s) pension application, which can then be ordered from the National Archives.

Mf. 1537  -- Non-Population Census Schedules for Tennessee, 1850-1880. NA. 41 reels. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
These are non-population census schedules for Tennessee, 1850-1880. In 1880 such enumerations ceased. These schedules include the Census of Agriculture, an enumeration of all individual farm producers and their itemized crop and livestock productions; the Manufacturing Census, an inventory of all industrial, craft, and mining producers, with a breakdown of raw materials, hired hands and, wages; the Census of Social Statistics, an aggregate county-by-county compilation of statistics relating to property valuation, tax rates, academies and schools, libraries, newspapers, and religion; and the Census of Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes, an enumeration of all individuals classified as “Insane,” “Idiots,” “Deaf-Mutes,” or “Blind.” These schedules are complete for the four enumerations 1850-80 and are arranged by county.

Mf. 1538  -- Thomas Jefferson Murray Papers, 1944-1966. 15,000 items. TSLA. 14 reels. 16 mm.
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Thomas J. Murray (1894-1971) was a Democratic congressman from Jackson 1942-68. Rep. Murray served as chairman of the House Post Office and Civil Service Committee and was very active in Veterans’ Affairs, expediting claims and benefits. He was himself a veteran of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) during World War I. Murray was also active in fighting “socialized medicine,” the Brannan Farm Plan, and civil rights legislation.

The majority of the collection consists of correspondence, typically arranged by subject or alphabetically by the name of correspondent. In Murray ’s position on the Post Office Committee, he had control over many patronage jobs, and there are a large number of applications and appointments for government jobs. A considerable number of cards, thank you notes, and invitations can be found, as well as legal documents, legislation, veterans’ claims, and reports on various legislative subjects.

Mf. 1539  -- G. S. Burt Letters. LaVergne, 1905-1907. LPL. 1 reel. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
These are the letters written by G. S. Burt to Miss Carrie Mason of LaVergne. Burt was an employee of the Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Company of Nashville and wrote many of the letters to Miss Mason, a farmer’s daughter, while traveling for his employer. The correspondence concerns the social news of LaVergne, the telephone business, books and travel.

Mf. 1540  -- Seymour Samuels, Jr. Papers, 1963-1967. 3 cubic feet. TSLA. 2 reels. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
Seymour Samuels, Jr. was Deputy Director of Law for the Metropolitan Government of Nashville-Davidson County February 1963-February 1967. He was instrumental in the historic consolidation of the city and county governments, which merger became effective April 1, 1963. The papers include Samuels’ initiating litigation and legal opinions during the crucial embryonic stage of consolidated government.

The collection consists almost entirely of outgoing letters to various agencies and local officials, including enclosures--lawsuits, ordinances and petitions. Because of the wide range of responsibilities given the Department of Law by the Metropolitan Charter, Samuels interacted with virtually every department, commission, board, and officer of the new local government. The personal correspondence is arranged chronologically, and the subject correspondence is arranged alphabetically by department or agency. There is also a selective name index to the correspondence.

Mf. 1541  -- Luke Lea Papers, 1826-1993. 32 cubic feet. TSLA. 16 reels. 14 16mm & 2 35mm.
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Luke Lea, Sr. (1876-1945) was a prominent political leader, U.S. Senator and founder and publisher of the Nashville Tennessean. Lea was elected by the General Assembly to the Senate in 1911, the youngest Tennessean to hold that seat. Following America’s entrance into World War I, he organized a volunteer regiment which later became the 114th Field Artillery and, at the close of the war, organized a foiled attempt to “kidnap” Kaiser Wilhelm. During the 1920s, Lea reached the pinnacle of his influence as his organization dominated state Democratic politics through the client administrations of Austin Peay and Henry Horton. With the financial crash of 1929, Lea began to lose control of both his political and business empires; he and his son were eventually indicted and convicted of bank fraud.

The collection is concentrated in the period 1911-45 and consists of applications, clippings, correspondence, diaries, financial records, interviews, legal records, photographs, and subject files. The bulk of this material is correspondence, much of it reflecting Lea’s involvement in state and national politics, and family correspondence and routine business letters involving the Tennessean and other business concerns. Many newspaper clippings document Lea’s career in the Senate. He kept extensive diaries during World War I and his imprisonment; some are transcribed. Legal records detail his court battles of the 1930s. The register includes a list of the photographs.

Mf. 1542  -- Tennessee Academy of Science Papers, 1912-1986. 4 cu. ft. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm.
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The Tennessee Academy of Science was organized in 1912 “to promote scientific research and the diffusion of knowledge concerning science.” The organization has created standards for the certification of pre-collegiate science teachers and served generally as the official voice of science in Tennessee. The collection contains correspondence, minutes, photographs, programs, writings and several miscellaneous items. There are a great many photographs, primarily archaeological in nature showing Mound Builder sites and various native artifacts. The minutes detail the organizational workings of the academy and its officers, while most of the articles relate to the history of the academy and its journal.

Mf. 1543  -- Fort-Sugg Genealogical Collection, 1863-1995. 6.5 cubic ft. TSLA. 5 reels. 16 mm.
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This collection centers on the Fort and Sugg families of Middle Tennessee and western Kentucky, consisting primarily of the genealogical research and correspondence of Mrs. Drucilla Stovall Jones, a Fort and Sugg descendent. The papers include Mrs. Jones’s research notes, genealogical files and correspondence used in the compilation of A Family Called Fort: The Descendants of Elias Fort of Virginia, published in 1970. There are announcements, clippings, legal documents, maps and photographs, in addition to genealogical correspondence between Mrs. Jones and her research partner, Homer T. Fort, Jr.

Mf. 1544  -- Thomas Earl Wade Photograph Albums. 5 albums, 1 folder. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The Thomas Earl Wade collection contains five photograph albums, a folder of loose photographs and photograph descriptions. Three of the albums and the folder contain family photos and death records of William Edgar Wade (1881-1984) and Lucy Jane Wade (1886-1965), parents of Thomas Earl Wade. The first two albums contain photographs, military documents and memorabilia of Mr. Wade’s tour of duty in World War II. Album three contains the death notices and related materials of William E. Wade and his wife Lucy Jane Wade and his parents. Album four and five includes photographs of the Wade family ancestors. Album 4 and 5 includes photographs of the Wade family ancestors. Album four also contains 100th birthday greetings to William Edgar Wade from President Reagan, Senator Howard Baker, Governor Lamar Alexander, and NBC television personality Willard Scott.

Mf. 1545  -- Mayme Hart Johnson Papers, 1952-1986. 1 cu. ft. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm.
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The research notes of Mayme Hart Johnson, teacher, home demonstration agent and local historian, were gathered in the course of writing her history of Tennessee churches, entitled A Treasury of Tennessee Churches, published in 1986. The collection is composed of church bulletins, printed materials such as pamphlets and brochures, as well as Ms. Johnson’s notes. The notes are arranged in alphabetical order by name of church.

Mf. 1546  -- Daniel May Papers - Addition, 1914-1983. 650 items. THS. 2 reels. 16/35 mm.
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This addition to the papers of Daniel May (1898-1982) contains account books, audits, business ledgers, certificates, clippings, correspondence, deeds, insurance papers, legal documents, and reports. The bulk of the collection falls between 1920 and 1980 and pertains to the May Hosiery Mills, a family-owned textile concern in Nashville for which May served as chairman of the board. Company audits and financial statements provide much information about the firm and about the hosiery industry in general in Nashville. Payroll records, for example, give the salaries of skilled and unskilled workers in the mill. Register available. See also Mf. 1167 for other May papers.

Mf. 1547  -- Byrd Douglas Family Papers, 1819-1968. 8 cu. ft. TSLA. 5 reels. 1 35 mm. & 4 16 mm.
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This collection is focused on the writings of Nashvillian Byrd Douglas (1894-1965), author of a history of the Cumberland River entitled Steamboatin' on the Cumberland. Most of the material pertains to the writing of this book and consists of handwritten notes, an original register of steamboats, captains and crew members on the Cumberland River 1870-90, several manuscript copies of the book, 143 photographs of steamboats and river scenes, and replies for autographed books.

Other materials include some of Douglas ’s speeches on historical subjects, correspondence, genealogical materials (related mostly to the Douglas, Wharton and Reed families), mementos of membership in the Downtown Presbyterian Church, and legal documents spanning three generations of the Douglas family. The register includes an index to photographs.

Mf. 1548  -- United Confederate Veterans. Tennessee Division. Bivouac Records, 1887-1925. 25 vols. 2000 items. TSLA. 8 reels. 35 mm.
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This compilation of items was donated from various United Confederate veteran (UCV) bivouacs and individuals. The records are composed largely of bivouac membership applications, with a few rosters and minute books, one volume of financial records, and some correspondence regarding applications. Several volumes concern the UCV reunions held in 1897 and 1904, and include registers of attendance at the reunions. One addition consists of materials and minutes relating to the activities of Forrest’s Cavalry Corps; another of applications from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Tennessee Division.

The records are arranged alphabetically by the name of the town in which the bivouac was located. The register includes an index to membership applications.

Mf. 1549  -- Crane Collection, 1975-1980. 1.5 cu. ft. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm.
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This is a collection of background materials and research notes used in two books, Tennessee Taproots: Courthouses of Tennessee and Tennessee’s Troubled Roots (about county jails), written by Dr. Paul S. and Mrs. Sophie Crane. There is correspondence to and from the Cranes regarding the books, announcements of promotional lectures, brochures, a scrapbook, and research notes.

Mf. 1550  -- Edwin A. Price Family Papers, 1855-1934..75 cu. ft. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm.
[View Manuscript Finding Aid]
Edwin Armstrong Price (1860-1933) was a city attorney of Nashville and attorney general of Davidson County during the 1890s and early twentieth century. The bulk of the collection consists of his civic and club speeches and legal briefs of cases surrounding the consolidation of railroad and streetcar lines before the turn of the century. There is also some correspondence among family members as well as miscellaneous documents from Price’s tenure as city attorney. Additional material may be gleaned from the Edwin Price Scrapbooks (not on microfilm).

Mf. 1551  -- Charles Lee Lewis Papers, 1907-1951. 7 cu. ft. THS. 6 reels. 16 mm.
[View Manuscript Finding Aid]
Charles Lee Lewis (1886- ?) was a prominent naval historian and professor at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. Most of the material is concentrated in the years 1925-40 and consists of book reviews, clippings, correspondence, illustrations, draft manuscripts and publications. Lewis’s books were chiefly biographical works on Matthew Fontaine Maury, Admirals Farragut and Buchanan, and Tennessee educator Philander Claxton, and the bulk of the collection pertains to the writing and publication of these books.

Mf. 1552  -- [blank]

Mf. 1553  -- Muster Rolls and Lists of Confederate Troops Paroled in North Carolina (Tennessee only), 1862-1865. NA. 4 reels. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
These are muster rolls and other lists of Tennessee Confederates paroled in North Carolina 1862-65, most of them following the surrender of the remnants of the Army of Tennessee near Greensboro in the spring of 1865. There are some civilians paroled with the military personnel. The rolls and lists are arranged by place, and sometimes give such information as the soldier’s physical description and his occupation before the war.

Mf. 1554  -- Index to Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers in Organizations Raised Directly by the Confederate States of America Government.  National Archives  26 reels.  16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This is an index to Civil War service records of Confederate soldiers who (1) served in military organizations raised directly or otherwise formed by the Confederate government or (2) served in some capacity that did not involve belonging to a unit at or below the regimental level, including general officers, officers and men of the staff departments (such as the Adjutant and Inspector General and the Quartermaster General), and various appointees with special status such as aides-de-camp, military judges, chaplains, agents and drillmasters.  Each index card gives the name of a soldier, his rank and the unit in which he served. See Mf. 1925 for Tennessee organizations.

Mf. 1555  -- New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church Records. Decatur County, 1894-1996. 8 vols. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
Included in this collection of records are minute books, membership lists, and listings of officers and pastors for the New Prospect Missionary Baptist Church.

Mf. 1556  -- Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Records. Carroll County, 1860-1995. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This collection includes minute books, 1860-1945, and the listings of pastors, officers and membership, 1860-1995, for the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church of Carroll County.

Mf. 1557  -- William Wirt Courtney Papers, 1861 - 1928. 7 items. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This is a collection of three Civil War era diaries kept by Confederate soldier and Williamson County native, William Wirt Courtney (1842 - 1928). Entries describe the Battle of Chickamauga and imprisonment at Johnson’s Island and letters copied for/from other soldiers. The condition of the volumes ranges from good to poor. Also included is a newspaper article written in recognition of William Wirt and Annie Courtney’s sixtieth wedding anniversary, a photograph of the couple in their later years, brief notes on the Battle of Chickamauga, and a special order reporting the election of an officer in Company K, 3 rd Tennessee Infantry Regiment.

Mf. 1558  -- Sycamore Shoals State Park and Colonel John Carter House Study, 1974. 8 vols. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The volumes were compiled during a study of Sycamore Shoals State Park and Colonel John Carter House located in Elizabethton, Carter County. The first three chapters explore the historical background of the region, including the social, physical, and political forces that led to the creation of the Watauga Association and John Carter’s role in its leadership. Other chapters examine modern land use, the Great Land Purchases at Sycamore Shoals (1775), Watauga Fort (1776 - 77), and the Revolutionary War activities of the Wataugans and Overmountain Men. Three appendices contain information about the Taylor family, the Carter family and Carter Mansion House, and miscellanea.

Mf. 1559  -- U.S. Department of Agriculture Extension Service Annual Reports: Tennessee. N. A. 62 reels. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This is a massive collection of documents and photographs chronicling the work of the Office of Farmers’ Cooperative Demonstration Work in the South, which established its effort in Tennessee in 1910. The collection consists of annual reports from county agents, production and enrollment statistics, state administrative reports, news clippings, and illustrated pamphlets. Photographs depict 4-H Club and farming activities, home demonstration work, and local fairs. Several drawings by teenaged farmers depict soil conservation techniques. These reports provide a valuable narrative of the development of extension work in Tennessee and of farmers’ gradual acceptance of federal assistance.

Mf. 1560  -- Thomas C. Rye papers, 1888 - 1947. 18 items. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This is a small collection of personal papers and photographs relating to Thomas C. Rye (1863 - 1953), governor of Tennessee, 1915 - 19. Papers include marriage license and certificate (1888), letters to his wife, (1913, 1916), and a typed reminiscence (1898). Photographic images include campaign and family scenes, the governor’s inauguration cake, and Rye with his hunting dogs. See also Governor Thomas C. Rye Papers (GP 37), also on microfilm.

Mf. 1561  -- Trabue-Thompson Family Papers, 1822 - 1976. 2 boxes. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm.
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This collection of about 300 items relates to the family of George T. Thompson and his wife, Martha Trabue of Nashville. Notable among the papers are household account books, receipts, family correspondence, some genealogical material, and a travel diary. Items of social interest include a permit to purchase plantation supplies (1865), Tennessee voter certificates (1869, 1870), and a child guardian’s account book (1849 -50). Family correspondence, some of it humorous, contains verse and hand-drawn illustrations. There are several Civil War letters of civilians and soldiers written from Winchester, Nashville and a camp near Murfreesboro.

Mf. 1562  -- Nashville Carpentry Firm Daybook, 1819 - 1831. 1 volume. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This is a daybook kept by the Nashville carpentry firm of Welch & Austin, 1819 - 31. The book, which records the transactions of a small business, offers a rare look at Nashville ’s working class during the early nineteenth century. Welch & Austin was hired to build houses, repair furniture, hang paintings for wealthy patrons, and produce millwork. It bought and sold thousands of board feet of plank including pine, poplar, cedar, walnut, and cherry.

Mf. 1563  -- R. L. Mitchell, Jr., Ledgers and Diaries, 1884 - 1934. 16 volumes. TSLA. 2 reels. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This is a small collection of diaries and legal and business ledgers of Overton County merchant and county court clerk Richard L. Mitchell, Jr. (1860 - 1942). The twelve ledgers (1884 - 1914) are arranged chronologically and constitute the majority of the collection. The personal diaries include the years 1908, 1913, 1933, and 1934, and are arranged chronologically.

Mf. 1564  -- Fitzgerald-Williams-Greer Family papers, 1821 - 1904. 38 folders. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm.
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This collection is composed mainly of the correspondence of three prominent West Tennessee families. Notable among the papers are the 1830s letters of U. S. Representative William Fitzgerald and his wife, E. A. Fitzgerald, which express frank opinions on slavery and temperance. Other material includes Civil War-related letters, descriptions of foodways, Williams family Bible entries, a marriage proposal, and four slave bills of sale. One important document is a register of slave families living on the A. P. Greer plantation, 1857, including the name and value of each slave, all of whom are grouped by family. There is some genealogical material and a cabinet card photograph of Col. Robert Crockett. These papers contain candid comments on nineteenth century social and political themes.

Mf. 1565  -- Albigence Waldo Putnam Papers, 1775 - 1869. 14 items. THS. 1 reel. 35 mm.
Founder of the Tennessee Historical Society, A. W. Putnam (1799 -1869) of Middle Tennessee, was a lawyer, public official, historian, businessman. The collection consists of a colorful autobiography, correspondence, church records, genealogical material, biographical information on General James Robertson, and Israel Putnam's commission in the Army of the United Colonies (1775).

A significant component of the collection is A. W. Putnam's detailed 1863 diary which contains first-hand accounts of the battles at Murfreesboro, Franklin and Nashville, as well as records of the author's interviews with Generals Bragg and Rosecrans. Further, Putnam states his sentiments on slavery, comments on comparisons between the North and South, and describes the burning of his Coffee County home.

The collection reveals that Putnam was one of the founders of the Tennessee Historical Society. It is documented that he found and published the original manuscript of the Cumberland Compact, now preserved in the archives of the Tennessee Historical Society at Tennessee State Library and Archives.

Mf. 1566  -- U.S. Court of Claims Docket Cards for Congressional Case Files, 1884 - ca. 1937. NA. 5 reels. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This is an alphabetical index to claimants whose cases were presented to the U.S. Court of Claims, 1884 - ca. 1935. Many of the cases result from Civil War claims, including appeals of decisions of the Southern Claims Commission. See also Mf. 871 (Records of the Commissioners of Claims, Southern Claims Commission); Mf. 944 (Records of the Commissioners of Claims, Southern Claims Commission); and Mf. 1515 (Southern Claims Commission Barred and Disallowed Claims.

Mf. 1567  -- U.S. Census of Business: Miscellaneous Enterprises (Tennessee only), 1935. NA. 2 reels. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
These are the federal census schedules of 586 individual Tennessee business concerns, 1935. Each two-page form contains information blanks for business name, street address, parent company, owner, number of non-residential buildings managed by owner-operator, kind of business, number of employees by gender and race, and payroll. Space for remarks is included.

Mf. 1568  -- Richardson Creek Missionary Baptist Church Records. Hawkins County, 1811 - 1988. 6 items. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The minutes and ephemera of the Richardson Creek Missionary Baptist Church includes five minute books cover 1834 -44, November 1846 -December 1892, January 1893 -September 1920, October 1920 -December 1967, and January 1968 -September 1988.

Mf. 1569  -- First Census of the United States, 1790. NA. 12 reels. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
These are records of the first federal enumeration of population, 1790, taken by marshals of the U.S. judicial districts. Marshals submitted their reports in any form they found convenient, so there is no uniformity to the records. Information collected for the First Census includes: name of the head of the family and the number of persons in each household of the following descriptions: free white males sixteen years and older, free white males under sixteen years, free white females, all other persons (by sex and color), and slaves. Marshals canvassed the original thirteen states, plus the districts of Kentucky, Maine, Vermont, and the Southwest Territory (Tennessee).

Mf. 1570  -- Locust Grove Baptist Church Records, Washburn, 1843 - 1998. 5 vols. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
These are the records of Locust Grove Baptist Church, Grainger County. Book 1 is Principles/Covenant/Enrollment and covers February 5, 1843 to March 11, 1917. Book 2 (April 7, 1917 - October 10, 1953), Book 3 (November 17, 1953 - February 12, 1972), and Book 4 (March 11, 1972 - February 14, 1998) contain minutes. Book 5 is a record of enrollments (undated - 1998).

Mf. 1571  -- Jennings-Phillips Collection of Early Bedford County Records. 5500+ items. TSLA. 3 reels. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
Over 5500 pieces are arranged alphabetically by surname. The Jennings-Phillips family documents are arranged chronologically. This extensive collection contains papers generated by the Bedford County government and includes summonses, court-related items, tax receipts, and slave tax lists. Other items include character references, farming pamphlets, business records, account books, broadsides, and some correspondence. The register includes an index to the collection.

Mf. 1572  -- Westminster Presbyterian Church Records. Columbia, 1819 - 1997. 9 volumes. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The records of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Maury County consist of a two-volume illustrated church history with name index, session minutes, and registers of pastors, elders, communicants, and baptisms.

Mf. 1573  -- Macon County Hardware Company Records, 1917 - 1931. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This small collection of business records for the Macon County Hardware Company includes inventory record books and indexed account books. The company's patrons included International Harvester, John Deere Plow Company, American Seeding Company, Lafayette Lodge F & M No. 543, H.G. Lipscomb Company, the Macon County Roads Commission, and private citizens.

Mf. 1574  -- Katherine Waits Ewing Genealogical Collection,ca. 1920-1979. ~ 25 linear feet. TSLA.
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This collection was created by Katherine W. Ewing a longtime member of the National Society Colonial Dames of America (NSCDA.) Mrs. Ewing began research in the 1920s and enjoyed it so much that she continued it. Included is a surname index to her genealogical files.

Mf. 1575  -- John Trotwood Moore Papers, Addition, ca. 1894 - 1944. 4 boxes. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm.
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This addition to the John Trotwood Moore papers consists primarily of early correspondence between John Trotwood Moore and Mary B. Daniel, his second wife. Other letters include Mary Daniel Moore's correspondence with T. S. Stribling. Of particular notice is the small collection of material related to Cole and Jim Younger, which includes letters, photographs, and newspaper clippings. The Younger correspondence has been transcribed.

Mf. 1576  -- Marvin A. Bryan Papers, 1946 - 1977. 36 folders. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm.
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This collection of papers chronicles the career of Marvin A. Bryan, state superintendent of banks and member of the state board of election supervisors. Materials are arranged in the following order: correspondence, official documents, meeting and conference materials, biographies, photographs, and news articles. Bryan was active in Democratic party politics.

Mf. 1577  -- Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities (APTA) Papers, 1951 - 1994. TSLA. reels. 16 mm.
The papers of the Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities are composed of clippings, correspondence, financial records, chapter reports, subject files, scrapbooks, and photographs. The non-profit APTA was founded to restore and maintain historic properties, including Belle Meade, Fontaine House, Little Courthouse, the Pillars, the Athenaeum, Carter House, Cragfont, Ramsey House, Glenmore, Brazelton Cabin, Crockett Tavern, and Craven's House.

Mf. 1578  -- TSLA Bible Records Card File Index. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This is an index to the family Bible records at the TSLA. The index cards are arranged alphabetically by principle surname.

Mf. 1579  -- Jones Family Papers, Addition, 1815 - 1991. 400+ items. TSLA. 2 reels. 16 mm.
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This addition to the Jones family papers (Mf. 240), 1815 - 1991, is in two series. Series One contains the papers of Calvin Jones and Jameson M. Jones, and includes journals, business accounts, receipts, clippings, correspondence, and Jones family trees. Series Two consists of the personal and business correspondence of Edwin and Octavia Jones Polk. This series also contains land records, business accounts, receipts, indentures, epitaphs, poetry, and slave bills of sale. Among the materials are discussions of Texas independence, the Bolivar Male Academy, and railroad business. See also Mf. 240 for other Jones family materials.

Mf. 1580  -- U.S. War Department Collection of Confederate Records, Roll of the Dead South Carolina Troops, Confederate States Service. NA. 1 reel. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This roll lists the Confederate dead of South Carolina troops. Information given includes soldier's name, district, age, rank, company, regiment, date of death, cause and place of death, and remarks. The soldiers are listed alphabetically.

Mf. 1581  -- Rossell Family Notebooks, 1744-1998. TSLA. 2 reels. 35mm.Microfilm Only Collection.
The Rossell Family Notebooks were compiled by John Robert Rossell. The eight notebooks contain historical and genealogical information on the Rossell family from 1744 to 1998. The material consists of official records, family charts, genealogical notes, photographs, letters and newspaper clippings, including the obituary of John Robert Rossell. The notebooks also contain some information on families that are related to the Rossells by marriage. Included in the collection are two brief histories of the Rossell family in France.

Mf. 1582  -- United Daughters of the Confederacy, Tennessee Division Membership Applications, 1985-1998. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
This reel contains United Daughters of the Confederacy membership applications, supplementals, and transfers, 1996-1998. There are Children of the Confederacy membership applications, supplementals, and transfers, 1990-1998. Also included are Military Crosses of Service applications, 1985-1998. See also Mf. 583, Mf. 752, Mf. 959, Mf. 1021, Mf. 1276, Mf. 1326, Mf. 1369, Mf. 1411, Mf. 1479, Mf. 1532, Mf. 1638, Mf. 1687, Mf. 1705, Mf. 1755, Mf. 1849 and Mf. 1942 for additional UDC records.

Mf. 1583  -- John Parker Herndon Diaries, 1895 – 1924. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm Microfilm Only Collection.
John Parker Herndon, 1843-1936, was a native of West Tennessee who resided in Gibson and Dyer counties after the Civil War. Although lacking a formal education, the majority of his diary entries are in poetic rhyme. This compilation of daily events in his own life is interspersed with the writings of others.

Information of genealogical interest is the lineage of John Parker Herndon from one William Herndon who arrived in Virginia in 1672.

Mf. 1584  -- Grace Armstrong Coile Collection of Robert Armstrong Papers, 1790-1930. 9,580+ items. THS. 15 reels. 35mm.
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This collection includes newspaper clippings, land records, warrants, genealogical materials, correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks, survey notes and plats, maps, pictures, and publications such as magazines, almanacs, religious tracts, and memoirs.

The bulk of the collection consists of four types of records: survey notes and plats, legal documents, genealogical materials, and correspondence. Several of the men in the Armstrong family were surveyors, several serving as the Knox County surveyor. Notes from surveys made by Robert III of Cherokee Indian lands are also included.

Genealogical research materials also comprise a large portion of the collection. Families with genealogical materials in the collection include the Coile, Buffat, Seilaz, McMillan, McNutt, Murray, Meeks, Hall, Doak, Houston, Wear, Davis, Meek, McCampbell, Doyle, Ault, Henderson, and Rankin.

There is Civil War correspondence that largely consists of letters from John McMillan Armstrong and Robert A.J. Armstrong to their family. Also included is the Civil War diary of Robert A.J. Armstrong who served in the 22nd Regiment, Tennessee Militia as well as a diary of his sister, Amelia Armstrong Kizer.

Mf. 1585  -- Anne Porterfield Rankin Papers, 1887-1941. 2000+ items. TSLA. 3 reels. 16 mm.
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The Anne Porterfield Rankin Papers offer a glimpse into the life of a journalist at the turn of the century. It is composed largely of manuscripts of Mrs. Rankin’s writings, newspaper clippings, and personal letters. There are also some business letters, poems, rough drafts of manuscripts, and published articles in the papers.

A copy of Mrs. Rankin’s unpublished “book” may also be found in the papers. It is a collection of essays written by Mrs. Rankin on topics from her life and on topics she found interesting, such as Nashville history.

Mf. 1586  -- See Mf 1914 -- Records of the First and Downtown Presbyterian Churches in Nashville, Tennessee, 1827-1996.

Mf. 1587  -- Index to Death Records, Texas, 1903-1973. TSLA. 18 reels. 16mm.Microfilm Only Collection.
These Texas death records are arranged chronologically on reels by date, then alphabetically by surname. Death information includes name of deceased, place of death (county), date of death, and certificate number.

Mf. 1588  -- First Baptist Church (Martin, Tenn.) Records, 1897-1995. TSLA. 7 reels. 35mm and 16mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
A booklet entitled “ First Baptist Church, Martin, Tenn., 1876-1976, Our 100th Anniversary,” chronicles a brief history of the church. There is a list of pastors who have served from about 1876 to the present. Record Books I and II (1895-1917) include membership lists with name of member, when received, and when dismissed. Minutes of the church are documented from May 1950 until December 1995, and Deacon’s Minutes from April 1926 until February 1991.

There is a complete set of Sunday Bulletins beginning in 1939 through 1995, excluding the years 1940, 1945, and 1976-1982. Also in the collection are two sets of Membership Card Files that are arranged alphabetically.

Mf. 1589  -- Rubye Johnson May Papers, ca. 1700-1974. 14.5 cubic feet. TSLA. 11 reels. 16 mm.
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The Rubye Johnson May Papers are comprised of family-specific genealogical research, general genealogical information, notebooks, and the personal papers of Rubye Johnson May. Mrs. May researched her own family genealogy, which included the Johnson, Flippin, McAdoo, May, and Groom families. A few of the other families researched by Mrs. May include the Anderson, Blount, Dobbins, Frazier, Hastings, Richards, Thompson, and Young families.

Mrs. May’s personal papers are also of interest as they include much information regarding the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Mf. 1590  -- Newton McMullin Papers, 1861-1871. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
Newton McMullin enlisted in Co. C of the 9th Infantry, which was formed in Tipton Co. Tenn. His brother, Luther, enlisted in Co. H of the 12th Conf. Infantry. His diary lists and describes the places they marched to, camped, and fought. It occasionally offers a glimpse into his feels and that of his fellow soldiers. It also includes the details of his long journey home after the end of the war. We know from his diary that he was present at Shiloh, Chickamauga, Perryville, and Tupelo as well as other less well-known arenas.

Mf. 1591  -- [unassigned]

Mf. 1592  -- Trinity Lutheran Church (Memphis, Tenn.) Records, 1855-1982. TSLA. 2 reels. 35mm.Microfilm Only Collection.
In its formative years, Trinity Lutheran Church in Memphis consisted of a predominantly German congregation. Most of the early records are in German until about 1913. Included in the collection are Council Meeting Minutes (1855-1922), Von Bora (Ladies Organization) Minutes (various years 1899-1929), Statistical Records (births, marriages, deaths, confirmations) 1855-1957, and Communion Records for 1878-1909. There are some photographs of the original structure and its later additions. An 1878 journal chronicles the yellow fever epidemic. General information can be found about the stained glass windows and the people to whom they were dedicated. Several booklets commemorate several anniversaries the church has celebrated. A Time-Line of Trinity History, 1855-1955, is also provided.

Mf. 1593  -- Jeanne Ridgway Bigger Genealogical Papers, 1967-1989. 15 cubic feet. THS. 8 reels. 16mm.
[View Manuscript Finding Aid]
Professional genealogist Jeanne Ridgway Bigger’s papers contain genealogical research on a number of families as well as other genealogical materials such as tax lists, wills, and marriage records. Also found within the collection are papers from Mrs. Bigger’s term on the Tennessee Historical Records Advisory Board in 1987, as well as her business and personal correspondence. Personal papers of Mrs. Bigger are also found within the collection. These items include those relating to her modeling career, letters written to her by her husband Col. Thomas Bigger during their courtship, and photographs.

Mf. 1594  -- Hospital Registers, Union Army, Nashville (Tenn.), 1862-1863. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
These reels consist of two hospital registers and three photographs. David Welch, MD, was the Union Army Surgeon In Charge, 33 rd Ohio Regiment, in Nashville from 1862-63. The first register, recorded as “ Register General Hospital, No. 16, Nashville, TN,” is dated Sept. 4, 1862-May 1863. The second register titled, “Requisitions for Hospital No. 16,” begins July 5, 1863 through Aug. 1863. The photographs are of Dr. Welsh and his wife and their respective tombstones.

Mf. 1595  -- Catherine Berry (Pilcher) Avery Papers, (Addition). ca. 1500‑1971. 6,000+ items and 23 volumes. TSLA. 5 reels. 35mm.
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The Catherine Berry Pilcher Avery Papers – Addition, contain the personal papers of Mrs. Avery as well as some of the papers of her husband, Professor Roy C. Avery.

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs and negatives, diaries, and logs are the main components of the addition. Other types of documents found include church bulletins, manuscripts, and drawings. There was an extensive postcard collection originally found with the collection. The Tennessee postcards were kept and transferred to the Tennessee Postcard Collection. Photocopies of those postcards are found in the collection. See also Mf. 1236.

Mf. 1596  -- The American Lung Association of Tennessee Minute Books, 1916 – 1984. 17 volumes. TSLA. 4 reels. 16 and 35 mm.
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This collection consists of seventeen bound volumes of board of director’s minutes, executive committee minutes, annual membership minutes, and membership lists for the Tennessee chapter of the American Lung Association, for the years 1916-1984. The minute books reflect that the association went through several name changes since 1916, having been known as the Tennessee Tuberculosis Association, the Tennessee Tuberculosis and Health Association, and the Tennessee Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association. Sometime after 1974 it was renamed the Tennessee Lung Association. In 1980 the association again changed its name to the American Lung Association of Tennessee.

Mf. 1597  -- Tennessee Valley Authority Agricultural-Industrial Surveys, 1934-1936. TSLA. 7 reels. 16mm and 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
The bound volumes on this microfilm consist of surveys conducted by the Civil Works Administration for the Tennessee Valley Authority during the years 1934, 1935, and 1936. The states represented are arranged alphabetically: Alabama (4 counties), Georgia (8 counties), Mississippi (6 counties), North Carolina (15 counties), Tennessee (61 counties), and Virginia (4 counties). The contents of the surveys include an agricultural-industrial summary that includes such topics as, but not limited to, location, early history, scenery, area and population, transportation, statistics, education, standard of living, water analysis, and numerous other subjects. Oversize items, usually maps, were filmed and placed on a separate roll of film at the end of the collection and are arranged alphabetically by state and county.

Mf. 1598  -- Dunn-Shute Family Papers, 1819-1995. TSLA. 1 reel. 16mm. Microfilm Only Collection
The Dunn-Shute Family Papers contain letters and a diary of Mary Shute Dunn, a will amendment, a photograph “The Bottoms Farm”, newspaper clippings, and a genealogical chart of the Dunn-Parker lineage.

Mf. 1599  -- Edmond James Vinson, Daybook, 1856-1891. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
Edmund James Vinson lived in Stewart County, Tennessee, where he conducted a miscellaneous grocery business. He hired woodmen to cut wood to supply steamers on the nearby Tennessee River. He repaired shoes, mended clocks, made wagon wheels, staves, and coffins, as well as housed travelers. In his daybook in July 1856 credit is given for cords of wood, wheat, corn, and leather. He notes the price of bacon, flour, whiskey, coffee, sugar, a cord of wood, and a day’s work. Also included are entries for boarding cavalry of Ft. Henry, Tenn. from Nov. 8, 1861 to Jan. 3, 1862.


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