Guide to Manuscript Materials : MF. 1600 - MF. 1699

Mf. 1600  -- Orr Family Papers, 1905-1966. 14.5 cubic feet. TSLA 5 reels. 16 mm.
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The Orr Family Papers consists of the correspondence, postcards, photographs, and other personal papers of the Orr family. One topic of particular note is the union of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. Rev. Orr served as a chaplain in World War I in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, and his letters to Mrs. Orr describe his life there. Their letters from this period also frequently mention the influenza epidemic. Also included are the genealogical charts of the Orr and Stewart families and correspondence from periods such as World War I and World War II.

Mf. 1601  -- Miller Burial Association Book, Clifton, Tenn. 1930. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
This collection records the Miller Burial Association Rules & By-Laws and the assessments paid by members for their pre-paid funerals.

Mf. 1602  -- Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church (Meigs County, Tenn.) Records, 1923-1942; 1954-1965. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
These church records of the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Meigs County, Tennessee, consist of two church books containing minutes, membership lists, and other relevant church-related information. The books are dated 1923-1942 and 1954-1965. For additional materials on the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, see Mf. 275.

Mf. 1603  -- Alabama Death Indexes, 1908-1959. TSLA. 10 reels. 16mm. Microfilm Only Collection
The death records on each reel are arranged by date, then alphabetically by surname. Information given is name of deceased, county code, date of death, and certificate number.

Mf. 1604  -- Index to Mexican War Pension Files, 1887-1926. NA. 14 reels. 16mm. Microfilm Only Collection
The index cards are arranged in alphabetical order by surname. Information included on each card is the name of the soldier, name of widow (if applicable), service information, date and number of application, state from which application was made, and Bounty Land Warrant # where applicable.

Mf. 1605  -- Duck River Association of Baptist Church Records, 1839-1999. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
The Duck River Association of Baptist Church Records consists mostly of session minutes, but contains other materials as well. The records are contained in two books, one dating 1839 to 1939 and the other 1939 to 1999.

Mf. 1606  -- Letters, Orders for Pay, Accounts, Receipts, and Other Supply Records Concerning Weapons and Military Stores, 1776-1801. NA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
These records are primarily those of the Commissary General of Military Stores Department, although some were created by offices that subsequently assumed that department’s mission of furnishing weapons and military stores to the army. Included are copies of letters sent and orders for pay, a ledger of military stores for the main army in the field, a ledger of military stores received and delivered; a receipt book of Samuel Hodgdon, and 15 miscellaneous record items that concern procurement, production, issuance, and control of arms, munitions, and related military stores.

Mf. 1607  -- Union Provost Marshal’s File of Papers Relating to Two or More Civilians, 1861-67. NA. 94 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
This series of Civil War documents was taken from the files of the Union Army Provost Marshal, each of which pertains to two or more civilians. The provost marshals were military police. They sought out and arrested deserters, Confederate spies, and civilians suspected of disloyalty; investigated threats against government property; controlled the passage of civilians in military zones and those using government transportation; confined prisoners; and maintained records of paroles and oaths of allegiance. Provost courts were established to try cases involving civilian violators of military orders and wartime measures. These documents relate to two or more civilians who came into contact with the Army or its courts during the Civil War. Most of the documents are numbered in sequential order and are arranged chronologically by year and month. Incomplete place and subject index.

Mf. 1608  -- Thomas Earl Wade Genealogical Papers, 11 cubic feet. TSLA. 10 reels. 16 and 35mm.
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The Thomas Earl Wade Genealogical Papers contain genealogical materials. Mr. Wade (1916-1997) researched the genealogy of the Wade, Barnes, Meek, Moody, Gibbs, Perkins, and Blankenship families, in addition to several other families, over the course of his lifetime. The counties primarily covered by the research are Chester, Hardeman, Henderson, and McNairy.

Mf. 1609  -- Burritt College (Spencer, Tenn.) Records, 1883-1938. TSLA. 5 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
Burritt College was established at Spencer, the county seat of Van Buren County, Tenn. in 1848 by local Church of Christ members opposed to the Mexican War. It is claimed that the school was the very first coeducational college in Tennessee and in the South. The Burritt College Records consist of two distinct sets of the college’s records held by two different institutions. The first set of records are the surviving official records of the college which closed its doors in 1938. These are principally student records. The second set of records consists of the records of the Calliopean Literary Society, one of the two literary clubs of Burritt College.

Mf. 1610  -- Letters Received by the Office of the Adjutant General (Main Series), 1881-1889, (Rolls 580-581 only). NA. 2 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
During the 1880s the Adjutant General’s Department was the department of records, orders, and correspondence of the Army and the militia. The letters and enclosures reproduced were received from officers and enlisted men of the Army, the Secretary of War, the President, officials of other government departments, members of Congress, governors of states and territories, private persons, and business firms. Letters received were entered in registers, generally in chronological order by date of receipt, and numbered consecutively within each year. On rolls 580 and 581 is reproduced file 157 AGO 1888, a consolidation containing papers dated 1888-1916 relating to captured Confederate and Union flags, standards, banners, and trophies, which Congress proposed to restore to the appropriate states, persons, or organizations.

Mf. 1611  -- Bean’s Creek Primitive Baptist Church (Franklin County, Tenn.) Minute Book, 1822-1876. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
The Bean’s Creek Primitive Baptist Church minute book, 1822-1876, was loaned for microfilming to the Tennessee State Library and Archives. After filming, the book was donated to the University of Tennessee Special Collections Library.

Mf. 1612  -- Catherine (Katie) Sarver Tompkins, Genealogical Papers – Addition [1940-1962, 8.75 cubic feet. TSLA. 6 reels. 16 mm.
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The Catherine Sarver Tompkins Genealogical Collection - Addition consists of genealogical research and materials, photographs, notebooks, personal and genealogical correspondence, and newspaper clippings. In addition to her own research, there are copies of genealogical research produced by her various contacts. Some of the families found within the collection include the Hollis, Sarver, Rice, and Hodges families.

Mf. 1613  -- Sinnet Legget Summar Diary, 1855-1860. 1 volume. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
Sinnet Legget Summar was a Baptist preacher in Middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky. This diary covers the years of 1855-1860 and contains a description of the day-to-day activities of an itinerant minister.

Mf. 1614  -- A.H. Riddle and Company General Store (Bedford Co.) Account Books, 1905-1951. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
A.H. Riddle and Company General Store operated in the Raus Community of Bedford County from about 1898 to 1970. During the late 1920s and 1930s Riddle’s store operated “rolling store trucks” to sell and deliver goods to the community.

Mf. 1615  -- Richard C. Plater Jr. Papers, 1891 – 1990. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
The Richard C. Plater Jr. Papers consists of letters, documents, and copy photographs. Pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and photographs document the horse operation. Some of the correspondence with the Price family deals with the sale of horses. There are several letters which detail the fascinating history of Clover Bottom.

Clover Bottom Mansion is an outstanding example of Italianate architecture in Middle Tennessee. The property was acquired by the Hoggatt family in 1816. Dr. James Hoggatt built the original Greek Revival mansion in 1854 and, after a fire in 1856, added the Italianate detailing.

In the 1880’s Andrew Price (a cousin of the Hoggatt family) bought the Clover Bottom property on which he operated a farm and dairy. He also bred, raised, trained, and sold trotting horses which were occasionally raced on the track that was built on the property. Clover Bottom was sold to the Stanford family in 1918. The mansion has been preserved and is owned by the State of Tennessee.

Mf. 1616  -- Cromwell Tidwell Collection, 1794-1976. 7.25 cubic feet. THS. 5 reels. 16 and 35mm.
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The Cromwell Tidwell Collection includes genealogical research, photographs, papers regarding the Society of the Cincinnati, development of Belle Meade, and personal papers belonging to Dr. Tidwell, Senator Luke Lea, and Percy Warner. A large portion of the genealogical information is either of Dr. Tidwell’s family or his wife’s family. Several prominent Nashville families including the Grundy, Lea, Lindsley, McGavock, Overton, and Warner families are represented.

Mf. 1617  -- Mamie Moser Dyche Papers, Addition, 4.75 feet. TSLA. 7 reels. 35mm.
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The addition to the Mamie Moser Dyche Papers was received in several batches between 1967 and 1994. The addition contains the papers of the Dyche and Moser families. Genealogical research, correspondence, personal papers, journals, and photographs are the main components of the collection. Also included are sketches of various Tennessee towns and institutions. The genealogical research focuses on the Blevins, Boyd, Brakebill, Dyche, Hafley and Moser families. Of special note is the correspondence from Sweetwater area WWII servicemen to Mrs. Dyche.

Mf. 1618  -- National Society of Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America Collection. TSLA. 3 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
This is a collection of cemetery inscriptions, church records, vital records, marriage records, wills, information regarding Revolutionary soldiers, and family Bibles. Reel 1 contains information from New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. Reel 2 contains information from Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Colorado, Kentucky, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, and Wisconsin. Reel 3 contains information from Mississippi, New Jersey, and Louisiana.

Mf. 1619  -- John Horry Dent, Farm Journals and Account Books, 1840-1892. TSLA. 4 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
John Horry Dent (1815-1892) was born in Rhode Island and raised and educated in South Carolina. In 1837 he and his wife, the former Mary E. Morrison, moved to Barbour County, Alabama where her brother James Morrison resided. John H. Dent operated various plantations near Clayton and Eufaula. A great deal of the fortune he amassed was lost after the Civil War.

His journals and account books document the life of a southern plantation owner with many references to crops, animals, and slaves. They are a highly detailed, circumstantial, and altogether absorbing record of the activities of a successful Southern planter and financier in Alabama.

Mf. 1620  -- Burlington : A Memory, 1958. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
The original Burlington was a simple story and a half structure built by Joseph Elliston in the 1820’s on land he acquired from the Cockrill family. Joseph was a silversmith and clockmaker who owned a shop in Nashville near the Public Square. William Robert Ellison, son of Joseph, built the new Burlington using the plans of architect William H. Strickland. He incorporated the story and a half wings of the old house.

These documents chronicle the history of Burlington. Included are some personal sketches of family members. Photographs of the home and descriptions of the furnishings complete the collection.

Mf. 1621  -- California Census of 1852 [transcription, 1934]. TSLA. 3 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
This census was taken by the State of California in 1852 which was later transcribed and typed. It is arranged by county and contains the following information: name, age, sex, occupation, place of birth (state), and state of last residence.

Mf. 1622  -- List of the Court Records of the Virginia Counties on Microfilm in the Archives Division, Virginia State Library. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
This is a listing of the court records of Virginia counties on microfilm in the Archives Division, Virginia State Library. The records are arranged alphabetically by county. Books on the various counties found in their Reading Room are also included.

Mf. 1623  -- Federal Writers’ Project Slave Narratives. TSLA. 11 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
Under the auspices of the Works Progress Administration some 2,000 slave narratives have been collected and assembled from the seventeen states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. This collection had its beginning when the state Writers Projects of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina recorded interviews with ex-slaves residing in those states.

The original body of narratives which consisted of photographs of former slaves, interviews with white informants regarding slavery, transcripts of laws, advertisements and records of sales, transfer and manumission of slaves, and other documents were supplemented by additional interviews that reveal valuable historical and genealogical family information.

The information included will remain the most authentic and colorful source of our knowledge of the lives and thoughts of thousands of slaves, of their attitude toward one another, their masters, mistresses, overseers, poor whites, the Civil War, Emancipation, Reconstruction, religion, education, and virtually every phase of Negro life in the South. In the area of folk literature they are rich in folk songs, folk tales, folk humor, and poetry.

Mf. 1624  -- Family Genealogy of the Clan Moffat in America. TSLA. 6 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The oldest record of the name Moffat appears in 1066 when the Norman knight, William de Moffette, came with the invading force of William the Conqueror into England. Other early records place the families in Scotland and Ireland where they eventually spread throughout Europe.

This is a compilation of material on the Moffat family which includes a brief history, a discussion of its coats of arms, an etymology of the Moffat name, and Moffat settlements in various European countries. Most of the information contained in the six reels consists of genealogies of Moffat families in Europe and the U.S. presented in a typewritten format.

Mf. 1625  -- General Education Board: Early Southern Program (Tennessee). TSLA. 23 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This collection consists of folders of various colleges and educational institutions in Tennessee which relate to staff, teachers’ salaries, library repairs, equipment, books, buildings, programs of study, etc. Some of the colleges that are represented are Vanderbilt, George Peabody College, Meharry, Scarrit, Fisk, University of Chattanooga, and Union University. A table of contents is listed at the beginning of each roll.

Mf. 1626  -- Liberty Baptist Church (Bell Buckle, Tenn.) Minute Book, 1831-1870. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
Liberty Baptist Church is located in Bell Buckle, Bedford County, Tennessee. The old church, now in disrepair, was moved a short distance away to make room for the new building. Typewritten pages of the extant records are presented first with an index that begins on page 34. Following this, the original records that survive have been reproduced in their entirety.

Mf. 1627  -- Bradford Nichol Civil War Memoir, 1901. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
Major Nichol served in Co. A, 1 st Tenn. Light Artillery (Rutledge’s Battery), Confederate States of America, from 1861 to 1865. After the Battle of Shiloh, Nichol transferred to the Ordnance Corps. During the course of the war, he took part in over thirty battles, including Pittsburg Landing, Resaca, Kennesaw Mountain, Chickamauga, Atlanta, and Nashville. His Civil War memoir is a well-written, informative account in diary style from the author’s notes. A typed transcription of the memoir follows the original on the microfilm.

Mf. 1628  -- Boatyard Congregation, Old Kingsport Presbyterian Church (Kingsport, Tenn.) Records, 1820-1888. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The early records of the Old Kingsport Presbyterian Church include persons that were received as members, persons removed from the congregation, session minutes, and expense reports. A handwritten history of the church and an early history of Kingsport are also included in the collection.

Mf. 1629  -- Signal Mountain Community Guild Records, 1994-2000. TSLA. 1 reel. 16mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The records of the Signal Mountain Community Guild (Hamilton County) include minutes of general meetings, yearbook, and telephone directories for the period 1994-2000. Additional records may be found on Mf. 430, Mf. 765, Mf. 1100, and Mf. 1471.

Mf. 1630  -- Trinity Episcopal Church (Winchester, Franklin Co., Tenn.) Records-Addition, 1859-1969. TSLA. 1reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The Trinity Episcopal Church, Winchester, Tenn. Records-Addition consist of a minute book, a parish register, ledger book, record of service books, and a Bible class book. Other records may be found on Mf. 596.

Mf. 1631  -- Maggie Morton Burnette, Scrapbook, 1899-1997. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The Maggie Morton Burnette Scrapbook is a collection of newspaper clippings compiled by Mrs. Maggie Morton Burnette of Williston, (Fayette Co.) Tennessee, beginning about 1899 through 1913 with several as late as 1997.

Mf. 1632  -- Haynes Chapel United Methodist Church (Murfreesboro, Tenn.) Church Records, 1867-1978. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The Haynes Chapel United Methodist Church is located at 5935 Woodbury Road, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The records consist of a computer generated chronology of the church, three bound registers of members, and some loose photocopied documents.

Mf. 1633  -- Georgia Death Index, 1919-1996. Microfiche Only.
The Georgia Death Index is organized by year, then arranged alphabetically. Information included is name of deceased, county, date of death, and certificate number.

Mf. 1634  -- Kentucky Death Index, 1911-1986. Microfiche Only.
The Kentucky Death Index is arranged alphabetically by surname and includes name of deceased, county, date of death, and certificate number.

Mf. 1635  -- Florida Death Index, 1877-1969. Microfiche Only.
The Florida Death Index is organized by year, then arranged alphabetically. Information included is name of deceased, county, sex, color, volume, certificate number, and year of death.

Mf. 1636  -- William Henry Harrison Papers, 1800-1815. Indiana Historical Society. 10 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The collection consists primarily of letters and documents written by Harrison during the period 1794-1840. Included are his letters to the U.S. secretaries of war discussing Indian relations, treaty negotiations, and military affairs during the War of 1812; his War of 1812 letters to Governor Return Jonathan Meigs of Ohio and Governor Isaac Shelby of Kentucky (1812-1814); other correspondence regarding military operations against the Indians (1811) and during the War of 1812. correspondence regarding Northwest Territory and Indiana Territory Politics, including his letters to Thomas Worthington of Ohio (1790s-1810s); papers regarding the administration of the Indiana Territory, including appointments, petitions, and acts of the territorial legislature; receipts, provisions returns, and other military documents from Greenville and Fort Washington (1794-1797); correspondence regarding Ohio and national politics (1820s-1840); correspondence regarding family matters and his personal business interest including several letters written by his wife, Anna; and papers relating to Harrison's illness and death.

Mf. 1637  -- Tennessee River from Paducah, Ky. to Florence, Ala. Map in 14 Sheets, 1865. 1 reel. 35mm.
The maps of the Tennessee River from Paducah, KY to Florence, AL, ca. 1865, consist of a key map and fourteen out of sixteen sheets in the series, excluding the two sections furthest upriver near Florence, AL and the Muscle Shoals. They are extremely detailed navigational maps done by engineers of the United States Coast Survey. In addition to soundings and obstructions in the river itself, the plates show in great detail features on the shores, such as roads, ferries, batteries, cultivated fields, dwellings, etc. They provide a very specific rendering of the lower river at war’s end, showing such important Tennessee sites as Johnsonville, Forts Henry and Donelson, and Pittsburg Landing. The originals are housed in the Special Collections of the University of Memphis, McWherter Library, Memphis, TN.

Mf. 1638  -- United Daughters of the Confederacy, Addition. Tennessee Division Membership Applications, 1892-1954. 54 items. 1 reel. 16mm.
This addition to the United Daughters of the Confederacy is centered around the Nashville Chapter Number One, the Lewisburg Chapter and the Affiliated Chapters. It is composed of clipping, correspondence, membership lists, maps, memorials, printed material, sketches, tributes, minutes and writings. 
See also Mf. 583, Mf. 752, Mf. 959, Mf. 1021, Mf. 1276, Mf. 1326, Mf. 1369, Mf. 1411, Mf. 1479, Mf. 1532, Mf. 1582, Mf. 1687, Mf. 1705, Mf. 1755, Mf. 1849 and Mf. 1942 for additional UDC records.

Mf. 1639  -- David Craft, Journal and Account Book, 1825 – 1838. 1 volume. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
The journal of David Craft is a fifty-four page narrative of his 1825 journey by boat down the Ohio River and up the Tennessee River to Florence, Alabama. He kept a detailed account of passing steamboats, towns, streams, vegetation, birds, timber, and the lay of the land.

Mf. 1640  -- 1798 Federal District Tax List for Davidson County, Tennessee (13th Assessment District.) 1 volume. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
The Federal District Tax List for Davidson County, Tennessee identifies real estate and town lots, dwellings, outbuildings, farm structures, some architectural features and the valuations thereof in October 1798.

Mf. 1641  -- Overby Family Papers, 1915-1967. 800 items. THS. 6 reels. 35mm.
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The Overby Family Papers are composed of account books, correspondence, diaries, genealogical data, legal documents, photographs, and miscellaneous items. A major portion of the collection consists of correspondence within the Overby family, as well as among relatives and friends of Nella May Overby and Mrs. Oma Overby. Of particular interest are the letters of Ensign Lacy Overby to his mother and elder sister written while he was in the navy serving on the USS LST 718 in the western Pacific during World War II. Letters of Nella May Overby to her brother Lacy during the immediate post-war period describes civilian life in Nashville.

A diary compiled by a Josephine Pitcock for the years 1942-1943 annotates her life as a commercial education teacher at Litton High School in Nashville, and later as a staff member of the Business Education Department at Campbell College in North Carolina.

Mf. 1642  -- Grace Langdon, Diary, 1899. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Ms. Langdon worked as a bookkeeper at Mountain City Woolen Mills outside of McMinnville in 1899. In the early 1900’s she helped with improvements to the McMinnville City Cemetery, the Riverside Cemetery, and as a business person, she raised funds toward the improvements and the establishment of an iron fence to surround the cemeteries. She was an artist and genealogist. Ms. Langdon’s diary is a reflection of her public-minded endeavors.

Mf. 1643  -- Macon County (Tenn.) Account Books and Documents, 1884-1859. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
The materials consist of account books, ledgers, and loose documents. One-half of the materials document the business activities of W. King Carr, Undertakers and Embalmers (La Fayette and Hartsville), for the dates 1890-1946, but most of the materials are dated 1914-1926. The remainder of the materials consist of a Sunday School book for the La Fayette Baptist Church, ledger books for Foust & Bradley and Bradley & Brothers, and unidentified ledger books. These materials date 1884-1889, and 1917-1921.

Mf. 1644  -- Hall & Washburn Law Firm (Putnam County, Tenn.) Daybook, 1848-1859. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The Daybook of the Hall & Washburn law firm in Putnam County, Tenn., is a ledger of accounts for the firm from 1848-1859. Also included are lists of plaintiffs and defendants involved in various court cases.

Mf. 1645  -- David King Papers, 1901-1978. 15 cubic feet. TSLA. 18 reels. 35mm.
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The collection is composed of account books, accounts, certificates, clippings, contractor/architectural specifications, correspondence, court records, diaries, estate papers, farm records, financial documents, genealogical data, insurance papers, land records, legal documents, licenses, obituaries, photographs, school records, tax records, writings, and some miscellaneous documents.

A major portion of the collection consists of land records (abstracts of titles, plats, and surveys, etc.) of farm lands in Coffee County and lots and subdivisions in Manchester which Dave and Clarrine King were involved in purchasing and/or selling. Along with their ownership of several businesses in Manchester, they were by the 1960s considered as one of the wealthiest citizens in Coffee County. Their English Tudor style home in Manchester, which was built by Clarrine's father, A.M. May in 1923, was considered for many years as the showpiece of Manchester homes.

Mf. 1646  -- Arthur Crownover, Sr. Papers, 1880-1942. 11 cubic feet. TSLA. 15 reels. 35mm.
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This collection contains the papers of Arthur Crownover, Sr., lawyer and judge, born at Alto in Franklin County, Tennessee, in 1874. The papers contain numerous court records concerning lawsuits and lower court decisions which were appealed to the Court of Appeals, Middle Section of the State of Tennessee. Also contained within the collection is extensive correspondence between Judge Crownover and J. Ray Hickerson, a former law partner in Winchester, Tennessee. In addition, there is copious correspondence and reports concerning the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee.

The collection also comprises documents created by Judge Crownover's son, Arthur Crownover, Jr., in the form of court records while the latter was practicing law in Nashville, Tennessee in the 1930s and early 1940s. Other items within the collection include account books, estate papers, financial documents, land records, legal documents, photographs, programs, school records, speeches, and writings.

Mf. 1647  -- Sadie Warner Frazer Family Papers, Addition, 1941-1986. 650 items. TSLA. 5 reels. 35mm.
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The Sadie Warner Frazer Family Addition papers are composed of correspondence, estate papers, genealogical data, legal documents, photographs, a speech, and several miscellaneous documents.

A major portion of the collection consists of correspondence between the Frazer family members. In addition, there are numerous letters written to G. Preston Frazer by former students during and after he was a member of the Architectural Department, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg, Virginia. Aside from these types of letters is a unique letter written in November 1945 by a former concentration camp survivor.

The Sadie Warner Frazer Family Papers provide insight into a prominent Nashville family which was connected to the Percy Warner family of Nashville, and the Joseph Washington family of Cedar Hill, Tennessee. See also Mf. 1190.

Mf. 1648  -- Cary Ella Cox, Journal, ca. 1886. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
Cary Ella Langford Cox Brooks was born in 1864 in Springville, Ala. In 1886 while she was living in Nashville, Tenn., she purchased a journal book and began recording her poems and stories. Through her passionate, and sometimes emotional, writing we learn of her life and of the times she lived in. There is an informative biographical sketch on Cary Brooks that precedes the journal entries.

Mf. 1649  -- Records of the Sultana Disaster, April 27, 1865. NA. 3 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
These are reproduced records relating to the explosion of the Steamer Sultana early on the morning of April 17, 1865. Approximately 1,700 people, soldiers and civilians, died in the explosion. The majority of the victims were former Union prisoners from Cahaba, Alabama, and Andersonville, Georgia, prisons. The Sultana was contracted to take the men from Vicksburg, Mississippi up the Mississippi River to Camp Chase, Ohio. She was sailing with a repaired boiler and carried 2200 passengers on a ship built for 376.

Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton ordered an investigation into the disaster. Many of the files from the Washburn Commission are incorporated into this report. This publication contains several lists that give the name and unit of soldiers who survived or died. Although this microfilm is the best available copy of the records, many of the letters and reports were written in pencil and are light. Other documents were used so much that the ink has faded, making them difficult to read.

Mf. 1650  -- Tollett’s Mills (Bledsoe County, Tenn.) Ledgers, 1839-1879. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
John Tollett, Sr. settled in the upper end of the Sequatchie Valley around 1800, migrating from the New and Clinch Rivers of Virginia where he had also built mills after his Revolutionary War service. This enterprise grew to include a dam, grist and sawmills, a blacksmith shop, and general store.

These two ledgers itemize purchases and services reflective of life during the period 1839 and 1880. They contain a wealth of historical and genealogical information through the listing of Tollett employees and those doing business with the shops and mills.

Mf. 1651  -- Charles Thomas Leonard Papers, Addition, 1858 –1992. 630 items. TSLA. 2 reels. 16mm.
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The Charles Thomas Leonard Papers – Addition, is composed of associations, institutions, etc., clippings, genealogical data, slides, Sparta and White County, Tennessee items, writings, and several miscellaneous items.

Data on various early White County families make up the main body of the collection. Among the families that Leonard compiled research on are the Cope, Leonard, Little, McClean, Mitchell, Officer, Parker, Sims, Townsand, Twitty, Whiteman, and related families.

Additionally, t here are over 160 photographic slides in the collection featuring photos of old houses and business establishments in Sparta and White County. Also included are several slides of the city cemetery in Sparta as well as the old Nashville City Cemetery.

Mf. 1652  -- William Alonzo Wainwright, United States Assistant Quartermaster Records (Union), 1861-1870. 20,000 documents, 44 bound volumes. TSLA. 50 reels. 35mm.
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During the Civil War, t he Quartermaster’s Department was in charge of purchase, storage, and disbursement of food, clothing, horses, and other supplies, payment for services by non-army personnel, travel permits for both military personnel and civilians, and all of the accounting that accompanied those activities. During Wainwright’s tenure, the Nashville and Knoxville Depots were primarily responsible for supplying the troops in the field with virtually all of their requirements except for munitions, a vast and arduous responsibility particularly during Major General William T. Sherman’s campaigns in the Western theatre. Following the end of hostilities, Wainwright handled the inventory and auction sale of surplus government property, the investigation and reimbursement of civilians with claims against the Federal government, and the task of locating, identifying, and re-interring of the Union dead, as well as a variety of other duties.

It should be noted that although this collection is extensive, it is not complete. Some records, including receipts and returns from October to December of 1862, May of 1865, and March through May of 1869, can be located at the Indiana Historical Society in Indianapolis.

Mf. 1653  -- Tennessee Central Railway Company Records, 1884-1968. 2,700 items and 46 volumes. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
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The Tennessee Central Railway Company Records, 1884-1968, are a partial record of the east-west railroad that crossed Tennessee from Clarksville to Harriman-Emory Gap, with an addition to Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in the west. The collection consists of bills, claims, clippings, correspondence, court records, estimates, exhibits, financial documents, inventories, land records, legal documents, lists, maps, passes, printed materials, reports, schedules and studies. The majority of the collection is contracts, ranging from the leasing of small tracts for fishing camps and gardens on railroad-owned land to multi-million dollar purchases of equipment.

Also of interest is the information pertaining to the sale of the Tennessee Central beltline around southwestern Nashville for the Interstate 440 highway and details of loans from the Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

An almost complete set of annual reports to the Interstate Commerce Commission from 1905 to 1968 provides interesting information as to types and amount of freight hauled, equipment, and finances.

Mf. 1654  -- Lawrence County (Tenn.) Store & Miscellaneous Account Books, 1855-1939 TSLA. 4 reels. 35mm.
This is a collection of store and miscellaneous account books from Lawrence County, Tennessee for the period 1855-1939.

Mf. 1655  -- Cletus Stone, Herschel Karl Stone, Mae Blalock Banghart vs. State of Tennessee, 1936. Supreme Court, Eastern Division of State of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. 1 volume, approximately 600 pages. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
This court case, tried in the Knox County Criminal Court, concerns the kidnapping of Rufus Costner and his wife Lois Costner, on October 25, 1935, by defendants Cletus Stone, Herschel Karl Stone, and Mae Blalock Banghart. The case was tried in 1936 and the defendants were found guilty.

Mf. 1656  -- George Washington Dillon Diaries and Papers, 1854-1871. 10 volumes and 29 items. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
George Washington Dillon carefully chronicled the movement of the 18th Tennessee Regiment as he recorded his own personal experiences as a soldier in the ranks during the Civil War. The documents reveal much of the man himself as well as the fortunes of his regiment. The diary presents realistic descriptions of the battles of Fort Donelson, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge and other skirmishes. Evidence of his Christian faith is displayed by his poignant reflections on the deaths of his comrades and life in a prison camp. Also included in the collection is genealogical information on his family.

Mf. 1657  -- Joseph Cordell Carr, Sr. (1907-1981) Papers, 1900-1980. 61 cubic feet, ~60 photographs. THS.
[View Manuscript Finding Aid]
Joseph Cordell Carr served the people of Tennessee as Secretary of State and in other capacities during his distinguished career. His papers, 1900-1980, reflect his professional and political activities as Secretary of State (1941-44; 1945-49; 1957-1977); president of the Young Democratic Clubs of America (1941-44; 1945-47); a leading member of the Tennessee Democratic Party; the Illustrious Potentate of the Al Menah Shrine Temple of Nashville (1955); and local charitable organizer.

Mf. 1658  -- Rock Springs Community Club Scrapbooks, Addition, 1957-1964. TSLA. 2 reels. 35 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This addition to the collection includes the Rock Springs Community Club scrapbook, ca. 1952-1962, the 100th Anniversary, Rock Springs Methodist Church, Kingsport, Tennessee, 1861-1961, and the Rock Springs Community Club scrapbook, 1960.

Mf. 1659  -- Compiled Military Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served with the U.S. Colored Troops: Artillery Organizations. NA. 296 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
During the Civil War President Lincoln did not authorize use of African-Americans in combat until issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863. On the first reel is a brief description of each unit which includes where the regiment was organized, dates, places of service, and muster out date if known. There is an alphabetical listing of soldiers for each unit.

Compiled service records consist of a jacket-envelope for each soldier, labeled with his name, rank, unit, and card numbers. Information from muster rolls, regimental returns, descriptive books, and other records was copied verbatim onto cards. A separate card was prepared each time an individual name appeared on a document. These cards were numbered on the back, and these numbers were entered onto the outside jacket containing the cards.

A typical jacket contains card abstracts of entries found in original records relating to the soldier and original documents relating solely to that soldier. Examples of the latter include enlistment papers, substitute certificates, casualty sheets, death reports, prisoner-of-war memorandums, and correspondence. Unique to the records of the USCT are deeds of manumission, oaths of allegiance, proof of ownership, certificates of monetary award, and bills of sale.

Mf. 1660  -- Rutledge Smith and Graeme McGregor Papers, 1840-1962. 6 cubic feet. THS. 7 reels. 35mm.
[View Manuscript Finding Aid]
This collection contains the papers of Rutledge Smith, railroad official, aviation pioneer, newspaper publisher, and government official, and his wife Graeme McGregor Smith, educator, genealogist, historian, journalist, author, and an officer in various patriotic and literary organizations, both of Putnam and Davidson Counties, Tennessee.
The papers contain materials on such patriotic organizations as the American Legion Auxiliary, Daughters of the American Revolution, Tennessee Society of Daughters of 1812, and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. In addition to these organizations, there is an abundance of documents relating to the League of Southern Writers, Tennessee Federation of Women’s Clubs, and the Tennessee Woman’s Press and Author’s Club. The collection is composed of account books, associations, institutions, etc., cards, Civil War materials, clippings, correspondence, estate papers, genealogical data, legal documents, photographs, portrait of Rachel Jackson, programs, publications, school records, speeches/addresses, World War I materials, Wright brothers, writings, and several miscellaneous items.

A large portion of the collection contains copies of Graeme McGregor Smith’s personal correspondence with family members. Besides Mrs. Smith’s family correspondence, there are letters of various prominent correspondents including William Jennings, Cordell Hull, Woodrow Wilson, and Alvin York. In addition, there is an interesting letter of Eudora Anderson McGregor (the mother of Graeme Smith) to Gen. L. H. Roussea, written in 1864 refuting a charge that she had given aid and comfort to the Confederate military. Finally, there are a series of letters written by Albert Smith to his parents describing his experiences while serving with the American Expeditionary Force (A.E.F.) in France during World War I.

Mf. 1661  -- A.R. Chilton, Daybook, 1830-1831. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
The A. R. Chilton Daybook, Rhea County, Tennessee, consists of store accounts for the period 1830-1831.

Mf. 1662  -- Algernon Robert Brown, Civil War Diary, 1864. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
Algernon Robert Brown served as a lieutenant in Co. F, 34th Mississippi Inf., Army of Tenn., Confederate States of America, beginning in 1861. His handwritten diary for 1864 includes comments on the weather, references to events such as field court martial proceedings, and commentaries on the Battles of Atlanta, Franklin, and Nashville. A photograph of the soldier is included in the collection.

Mf. 1663  -- Roysdon Roberson Etter, Civil War Diary, 1861-1864. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This microfilm documents the handwritten Civil War diary of Roysdon Roberson Etter from 1863-1864 with a typed transcription of an earlier portion of the diary in 1861. Etter joined the 16th Tenn. Inf. Regiment, Confederate States of America, in 1861 and was wounded at the Battle of Perryville, KY, in 1862. He served as a private until after the Battle of Franklin in 1864. Etter’s siblings, John and Will, also fought for the Confederacy. Another brother, Stokley, fought for the Union.

The diary consists of a fairly detailed, descriptive account of daily events in the life of an Army of Tennessee infantryman. There are good descriptions of Etter’s experiences in battles at Corinth, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Franklin, and Nashville.

Mf. 1664  -- Curtis Brabson Haley Papers, 1888-1951. 1100 items. TSLA. 16 reels. 35mm.
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This collection consists of the papers of Curtis Brabson Haley, book editor for the Methodist Publishing House in Nashville, Tennessee. The papers contain correspondence between Haley and other family members as well as business letters relating to his work as book editor and treasurer of the Methodist Benevolent Association. It also includes account books, announcements, associations, institutions, etc., certificates, clippings, correspondence, diaries, memoirs, etc., estate papers, financial records, genealogical data for the Haley and McBryde families, land records, legal documents, McKendree Methodist Church records, obituaries, pictorial post cards, programs, school records, tours, and several miscellaneous items.

Mf. 1665  -- Pelham (Tenn.) Farmers’ Alliance Minute Book & Loose Documents, 1887-1891. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
These records consist of the secretary’s minute book, 1887-1889, and loose documents which include an agreement to build a meeting house in 1888, membership applications, receipts, and membership dues lists.

Mf. 1666  -- Harry Klein Papers, 1943-1949. ~ 575 items. TSLA. 4 reels. 35 mm.
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The Harry Klein Papers contain numerous correspondence involving Mr. Klein and the operation of the Klein’s Department Store in Nashville and Barton’s Ladies Apparel stores in Nashville and Jackson, Tennessee during the early years following the end of World War II. Also contained in the collection are account books and accounts relating to the Klein stores, and the Woodmont Country Club in Nashville.

Another valuable portion of the Klein Papers are the documents relating to the World War II Loan Drives. Harry Klein was general chairman of the Sixth War Loan Drive in Davidson County. The collection contains newspapers, plans, correspondence and reports of the committee chairman which helped make this drive a huge success.

Mf. 1667  -- Muster Rolls and Related Documents of the 39th U.S. Infantry. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
This microfilm documents the muster and pay rolls of the 39th U.S. Infantry in the War of 1812. This organization played a key role in the victory at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend on March 27, 1814, and most of the men were Tennesseans.

Mf. 1668  -- Church of God (Cleveland, Tenn.) Court Records, 1891-1953. TSLA. 12 reels. 35 mm.
This collection represents the holdings of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, the Hal Bernard Dixon Jr. Pentecostal Research Center at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee and the History Branch and Archives of the Cleveland Public Library and Cleveland, Tennessee.

These documents are from Bradley County Chancery Court, Case File # 1174, M.L. Beard vs. A.J. Tomlinson, et al, Bradley County Chancery Court, Case File # 1891, The Church of God vs The Tomlinson Church of God or The Church of God of Prophecy, and Bradley County Chancery Court, Case File # 3445, The Church of God vs The Tomlinson Church of God. They document the litigation history of the Christian Union Church, the Holiness Church at Camp Creek, the Church of God and to the final name, the Church of God of Prophesy.

Mf. 1669  -- Susan Hirschman Papers, 1970-1991. 1.5 cubic feet. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
[View Manuscript Finding Aid]
The Susan Hirschman Papers consist almost entirely of personal letters from the noted children’s writer Mary Q. Steele to her close friend and editor at Greenwillow Books, Susan Hirschman.

Mf. 1670  -- Mary Yetta Seahorn Gregory Papers, 1972-1992. 7 cubic feet. TSLA. 11 reels. 35mm.
This collection is composed of cemetery/church records, correspondence, estate papers, genealogical data, land records, photographs, writings, and several miscellaneous items. A major portion of the collection consists of genealogical data centered on the ancestral lines of Mary Yetta Seahorn Gregory and her husband, Donald Franklin Gregory. Mrs. Gregory’s family lines are researched through both her parental Seahorn/Seehorn/Sehon/Seahorne names and her maternal family name of Steger. Related or collateral paternal lines include Ponder, Hays, Routh, Hill, Wilson, Inman, Love, Council, Woodley, and Sheddan. Maternal related or collateral family names include Fraser, Polk, Carneal, Sargent, McLaurine, Mann, Elam, and Gossett. Donald Franklin Gregory’s family line is followed and includes related families as Becker, Jackson, McGraw, Mason, and Harvey.

The research compiled by Mary Yetta Seahorn Gregory and her associates was later published in book form by Lyle E. Seahorn in 1996 under the title, Nicholas Seehorn: Some of His Descendants and Their Relatives.

Mf. 1671  -- Thomson-Bridgwater Family Papers, 1844-2002. 3 cubic feet. TSLA. 4 reels. 35mm.
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The Thomson-Bridgwater Family Papers includes items originally belonging to Matthew Neill Thomson (1824-1891), William Parrish Thomson (1862-1940) and Emma Bridgwater (1859-1949), Richard Allen Bridgwater (1821-1875), and various other family members who resided in Middle Tennessee during the mid to late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. Several members of the family worked as farmers, including R. A. Bridgwater, who bred mules, but significantly, many were unusually well educated in music, the arts, literature, and other intellectual pastimes. Items in the collection include photographs of family members, including an intact family photo album, a family Bible, a scrapbook, autograph books, sheet music, letters, accounts and receipts, legal and estate papers, school records, and more.

Mf. 1672  -- Fred Estes Veterans Papers, 1898-1969. 2 cubic feet. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
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As the state and local historian of the American Legion, Fred Estes collected a variety of items that relate to Tennessee veterans; most covers World War I veterans and the local and state activities of the American Legion. The papers include American Legion newsletters, pamphlets, programs, reunion photographs, and newspapers. There are also newspaper clippings concerning sundry veterans’ affairs, and a draft manuscript copy of “Iodine and Gasoline,” a book authored by numerous veterans documenting the history of the 42 nd Infantry Division in World War I. Newsletters, rosters, applications, and other documents from the Veterans of World War I organization are also included in the Estes papers. The collection’s strengths are its coverage of the 114th Field Artillery in particular.

Mf. 1673  -- Rugby Papers, Addition 2, 1830-1956. 8 cubic feet. TSLA. 8 reels. 35mm.
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Many of the items in this collection date from the years in which Robert Walton managed the Board of Aid (circa 1883-1907) and the period that followed in which his son, William, oversaw the business until his death in 1958. The majority of the Rugby Papers, Addition 2 pertain to the Rugby, Tennessee, Board of Aid and related Rugby land management matters. The papers concerning the Board of Aid and Rugby land matters include deeds, surveys, contracts, chains of title, leases, survey books, maps, financial records, and court cases stemming from land disputes. Financial records, such as accounts paid, payroll, balance sheets, ledger balances, and tax receipts also exist (in fragments) for the Board of Aid and other Rugby businesses, such as the Tabard Inn and the Rugby Canning Company.

Mf. 1674  -- Tennessee U.S.O. Victory Club (Honolulu, Hawaii) Visitor’s Registration. 1945-1946. 1 volume. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm
This volume is a visitor’s register for the U.S.O. Club at Honolulu and contains entries made by Tennesseans who served or passed through Hawaii during the ending of the Second World War in the Pacific Theater.

Mf. 1675  -- George Hale, Boatyard Store Ledger, 1819-1820. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
This reel consists of the Boatyard store ledger which was kept by George Hale from 1819-1820.

Mf. 1676  -- Walter M. Morgan Papers, ca. 1935-1958. 3.5 cubic feet. TSLA. 6 reels. 35mm.
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The papers of Dr. Walter McNairy Morgan, Sr., dentist, of Nashville, Tennessee, contains numerous correspondence concerning the philosophy, history, and practice of dentistry in Tennessee, with special emphasis on the controversy between the Memphis Dental Society and the University of Tennessee Dental college over the services rendered by the College Clinic.

Mf. 1677  -- McGavock-Hayes Family Papers, Addition, 1796-2000. 5 cubic feet. TSLA. 11 reels. 35mm.
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The McGavock-Hayes Family Papers, Addition contains a wide variety of items, including correspondence, journals, accounts, receipts, tax records, newspaper clippings, livestock records, memorabilia, legal documents, school records, and other items that shed light on the everyday experiences of a wealthy planter family from Middle Tennessee in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Most of the materials in the collection come from McGavock-Hayes family members who at some point in their lives resided at the Midway estate in Williamson County, Tennessee. This includes two generations of the family in particular: Lysander and Elizabeth McGavock’s family, who rebuilt Midway after a fire in the 1840s, and Lysander and Hortense Hayes’ family, who moved to Midway in the 1890s, but never actually owned the residence.

Letters of Sarah McGavock Pointer include one from a slave. Also included in this collection are numerous bills of sale for slaves, and other slave records.

Mf. 1678  -- Marriage And Daybook Macon County, Tennessee, 1854-1880. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
The Marriage and Daybook, 1854-1880, was originally owned by Esquire Sampson St. John Davis and was donated to the Macon County Archives, July 12, 2002, by Finley Bradley in memory of his mother Marie Davis Bradley, great granddaughter of the above. The original daybook is at the Macon County Archives, Tennessee.

Mf. 1679  -- W.F. Chamberlain, General Store Records (Macon County, Tenn.), 1885-1901. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
William Franklin Chamberlain owned the store located on Old Highway 52 from 1894 to ca. 1901 when it was destroyed by fire. There are three account books covering the period 1885-1901. Also included are four photographs, letterhead and a receipt for tobacco (Rice & Turner Warehouse, Louisville, Kentucky).

Mf. 1680  -- Tandy Aaron Linville, Account Books (Macon County, Tenn.), 1938-1962. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
Tandy Aaron Linville owned and operated a service station in Hillsdale, Macon County, Tennessee. This collection consists of seven account books for the period 1938-1962.

Mf. 1681  -- Harold G. Blankenship, Collection, 1890-1950. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
Records included in this collection are those of Moses Allen, M.D. and John L. Thurman, D.D.S.; several books relating to the Annual Fair of Macon County, Tenn.; an H.H. Blankenship account book, and Magistrates Docket Books 1925-1948.

Mf. 1682  -- Ralph Lyles Winters, Addition, 1874-1974. 5 cubic feet. TSLA. 2 reels. 16 mm.
This collection is composed of an account book, church records, clippings, correspondence, genealogical data, a ledger, night rider accounts, photographs, speeches, writings, and several miscellaneous items. Materials in the collection are concentrated on earlier settlers, institutions, and events in the Adams and Port Royal communities of Middle Tennessee.

Of particular interest are the documents relating to the activities of the so-called “night riders” during the strife among the dark tobacco growers in Montgomery and Robertson Counties in the early decades of the twentieth century.

Mf. 1683  -- New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church (Goodlettsville, Tenn.) Minutes, 1827-1996. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
This accession consists of three volumes of church minutes for the New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church of Goodlettsville. Volume one and two are handwritten accounts, while volume three is typewritten. Also included on the film are two published church histories.

Mf. 1684  -- Jack Knox Papers, 1932-1978. THS. 2 reels. 35mm.
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This collection represents the work of the noted conservative political cartoonist Jack Knox who drew for the Evening Tennessean, The (Memphis) Commercial Appeal and the Nashville Banner newspapers. It consists of 544 original cartoon, photocopies of his correspondence and papers that include some photographs.

Mf. 1685  -- Dr. Marlin Luther Kirby and Dr. Alvis Young Kirby, Account and Record Books, 1888-1943. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
Dr. Marlin Luther Kirby was the son of Jesse Kirby and Elizabeth Young and was licensed to practice medicine on April 4, 1889. Dr. Alvis Young Kirby was the Dr. Marlin Luther Kirby and Martha Wakefield and was licensed to practice medicine on April 3, 1905. Contents of the film include account books of both Dr. Marlin Luther Kirby and Dr. Alvis Young Kirby, a record of examinations and a statement book.

Mf. 1686  -- Fairfield Four Collection, 1942-2000. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm.
The Fairfield Four are Nashville ’s most important community-based traditional black gospel group. This material came from Doug Seroff’s personal collection. It contains a lengthy index of the Fairfield Four’s active repertoire of songs, many with notations regarding composers. It also contains the minutes of meetings of the Fairfield Four in 1943 and 1944, and notes regarding financials. Included are transcribed song lyrics and “readings” which were a popular part of early black community music programs. There are original texts by John Battle, an original member, including one titled, “ Dedicated to the Fairfield Four—Remembrance.” There is a two-page history of the quartet written by Essie Battle, ca. 1955, and a three-page handwritten history that was prepared by John Battle. Also included in this collection are old photographs, programs, and placards gathered from other gospel groups, who were contemporaries of the Fairfield Four.

Mf. 1687  -- United Daughters Of The Confederacy, Giles County Chapter Records, 1898-1959. TSLA. 1 reel. 35 mm.
This collection records the minute book, October 1898-October 1923, membership applications: United Daughters of the Confederacy and Association of Confederate Soldiers, Tennessee Division, correspondence and other documents, 1925-1959, as well as the Record of Recipients of the Southern Cross of Honor.
See also Mf. 583, Mf. 752, Mf. 959, Mf. 1021, Mf. 1276, Mf. 1326, Mf. 1369, Mf. 1411, Mf. 1479, Mf. 1532, Mf. 1582, Mf. 1638, Mf. 1687, Mf. 1705, Mf. 1755, Mf. 1849 and Mf. 1942 for additional UDC records.

Mf. 1688  -- United States Sanitary Commission Records, 1861-1866. NA. 28 rolls. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The United States Sanitary Commission, 1861-1865, was a voluntary organization formed to provide medical and physical relief to Union soldiers and officers during the United States Civil War. Its objective was to raise the level of medical care among the Union officers and troops. The Medical Committee appears to have been created to collect and organize all the permanent papers relating to physicians’ observations and treatment of Union soldiers and officers during the war. The Medical Committee Archives became the permanent archive of physicians’ reports and letters.

The bulk of the Archives are medical reports and letters on war-related illnesses and injuries. Many reports also include methods of prevention and treatment against illnesses and diseases. Other subjects such as Confederates, ambulances, and tents are occasionally touched on. The Archives is also a valuable source for physicians’ reports and letters concerning African-American troops. A remarkable picture of nineteenth century medicine as practiced by physicians and surgeons emerges from these archives.

The finding aids consist of a Guide and two indexes (Subjects and Names). Most of the documents are numbered and a register is available.

Mf. 1689  -- African-American Baptist Annual Reports, 1865-1990s-Tennessee. TSLA. 3 reels. 35mm.
The items filmed for this series are annual reports of African-American Baptist associations, congresses, and conventions. Some booklets contained herein are combined annual reports of several organizations.

Mf. 1690  -- Jesse C. Burt Papers, 1920-1981. 4.5 cubic feet. TSLA. 4 reels. 35mm.
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The papers of Jesse C. Burt, historian, author, and freelance writer, consist mainly of articles written for sectarian and secular periodicals. Also contained within the collection are memorabilia (photographs, clippings, school records, certificates, book reviews, obituaries, etc.) encompassing Dr. Burt’s education and career as well as a scrapbook of memorabilia of Dr. Burt’s mother, Mrs. Agnes Seals Burt, who was a co-owner of The Knit Center in Nashville.

Mf. 1691  -- First United Methodist Church (Winchester, Tenn.) Records, 1882-1965. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
The records of the First United Methodist Church of Winchester, Tennessee, consist of minutes and supplements of the Quarterly Conferences. Additional information includes church registers, list of pastors, marriages, and infant baptisms for various years.

Mf. 1692  -- Harmony Cumberland Presbyterian Church (Winchester, Tenn.) Records, 1881-2002. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
The records of the Harmony Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Winchester, Tennessee, consist of minute books, membership lists, register of elders, session records and infant baptisms.

Mf. 1693  -- Farmers Union Telephone Company Directors and Stockholders Book, 1912-1915. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
This microfilm consists of the Directors and Stockholders Book, 1912-1915, of the Farmers Union Telephone Company. Correspondents include John Bell, William Blount, Willie Blount, Henry Clay, John Coffee, John Dickinson, John H. Eaton, Felix Grundy, Sam Houston, John Peyton, James Robertson, John Sevier, Hugh L. White, and other prominent men of the period. See also Mf. 748, Mf. 803, and Mf. 812 for other collections of John Overton Papers.

Mf. 1694  -- Denton Family Papers, 1855-1988. 2 cubic feet. TSLA. 2 reels. 35mm.
[View Manuscript Finding Aid]
The Denton Family Papers are primarily comprised of items belonging to John Savage Denton (1865-1939) and his family, although a good part of the collection is genealogical research findings concerning the Denton family. Apart from the genealogical papers, some of the items include legal and business papers, correspondence, newspaper clippings, funeral and wedding notices, business accounts, and a notebook containing songs, poems, music programs, and other items of special importance to the family.

Mf. 1695  -- Registers of Signatures of Depositors in Branches of the Freedman’s Savings & Trust Company, 1865-1874. NA. 27 rolls. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
The Freedman’s Savings & Trust Company was a banking institution established for the benefit of former slaves as well as soldiers who fought with the U.S. Colored Troops. These men received a salary, bounty (bonus), and a pension. These records contain signatures of and personal identification data about depositors in 29 branch offices, 1865-1874.

The information contained in many of the registers is as follows: account number, name of depositor, date of entry, place born, place brought up, residence, age, complexion, name of employer or occupation, wife or husband, children, father, mother, other family members, remarks, and signature. The early books sometimes also contain the name of the former master or mistress and the name of the plantation.

The registers are arranged alphabetically by name of state. The entries are arranged alphabetically by name of city where the bank was located, then chronologically by date when the account was established, and then numerically by account number.

Mf. 1696  -- Senator Harlan Mathews Papers, 1993-1994. TSLA. 166 cubic feet. 101 reels. 35mm.
[View Manuscript Finding Aid]
Harlan Mathews (born 1927) served as the United States Senator from Tennessee during the years 1993 through 1994. Appointed by Governor Ned McWherter, Mathews completed the term of Al Gore, who was elected Vice President of the United States. The Harlan Mathews Papers, spanning the years 1992-1994, represent an official record of his tenure in office. The collection has been arranged into seven series: Correspondence, Invitations, Legislative Office files, Office files, Press Office, Recommendations and Audio/Video materials.

Constituent correspondence comprises almost half of the collection. This correspondence is a barometer gauging the issues predominant during President Bill Clinton’s first administration.

The Harlan Mathews Papers are a major addition to the holding of the Tennessee State Library and Archives. The papers represent the culmination of the lifework of a man who spent many years in state and national politics, and are a rich legacy for the student of national and state politics in the late 20th century.

Mf. 1697  -- Indexes to Deposit Ledgers in Branches of the Freedman’s Savings & Trust Company, 1865-1874. NA. 5 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
These are indexes to deposit ledgers that list the names of depositors in 26 branch offices of the Freedman’s Savings & Trust Company, 1865-1874. The indexes include the depositors’ names and account numbers. They are arranged alphabetically by name of state and then by name of city where the branch was located.

Mf. 1698  -- Journal of the Board of Trustees and Minutes of Committees and Inspectors of the Freedman’s Savings & Trust Company, 1865-74. NA. 2 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
These records consist of the minutes of the Agency, Finance, and Building Committees, and Inspector’s minutes of the Freedman’s Savings & Trust Company, 1865-74. The journal and minutes are arranged chronologically by the date of the meetings.

Mf. 1699  -- Records of the Assistant Commissioner for the State of Tennessee, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, & Abandoned Lands, 1865-69. NA. 34 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
These records consist of letters, endorsements, and telegrams sent; special orders and circulars issued; registers of letters received; and registers of abandoned property for the State of Tennessee, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, & Abandoned Lands, 1865-69. Other records include issuances of supplies; bounty claims; personnel records; outrages, riots and murders.


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