Guide to Manuscript Materials : MF. 1700 - MF. 1799

Mf. 1700  -- American Association of University Women (A. A. U. W.), Tennessee Division Records, 1946-1993. 225 items. TSLA. 4 reels. 35mm.
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The collection is comprised of the constitution and bylaws, correspondence, financial documents, lists of membership, minutes of executive meetings, publications, scrapbooks, and several miscellaneous items.

Mf. 1701  -- Jay Guy Cisco Collection, 1785-1953. TSLA. 2 reels. 35mm.
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The Cisco Collection contains letters, articles, two scrapbooks, a map of Tennessee, autographs of notable Tennessee men, prints and photographs. Cisco served in the 6th Louisiana Infantry during the Civil War. Included is an 1863 letter from Mrs. James K. Polk expressing concerns about her cotton.

In 1875 he moved to Jackson, Tennessee. During his lifetime he had numerous occupations including book seller, author, amateur archaeologist, railroad agent, and U.S. consul to Mexico. The scrapbook, Counties and County Seats of Tennessee comprises the core of the collection and includes histories of all Tennessee counties as well as the people who are responsible for their creation and success.

Mf. 1702  -- Cooper Family Papers, Addition, 1870-1975. 2.5 cubic feet. TSLA. 3 reels. 35mm.
This addition to the Cooper Family Papers contains correspondence, financial records, legal records, maps, photographs, postcards, printed materials and several miscellaneous items. A large number of the letters are addressed primarily to Duncan Brown Cooper and Matthew Delamere Cooper II. The papers represent an addition and should be used in conjunction with the Cooper Family Papers (Mf. 810) and the Duncan Brown Cooper Papers (Mf. 830).

Mf. 1703  -- Gower Family Papers, 1812-1990. .5 cubic feet. THS. 1 reel. 35 mm.
This collection consists of the personal papers and research of Dr. Herschel Gower and his mother, Marie Hudson Gower’s efforts to trace their family’s history through data collection at state offices and through personal correspondence with other researchers. Additionally, relatives with the surnames of Hudson, Groll and Reed appear in this collection.

Mf. 1704  -- Tennessee College Association (T.C.A.) Records, 1920-1999. 6 cubic feet. TSLA. 4 reels. 16 mm.
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The collection is composed of correspondence, minutes, publications, reports, surveys, and several miscellaneous items.

Mf. 1705  -- United Daughters Of The Confederacy, Tennessee Division. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm.
This collection consists of applications for Membership Supplemental Applications and Transfer Applications, September 2000 – August 2002.
See also Mf. 583, Mf. 752, Mf. 959, Mf. 1021, Mf. 1276, Mf. 1326, Mf. 1369, Mf. 1411, Mf. 1479, Mf. 1532, Mf. 1582, Mf. 1638, Mf. 1687, Mf. 1755, Mf. 1849 and Mf. 1942 for additional UDC records.

Mf. 1706  -- David King Papers, Addition, 1961-1996. 4 cubic feet. TSLA. 2 reels. 16 mm.
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This is an addition to the papers of David (Dave) King, businessman and extensive landowner, of Manchester, Coffee County, Tennessee. These papers are largely concentrated around Mr. King in the period 1985-1990. Mr. King was adjudged incompetent by the court in 1985 and his business affairs were placed in the hands of a conservator until his death in 1990.

The collection largely consists of financial documents and tax records during the later years of Mr. King’s life. Included in this addition are court records relating to the attempt by the conservator to recover monies which Mr. King had loaned during the declining years of his life.

Mf. 1707  -- Memphis / National Funeral Home Records, 1935-1971. 43 reels, 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection
The records of the Memphis/National Funeral Home contain information related to over sixty thousand funeral services and interments held in Memphis and Shelby County between the years 1935 and 1971. Despite the large number of records, some were destroyed due to water damage prior to the library donation. The majority of the records date 1935-1969, but there are a few documents from 1970 and 1971.

The National Funeral Home began operations in December 1929 in Memphis. The company changed its name to Memphis Funeral Home in 1962. In 1970 Memphis Funeral Home was acquired by Service Corporation of America.

Mf. 1708  -- Records of the Memphis Sub-District of the Bureau of Refugees, Freedman, and Abandoned Lands, 1862-1872. National Archives. 41 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
This collection of records reflect the War Department’s focus on property disposition and assisting the freedmen. The agency was also concerned with aiding veterans of the United States Colored Troops collect pension and bounty payments.

Mf. 1709  -- Griffen Funeral Home Record Books, (Jackson, Tenn.) 1890-1960. TSLA. 7 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
This collection of record books date 1890 to 1911 and 1921 to 1960. There is an index to the books.

Mf. 1710  -- Louise Littleton Davis Papers, 1890-1994. 22 cubic feet. THS. 29 reels. 35mm.
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The papers of Louise Littleton Davis, of Nashville, Tennessee, span the years 1890-1994, although the papers are largely concentrated around Davis’ career as a journalist and historian in the 1960s through the 1980s. Davis’ career as a journalist began at the Nashville Tennessean in 1943 and continued until her retirement in 1984. The bulk of the collection is concerned with her writings for that newspaper and provide an important source for Nashville and Middle Tennessee history.

Mf. 1711  -- Clella Mae Carter, Scrapbooks, 1884-1962. ( Carroll County , Tenn. ) 1 reel. 16mm.
The Clella Mae Carter scrapbooks consist of twelve volumes covering the years 1884-1931. The scrapbooks are a mixture of handwritten and typewritten entries taken from Carroll County newspapers. Preceding the scrapbooks on the film is a two volume Index, A-J and J-Z. The scrapbook dates are as follows: Scrapbook, 1884-1891 (actual dates 12/12/1884-12/24/1891) 290 pp.; Scrapbook, 1892-1894 (actual dates 1/6/1893-1/4/1895) 179 pp.; Scrapbook, Vol. III, 1894-1901 (actual dates 1/4/1895-11/8/1901) 290 pp.; Scrapbook, Vol. IV, 1902-1904 (actual dates 2/7/1902-6/24/1904) 195 pp.; Scrapbook, Vol. V, 1905-1906 (actual dates 11/24/1905-1/4/1907) 157 pp.; Scrapbook, Vol. VI, 1907 (actual dates 1/4/1907-12/13/1907) 147 pp.; Scrapbook, Vol. VII, 1908-1909 (actual dates 1/3/1908-4/8/1910) 171 pp.; Scrapbook, Vol. VIII, 1910-1911(actual dates 4/8/1910-12/22/1911) 216 pp.; Scrapbook, Vol. IX, 1912-1919 (actual dates 4/5/1912-11/14/1919) 188 pp.; Scrapbook, Vol. X, 1920-1927 (actual dates 4/23/1920-1/18/1928) 167 pp.; Scrapbook, Vol. XI, 1928-1929 (actual dates 1/6/1928-1/17/1930) 149 pp.; Scrapbook, Vol. XII, 1930-1931 (actual dates 1/3/1930-1/25/1931) 271 pp.

Mf. 1712  -- James Washington Matthews, 1858-1869. 1 journal. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
This is a daily journal kept by farmer James W. Matthews who lived near Bigbyville in Maury County, Tennessee. His diary gives the daily weather and activities of the day. He recorded his efforts raising tobacco, cotton, wheat, rye, cattle, hogs, and sheep with the help of his sons and a few slaves before the war. He also declared himself for tax collector, surveyed, wrote deeds, was called on to bleed neighbors, and was very active in the local church. The journal lists friends names, community births, illnesses and deaths. During the Civil War he also describes Yankee soldiers coming to his farm for provisions.

Mf. 1713  -- Kellogg Family Photograph Collection, 1898-1922. .75 cubic feet. THS. 1 reel. 35mm.
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The Kellogg Family Photograph Collection is comprised entirely of family photographs in addition to photographs of Tennessee soldiers from the Second Tennessee Regiment, Company A, during the Spanish-American War.

Mf. 1714  -- Zion Cemetery Burial Register, Memphis, Tennessee, 1896-1974. Memphis/Shelby County Public Library and Information Center. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
Zion Cemetery is the oldest traditionally African American cemetery in Memphis. It is located on a 15 acre property located along the north side of South Parkway East between Dunnavant and Willett near Pillow Street. In February of 1990 Zion Cemetery was entered on the National Register of Historic Places, and on December 24, 1991, it was incorporated as Zion Christian Cemetery, Inc.

The index to the Register lists the names of over 22,000 people buried in the cemetery but exactly how many is not known. Two burial registers were kept. One covering the period between 1876 and 1895 was lost or destroyed. This register would have listed the thousands believed buried in Zion during these years – including 1878 Yellow Fever victims. The second register covers the period 1896 to 1974 and is the basis for this index.

Mf. 1715  -- Irl Ramon Barker Papers, 1898-1994. TSLA. 7 cubic feet. 1 reel. 35mm.
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These are the papers of Irl Ramon Barker, accountant and genealogist, born in Benton County, Tennessee. The papers contain considerable genealogical data on the Barker and Utley families, supplemented with many photographs and negatives. Also contained in the collection are materials relating to Irl Barker and his activities with the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis railway.

Mf. 1716  -- William Strickland Nashville Symphony Orchestra Papers, 1945-1970. 3 cubic feet. THS. 3 reels, 35mm.
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This collection of papers describe how Mr. Strickland was encouraged to apply, after World War II, for the position of conductor of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, his acclaimed successes in leading the Nashville musical group for five consecutive seasons, and his reason for departure after the 1950-1951 season. The collection is composed of correspondence, photographs, programs, recordings, scrapbooks, and several miscellaneous items.

Mf. 1717  -- Gruetli Swiss Colony Records, 1869-1936. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This collection of records document the Gruetli settlement, which was located in Grundy County, between Beersheba Springs and Monteagle. The colony was founded in the 1860s under the leadership of Capt. Eugene H. Plumacher, Commissioner of Emigration for the Swiss government. Included are church records, 1869-1904; Minutes of the Agricultural Society of Gruetli Swiss Colony, 1873-1917; Register of Money Orders issued at the post office, 1871-1898; Register of Advices received of money orders drawn upon the post office at Gruetli, 1871-1936; and, Register of Swiss International Money Orders issued at the post office in New York, NY, 1874-1875.

Mf. 1718  -- William Riley Thacker Ledger/Journal, ca. 1905-ca. 1919. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This ledger belonged to William Riley Thacker, a farmer in McNairy County, Tennessee. This ledger/journal contains entries regarding the farm and Thacker’s personal life.

Mf. 1719  -- Ambrose A. Bennett Family Papers, 1918-1996. TSLA. 9 linear feet. 4 reels. 35mm.
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The Ambrose Allen Bennett Family Papers span the period 1918-1996, although the bulk is concentrated between 1937 and 1957. The collection is composed of certificates, clippings, photographs, estate papers, land records, legal documents, obituaries, plaques, a scrapbook of memoirs, and several miscellaneous items.

A major portion of the collection consists of sermons and speeches which were given by Rev. Bennett, an African American, during his years in the ministry, the last twenty-five years which were spent at Westwood Baptist church in Nashville, Tennessee. These sermons and speeches have been alphabetically arranged by topic or subject.

There are many photographs in the collection. Most depict Rev. Bennett and his family in the early 1900’s but also include Nashville scenes and national points of interest. Among the photographs are several showing training exercises at various military bases during the Joint Orientation Conference in 1950 in which Rev. Bennett was a civilian participant.

In addition to the Bennett family, there is material on two prominent African American allied lines: William Henry Fort, Jr. (1911-1974), and William Jennings Hale, Jr. (1914-1989), both of which were descendants of families that were associated with higher education in Nashville. They were also husbands of Geraldine Bennett Fort-Hale, daughter of Rev. Ambrose Bennett, and a professor at Tennessee State University for twenty-eight years.

Mf. 1720  -- George Preston Frazer Papers, 1978-1992. TSLA. .5 cubic feet. 1 reel. 16mm.
George Preston Frazer, Associate Professor Emeritus of Art at Virginia Technical Institute was born in Davidson County, Tennessee, the son of George Augustine and Sadie Warner Frazer.

This collection is composed of biographical sketches, clippings, correspondence, photographs, and several miscellaneous items. The papers are divided into two parts: One part deals with a sculpture (“Behold” by Patrick Morelli) donated to the Virginia Military Institute and to the Tennessee State Museum. The second part of the collection consists of materials relating to Lord Hailsham, former Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, grandson of Tennessee Governor Neill Brown and cousin of Preston Frazer. Many of the items deal with the creation of a bronze bust and a portrait of Lord Hailsham.

Mf. 1721  -- Miles Neely Haithcock, Jr. vs. State of Tennessee, 1942, Court of Appeals, Middle Division of State of Tennessee. 1 reel. 35mm.
This court case, originating in the Bedford County Criminal Court, deals with the double murder of O.T. French and his wife Daisy on September 6, 1940. Convicted was Miles Neely Haithcock, the brother of Daisy French. This appeal deals specifically with the murder of O.T. French.

Mf. 1722  -- Christ United Methodist Church Records – Additions, 1990-2002. TSLA. 4 reels. 16mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
These records are an addition to the existing records of Christ United Methodist Church, Memphis, Tennessee, already on microfilm at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. See also Mf. 1186 and Mf. 1450.

Mf. 1723  -- John Haywood Papers, 1768-1796. THS. .42 linear feet. 1 reel. 35mm.
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The John Haywood Papers are the notes collected by John Haywood (1762-1826) that he used to write The Civil and Political History of the State of Tennessee, published in 1823. Not all of the testimony and narrative in these notes was used in Haywood’s published history; some of it was used in modified form. All of it, however, represents one of the earliest written compilations and eyewitness accounts of early Tennessee history, particularly of the settlement of Middle Tennessee. The accounts of key explorers and leaders such as Kaspar Mansker and Edward Swanson are invaluable in this regard.

John Haywood was a founder and first president of the Tennessee Antiquarian Society, the forerunner of the Tennessee Historical Society.

Mf. 1724  -- James Harrison Campbell Papers, 1924-1951. TSLA. 27 cubic feet. 60 reels. 35mm.
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The papers of James Harrison Campbell, attorney, of Franklin, Tennessee, are primarily office files and are largely concentrated in the 1930s and 1940s. In 1927 Campbell formed a law partnership with Edmond W. Eggleston in Franklin, Tennessee. From 1927 through 1950, the law firm handled many hundreds of cases of citizens in Williamson County and other surrounding counties. These legal records of court cases comprise the bulk of the collection. The law firm dealt with civil law, therefore there are few criminal cases. As a result, the legal records in the collection are concerned primarily with estate settlements, land disputes, divorces and personal injury cases.

The James Harrison Campbell Papers represent a complete collection of the records of a law firm in a small Southern town in the 1930s and 1940s. Although the researcher will inevitably consult the county records first, he should consult the case files in the collection to gain a fuller knowledge of the individual case. This supplemental information, sporadic as it may be, will be the greatest benefit of this collection.

Mf. 1725  -- Rev. Willard Harris Blue Papers, 1915-1960. TSLA. 4 cubic feet. 9 reels. 35mm.
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These are the papers of Reverend Willard Harris Blue, Methodist pastor, born at Bethpage, Tennessee. The papers contain numerous sermons delivered by Rev. Blue during the years 1927-1958 at various Methodist churches which he served in Middle Tennessee, particularly in Clarksville, Murfreesboro, and Nashville. Also contained within the collection are diaries of Rev. Blue between 1928 – 1948.

Rev. Blue also played an important role in the late 1950s in spearheading the drive to establish a facility in the Nashville area for retired Methodists. His dream for such a retirement home became a reality in the early 1960s in Hermitage with McKendree Village.

Valuable genealogical information may also be found on such families as Blake, Blue, Cummins, Draper, Gray, and Pate.

Mf. 1726  -- Ray Blanton Congressional Papers, 1967-1972. TSLA. 35 linear feet. 11 reels. 16mm.
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Leonard Raymond Blanton (1930-1996) served as U.S. Representative representing Tennessee ’s Seventh Congressional District from his election in 1967 until his defeat to Howard Baker in 1972. As a freshman legislator from a predominantly rural district, Blanton had little influence on national politics. Instead, Blanton concentrated his efforts on constituent service, returning often to his district, responding promptly to voter’s concerns, and working to draw federal money to finance projects in Tennessee. This collection mirrors the focus Blanton placed on the needs of his constituency during his six years as U.S. Representative.

Copies of Blanton’s speeches may be the most significant part of the collection. Blanton did a great deal of public speaking, primarily in his home district, and his speeches clearly articulated his stance on the issues that concerned his voters. Reflecting the conservative views of his constituents, Blanton was strongly opposed to forced busing, an extremely hot issue in the South, and criticized the anti-war movement emphatically. Many of the copies of speeches in this collection contain his notes and corrections, making them a valuable resource.

In addition to the types of documents listed above, the collection also includes photographs, an audio tape, a small amount of campaign materials, voting records, and lists of campaign contributors.

Mf. 1727  -- Tennessee State Dental Association Records, Addition, 1935-1980. TSLA. 5 reels. 16mm.
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The Tennessee State Dental Association was the first professional association of dentists in the state, and played a significant role in developing and enforcing professional standards of practice. The materials in this collection include both records of the association and of its publications.

Mf. 1728  -- Estill Springs Baptist Church Records, 1895-1932. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This microfilm contains a minute book and membership rolls from the Estill Springs Baptist Church, Franklin County, Tennessee. The church is part of the Duck River Association of Baptist Churches.

Mf. 1729  -- Herblin Family Papers, 1892-1961. 1 linear foot. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
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This collection is the family papers of Mehlope Herblin (1875-1945) and his wife Ida Belle Tallman Herblin (1879-1944) of Nashville, Tennessee and span the period 1892-1961, although the bulk is concentrated between 1924-1945. The collection is composed of clippings, correspondence, diaries, genealogical data, obituaries, photographs, programs, and several miscellaneous items. 
Genealogical data may be found on not only the Herblin and Tallman families, but also the Dunlap, Fauver, Jones and Lane lines.
This collection is the family papers of Mehlope Herblin (1875-1945) and his wife Ida Belle Tallman Herblin (1879-1944) of Nashville, Tennessee and span the period 1892-1961, although the bulk is concentrated between 1924-1945. The collection is composed of clippings, correspondence, diaries, genealogical data, obituaries, photographs, programs, and several miscellaneous items.

Mf. 1730  -- Puncheon Camp (Missionary) Baptist Church Minutes (Allen and Monroe Counties, Kentucky; Macon County, Tennessee), 1859-1894. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The materials in this collection include the minutes of the Puncheon Camp (Missionary) Baptist Church, 1859-1894, and several histories, photographs and a cemetery list.

Mf. 1731  -- Joyce Bradley McComb Collection, 1778-1991. 2 linear feet. TSLA. 5 reels. 35mm.
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The papers of Joyce Bradley McComb, genealogist, born in White County, Tennessee, span the years 1778-1991, although the bulk is concentrated between 1981-1988. The collection is composed of genealogical information compiled by Mrs. McComb on her ancestral family lines.

The collection contains genealogical information on the Beam, Bohannon, Bradley, Broyles, England, Geer, Goodbread, Hargis, Horn, Hunter, Johnson, Laird, Ledbetter, Norton, Officer, Snodgrass, Stamps, Vaughn, Wallace, and Williams families.

Mf. 1732  -- [blank]

Mf. 1733  -- Hyronemus Family Papers, 1859-1959. 5 linear feet. TSLA. reels. 35mm.
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This collection of papers belonged to the Hyronemus family of Nashville, Tennessee in the first half of the twentieth century. Spanning the years 1859-1959, although the bulk is largely concentrated between 1913-1944, the papers contain numerous photographs of the descendants of Francis (“Frank”) and Sophia Ella Dryer Hyronemus (1819-1908). Also contained within the collection are account books, address books, announcements, cards (calling and membership), certificates, clippings, correspondence, diaries, estate papers, financial documents, land records, legal documents, obituaries, scrapbooks and several miscellaneous items.

The Hyronemus family of Nashville was connected to the Bissell family of Illinois and Indiana through the marriage of John Morgan Hyronemus (1862-1944) and Harlene Lois Bissell (1873-1947) – genealogical chart included.

Mf. 1734  -- Jeff Ross Papers, 1818-1992. TSLA. 3.5 cubic feet. 6 reels. 35mm.
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The papers of John Ross (1849-1928), attorney and adventurer, of Hardin County, Tennessee, span the years 1818-1992, although the bulk of the papers are concentrated in the late nineteenth century. The collection is composed of account books, accounts, certificates, clippings, correspondence, a diary, financial records, genealogical records, land records, military records, notebooks, photographs, printed materials and writings.

The most important part of the collection may be Ross’ correspondence written during his years of residence in Europe and South America. Also included are land records, slave bills of sale and Civil War military records pertaining to his father, Morgan Hood Ross, and grandfather, George Ross.

Mf. 1735  -- L.C. Tiller Piano Company Records, 1919-1967. THS. 8 reels. 35mm.
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The L.C. Tiller Piano Company was founded in 1917 by Lee Carter Tiller (1894-1967). In 1946 Tiller’s son-in-law, Edward D. Null (1921-2000), joined the firm. Null continued to operate the business after Tiller’s death in 1967. When Null retired in 1992, the firm was closed.

The collection is composed of agreements, certificates, correspondence, financial statements, income tax returns, photographs, printed materials and account and payment books.

Mf. 1736  -- Oakland Baptist Church Records, 1888-1910; 1914-2003. Robertson County, Tennessee. 1 reel. 16mm.
The materials in this collection include the minutes, births, and baptisms of the Oakland Baptist Church in Robertson County, Tennessee.  

Mf. 1737  -- Duke and Shaw Business Records, 1912-1944. TSLA. .5 linear feet. 1 reel. 35 mm.
This is a collection of items related to the business partnership of John Tandy Duke and Dr. Henry E. Shaw, who operated mercantile and funeral businesses in Ashland City, Tennessee. Included are store ledgers, a photocopy of a funeral book, Duke and Shaw Funeral Home, 1912-1939) and genealogical information related to John T. Duke and the Duke family.

Mf. 1738  -- Tennessee Society, Sons of the American Revolution Applications, 1899-1980. THS. 4 reels. 35mm.
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The Sons of the American Revolution was conceived as a fraternal and civic society composed of lineal descendants of the men who supported the cause of the American independence. This collection is composed of the applications for membership into the Tennessee Society of the American Revolution.

Mf. 1739  -- Johnson Family Ledgers, Macon County, Tn., 1887-1919. TSLA. 2 vol. 1 reel. 35mm.
The Johnson family ledgers consist of two bound volumes: The first, a store ledger kept by William Carroll Johnson and Paul Johnson of Hillsdale, Macon County, for the years 1887-1889. This ledger contains records of families living in the area during those years. The second volume contains the farm accounts of Paul Johnson dated 1900-1919 as well as notary public records, 1900-1904. This includes records of marriages performed by Paul Johnson as Justice of the peace, 1900 and other records and lists of rural life in Macon County.

Mf. 1740  -- Dickson County Bicentennial Celebration, 2003-2004, Scrapbooks. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only.
The materials on this microfilm consisting of two scrapbooks and an official record, were created by Rick Hollis, Chairman of the Dickson County Bicentennial Commission, for the Dickson County, Tennessee, Bicentennial Celebration, May 15, 2004.

Mf. 1741  -- Steamer "Belfast" Record Book, 1864; Harris Family Farm Account Book, ca. 1870-1900. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
Consists of a record book in very poor condition, used variously as a record of the first voyage of the Steamer "Belfast" in 1864 and as an account book of the Harris family of Sumner County (possibly in the Bethpage area). Includes farm-related entries such as eggs sold, wheat threshed, household help wages, weather and sickness notations, and a list of Harris family heirs.

Mf. 1742  -- Compiled Military Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Serviced with the United States Colored Troops, 12th, 13th, 14th United States Colored Infantry.  NA. 42 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
Compiled military service records of the 12th, 13th, and a portion of the 14th United States Colored Infantry Regiments. Compiled service records consist of a jacket-envelope for each soldier, labeled with his name, rank, unit, and card numbers. The compilation of service records of Union soldiers began in 1890 under the direction of Col. Fred C. Ainsworth, head of the Record and Pension Office of the Adjutant General's Office, Department of War. Information from muster rolls, regimental returns, descriptive books, and other records was copied verbatim onto cards. A separate card was prepared each time an individual name appeared on a document. These cards were numbered on the back, and these numbers were entered onto the outside jacket containing the cards. The carded information was verified by a separate operation of comparison; great care was taken to ensure that the cards were accurate.

A typical jacket contains card abstracts of entries found in original records relating to the soldier and original documents relating solely to that soldier. Examples of the latter include enlistment papers, substitute certificates, casualty sheets, death reports, prisoner-of-war memorandums, and correspondence. Unique to the records of the USCT are deeds of manumission, oaths of allegiance, proof of ownership, certificates of monetary award, and bills of sale. Jackets and cards include a section labeled "bookmark," which was reserved for cross-references to other records relating to the individual or his unit. The service records are arranged by arm of service, thereunder numerically by regiment or independent battalion or company, and thereunder alphabetically by name of the soldier. Records for officers are interfiled alphabetically by name with the records of enlisted men. If an individual served in more than one unit, which was typical for USCT officers, there will be a separate service records for each unit in which he served.

The unjacketed miscellaneous cards were accumulated by the War Department with the expectation that they would be incorporated in individual compiled service records. The expectation was never fulfilled, however, because either insufficient or contradictory information made it impossible to associate the cards or papers with a particular soldier's service record.  The originals are located in the National Archives. 

12th United States Colored Infantry - This regiment was organized at Elk Bridge and Nashville, Tennessee, in August 1863. On December 15 and 16, 1864, the regiment participated in the Battle of Nashville. The regiment participated in the pursuit of General John Bell Hood's army to Decatur, Alabama. Following this expedition, the 12th USCT guarded the Nashville and Northwestern Railroad against guerilla attacks until it was mustered out in January 1866.

13th United States Colored Infantry - This regiment was organized at Camp Mussy, Tennessee, in November 1863. From December 1864 until December 1865, the 13th USCT was responsible for guarding a section of the Nashville and Northwestern Railroad. The regiment participated in the Battle of Nashville on December 15 and 16, 1864. On the second day, the 13th USCT participated in several attacks on rebel positions, including the assault on Overton Hill. In January 1865, the regiment joined the pursuit of the remnants of General John Bell Hood's army to Decatur, Alabama. The regiment was returned to picket duty along the Nashville and Northwestern Railroad for the rest of the year until it was mustered out on January 10, 1866.

14th United States Colored Infantry - This regiment was formed between November 16, 1863, and January 8, 1864, in Tennessee. The various companies of the 14th USCT were initially detailed to garrison duty, railroad protection, or wagon train protection between Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Dalton, Georgia. The 14th USCT saw its first combat on August 14th and 15th, 1864, when it engaged in heavy skirmishing with raiding parties from General Joseph Wheeler’s cavalry at Dalton, Georgia. The regiment again saw combat on October 28, 1864, at Decatur, Alabama. The 14th USCT fought in the Battle of Nashville, December 15 and 16, 1864, and took part in the pursuit of the remainder of Hood’s forces to the Tennessee River from December 17-28, 1864. Following the Nashville, Tennessee, campaign the regiment returned to guarding railroads and garrison duty throughout the Department of Tennessee until it was mustered out on March 26, 1866.

Mf. 1743  -- Martha DeBow Casey Collection, 1791-1933. 85 items. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
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The Casey collection consists largely of incoming business correspondence of James Dunwoody Brownson DeBow (1820-1867), editor and statistician; his son, James Dunwoody Brownson DeBow (1861-1947), Davidson County, Tennessee Judge; and the wife of the latter DeBow, Sarah Spence DeBow.

Mf. 1744  -- John Hill Ferguson Civil War Diaries, 1862-1865. 5 volumes. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only.
The John Hill Ferguson Civil War Diaries are comprised of five handwritten diaries authored by Mr. Ferguson, a soldier in the Union Army with the Tenth Illinois Infantry Regiment, Company G. He recounts his experiences serving during the Civil War in Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky. A good portion of his time was spent in Nashville, Tennessee, at Fort Negley. The diaries are the property of the Henry Pfeiffer Library, MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois.

Mf. 1745  -- John T. Majors Clippings Scrapbooks, 1954-[1956-1957]-1974 and 1939-1991. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
Johnny Majors (born in 1935 in Lynchburg, Tennessee), was a longtime College Football Head Coach and alumnus of the University of Tennessee. Majors was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame (as a player) in 1987.
These scrapbooks primarily cover Majors’ days at the University of Tennessee, 1956 and 1957, however, there are a few earlier clippings as early as 1954 in the first scrapbook, and in the second scrapbook, a magazine clipping from 1974, when Majors went to the University of Pittsburgh as head coach. Scrapbook three contains newspaper clippings detailing the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s championship season, 1985-1986. The fourth scrapbook contains newspaper clippings concerning the 1991 Sugar Bowl where the University of Tennessee, Knoxville played the Virginia Cavaliers in New Orleans, Louisiana.  

Mf. 1746  -- Hardy A. Mitchener Journal, 1944-1945. THS. 1 reel. 35mm.
This journal primarily contains poems and drawings documenting Mitchener's time in a German prisoner-of-war camp, Stalag Luft III in Sagan, Germany. It includes a list of cellmates, three autograph pages, and numerous drawings of locations in camp and depicting their movement to another camp in late January, 1945. Glued into the volume are Mitchener's POW identification with photograph, a 1944 Christmas service program, and the label from his first package from home in Nashville, Tennessee. Supporting documentation regarding Mitchener's capture obtained from the Air Force History Support Office is also included.

Mf. 1747  -- Martha Sundquist Papers, 1978-2002. 6.5 linear feet. TSLA. 3 reels. 16 mm.
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The papers of Martha Sundquist, First Lady of Tennessee during the years 1995-2003, when her husband, Don Sundquist, served as governor, date 1978-2002. The papers contain much correspondence relating to invitations for Mrs. Sundquist to speak to various historical and social organizations, participate in golf tournaments, read to elementary school classes, and request from groups for tours and, sometimes use of the executive residence. Also included are eight guest registers listing names and addresses of visitors to the governor’s mansion. Other items in the collection include speeches of Mrs. Sundquist, a photograph of the Governor and First Lady with several of the former cast members of the television series, “Mayberry R.F.D.,” press releases from the governor’s office for the years 1996 and 1997, and a few miscellaneous items.

Mf. 1748  -- Ronald R. Lawson, Sr. Papers, 1959-2004. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
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The materials in this collection document the legendary basketball career as both player and coach, of Ronald R. Lawson, Sr. This collection consists of both donated and loaned items.

The donated items consist of seven letters regarding Coach Lawson, dated 2002-2003 and not dated; a program for the TSSAA 2004 Hall of Fame Induction Luncheon, March 20, 2004; a pamphlet, “Cameron Panthers vs. Pearl Tigers,” November 30, 2002; a photo review of coach Lawson’s basketball career; and a flyer about Cameron Middle School.

The items loaned for microfilming consist of: photograph scrapbook of Ronald Lawson’s Sr.’s basketball playing and coaching career, 1959-2004; a clippings scrapbook of the same, 1960-1965; and a folder of materials related to Dr. James R. Lawson, Ronald senior’s father and the 8th president of Fisk University, 1968, 1997.

Mf. 1749  -- Johnny Majors Collection, 1983-1993. UT. 7 reels. 35mm. Microfilm only.
The Johnny Majors Collection contains material relating to his tenure as football coach at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Spanning the time period 1983-1993, the collection includes correspondence, playbooks, and assorted athletic files.

Mf. 1750  -- Jerry Scott Papers, 1970-[1979-1995]-1995.  48 cubic feet.  TSLA. 40 reels. 16mm.
Jerry Scott was born in 1941 in Nashville, Tennessee, but spent his childhood in Dickson, Tennessee. Judge Scott received his undergraduate degree at Austin Peay State College in 1962. He was graduated with the Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from Vanderbilt University, admitted to the Tennessee Bar, and licensed to practice before the Supreme Court of Tennessee in 1965.

Judge Scott served as judge in various positions at Oxnard Air Force Base, California, Arnold Engineering Development Center, Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee, Headquarters - United States Air Force, Washington, D.C., and Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C.  In 1992, he was commissioned as a Brigadier General in the United States Air Force Reserves.

In 1973, Judge Scott was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Judge W.A. Harwell, Eleventh Judicial District in Tennessee. The Eleventh Judicial Circuit covered Giles, Lawrence, Maury, and Wayne Counties.

In 1979, Governor Lamar Alexander appointed Judge Scott to serve as Judge of the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals. After his retirement from the court in 1995, Scott returned to private legal practice at Waynesboro and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

This collection of materials spans the years 1970 through 1995, although the bulk of the collection is concerned with his tenure on the Court of Criminal Appeals, (1979-1995). Included is correspondence, court cases, policy and subject files, meeting agendas, Judge Scott’s handwritten notes, Air Force newsletters, and several miscellaneous items.

Mf. 1751  -- Store Journal – Court Docket Book, Jefferson and Hamblen Counties , 1847-1875. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only.
In addition to serving as a store journal, the book also contains dockets from both Jefferson and Hamblen Counties. The book is presumed to have belonged to Drury Morris as there is a copy of a letter that he wrote in 1852. Morris was a store owner in Morristown.

It is presumed that the court docket part of the book started in Jefferson County by the names listed. It is known that the last part is Hamblen County because L.F. Leeper’s name appears there. L.F. Leeper was the first chairman of the Hamblen County Court and was elected October 8, 1870.

The original journal is maintained by the Hamblen County Archives, Morristown, Tennessee.

Mf. 1752  -- Anderson and Campbell County Obituaries, 1989-1993. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only.
The Anderson and Campbell County Obituaries were compiled and loaned for microfilming by Mary G. Harris, Anderson County Archivist, Clinton, Tennessee. The obituaries are compiled into four three-ring binders, and consist of newspaper clippings cut from newspapers, and are arranged chronologically by year, but not alphabetically.

Mf. 1753  -- Robert Lee Brinkley Collection, 1914-1940. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm.
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The collection, spanning the years 1914-1940, is concentrated during the years 1918-1919. The collection traces the military career of Second Lieutenant Robert Lee Brinkley during World War I.

The bulk of this small collection is composed of the World War I correspondence between Brinkley and his girlfriend, Matie Cooper of Nashville, Tennessee. Brinkley, a graduate of the University of Tennessee and a trained engineer, provided very detailed descriptions of life in a World War army camp. Although he did not see action overseas, his letters are an important source for military and social historians researching domestic conditions during World Wa r I.

Mf. 1754  -- Oaklands Association, Inc. Records, 1959-2000. MTSU/TSLA. 6 reels. 35mm.
The records of the Oaklands Association, Inc. records are owned and housed by the Gore Center, Middle Tennessee State University. The records in this collection consist of association minutes 1959-2002, and scrapbooks.

The Oaklands Association, created in 1959, restored the 1860s antebellum plantation home in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, for use as a house museum. Oaklands Historic House Museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is open to the public.

Mf. 1755  -- United Daughters of the Confederacy, Tennessee Division, 2002-2004. TSLA. 1 reel. 16mm.
This addition to the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Tennessee Division Collection, includes a portion of materials related to the Tellico Iron Works Chapter No. 2636, which was chartered August 23, 2003. Volume 90, includes membership applications, October 2002-September 2004.
See also Mf. 583, Mf. 752, Mf. 959, Mf. 1021, Mf. 1276, Mf. 1326, Mf. 1369, Mf. 1411, Mf. 1479, Mf. 1532, Mf. 1582, Mf. 1638, Mf. 1687, Mf. 1705, Mf. 1849 and Mf. 1942 for additional UDC records.

Mf. 1756  -- Alvis Milton Holladay Genealogical Papers, 1838-[1952-1982]-1994. 12 linear feet. TSLA.
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Dr. Alvis Milton Holladay (1915-1996) was born in Carroll County, Tennessee. He was a professor of chemistry at Peabody College, a pioneer in the microcircuit/electronics industry and a space scientist with the national Aeronautics and Space Administration. The bulk of this collection is largely concentrated between the years 1952 and 1982. The papers contain the genealogical research compiled by Dr. Holladay, in collaboration with his brother James Allen Holladay (1907-1974). The research work of Dr. Holladay and his brother eventually culminated in the publishing of four books on the Holladay family history: The Holladay Family, 1983; Seven Holladay Histories, 1988; Other English and Early American Holladays, 1988; and Three English Holladay Tycoons, 1996. These volumes may be found in the library holdings of the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

Mf. 1757  -- E.A. Dorris & Sons (or E.A. Dorris’ Sons) Saw and Plane Mill Order Book, 1914-1917. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The E.A. Dorris & Sons Saw and Plane Mill was located on New Hope Road, Hendersonville, Sumner County, Tennessee. This order book dates 1914-1917. Also included is a photograph of the mill, ca 1900, and a newspaper clipping from The Star News, dated October 14, 1981.

Mf. 1758  -- Dorothy Dix Special Collection, 1861-1951. AP/TSLA 5 reels. 35mm.
Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer (1861-1951), writing under the pen name "Dorothy Dix," was America's highest paid and most widely read female journalist at the time of her death. Her advice on love and marriage was syndicated in newspapers around the world.

The Dorothy Dix Collection at Austin Peay State University is probably the most comprehensive collection on Dorothy Dix. It consists of biographical information on Dix; all books written by and about her; correspondence between her and relatives, friends and professional colleagues; scrapbooks from her school days; 40th anniversary as a columnist; an autograph book; travel diaries, memorabilia and passport; newspaper articles, magazine clippings; Christmas cards/article; Mirandy articles; demise of Dorothy Dix; pamphlet/booklet/miscellaneous; administration of Dorothy Dix Collection; product testimonial; honors, awards, family; books from Dorothy Dix's library, and papers from the 1991 Dorothy Dix Symposium.

Mf. 1759  -- George A. Smith & Sons Funeral Home Records, 1930-1993. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The records of George A. Smith & Sons Funeral Home of Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee, are arranged by year in alphabetical order. The indexes to the records are on reel 1.

Mf. 1760  -- Women’s Civic Forum Records of Nashville and Davidson, 1933-1987. TSLA. 1.5 linear feet. 1 reel. 16mm.
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Organized early in 1933, this group represented, in the beginning, a federation of eleven women’s organizations whose purpose was to serve as a clearing house for matters of civic interest, and for the public discussion of such questions through open forums as occasion warranted. The Women’s Civic Forum concluded as an organization in 1987.

Mf. 1761  -- Kentucky-Tennessee American Studies Association Records, 1958-1998. THS. 1.5 linear feet. 1 reel. 16mm.
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The Kentucky-Tennessee Chapter of the American Studies Association Records are for the years 1958-1998. Membership is drawn from residents of these states who are affiliated with the American Studies Association. The object of the Chapter is “to promote the study of American civilization, both in general and with particular reference to the area from which its membership is drawn.” The collection is composed of correspondence, lists, programs, publications, and several miscellaneous items.

Mf. 1762  -- Round Lick Primitive Baptist Church Minutes, 1826-1955. Wilson County. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The Round Lick Primitive Baptist Church minute books, 1826-1955, were loaned to the Tennessee State Library and Archives by Glen M. Beard of Watertown, Tennessee. Mr. Beard is the great-great-great grandson of Sion Bass (1802-1884) who pastored the Round Lick Church for 45 years (see on microfilm a story by Mr. Beard titled, “The Story of My Antique Maple Bed.”) In addition to the three minute books, there are three photographs that complement the story of the antique bed. After filming, the materials were returned to Mr. Beard.

Mf. 1763  -- Mount Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church Ledger, Bedford County , 1834-1923. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This church ledger for the Mount Pisgah Primitive Baptist Church, Bedford County, Tennessee, was donated to the Bedford County Historical Society by Richard R. Poplin, County Historian. The ledger and other materials relating to Bedford County, were loaned to Tennessee State Library and Archives for microfilming. After filming they were returned to the society.

Mf. 1764  -- Bledsoe County , Tennessee , Eleventh Census, Special Schedule, 6th Civil District, 1890, and, Letters and Broadsides, 1882-1893. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This reel of microfilm includes the Eleventh Census Special Schedule, 6th Civil District for 1890, letters and documents, 1882-1893, relating to Bledsoe County, and broadsides of J.B. Deakins and T.V. McReynolds of Pikeville, Tennessee.

Mf. 1765  -- Owen Chapel Church of Christ Record Books, Addition, Williamson County, 1949-1996. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This addition to Mf. 957 includes the Baptismal Certificate Book, 1949-1959; the Cash Book, 1916-1954; the Cash Book ledger, 1954-1972; and the Cash book journal, 1973-1996.

Mf. 1766  -- Samuel Lancelotte Richardson, Sr. Farm Ledger, 1936-1955, Williamson County. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This farm ledger was kept by Samuel Lancelotte Richardson who owned a farm at 1005 Franklin Pike, Williamson County, Tennessee.

Mf. 1767  -- Lona Black Koltick Genealogical Materials, 1984-2004. TSLA. 4.5 linear feet. 3 reels. 16 mm.
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The major part of this collection consists of genealogical data relating to the Black and Koltick (Koltyck) families and collateral lines. The research work of Mrs. Koltick resulted in the publication of two books on her family history: My Heritage, 1986, and My Colonial Ancestry, 1999.

Mf. 1768  -- Josiah Conn Williams Blacksmith Ledger, 1850, Franklin County. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This blacksmith ledger was kept by Josiah Conn Williams, who was born in 1825 in Franklin County, Tennessee. Josiah purchased the family farm near Winchester and by 1865 owned nearly 4,000 acres. The blacksmith operation was farm based to quickly serve the needs of his farming operation, however, he also used the smithy for extra income as evidenced by the many entries in the ledger where family members and neighbors came to the Williams farm for their smithy needs.

Mf. 1769  -- Eastern District Association of Primitive Baptists Minute Books, 1890-2004. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This collection consists of Minute Books in pamphlet format, 1890-2004.

Mf. 1770  -- Robertson Yeatman Johnson Papers, 1870-1900. Montgomery County. 1.26 linear feet. TSLA. 2 reels. 35mm.
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This collection includes nine large ledgers and one small one for the dates 1870-1900 kept by Captain Robertson Yeatman Johnson for the farm owned by the Johnson family in Montgomery County, near Clarksville, Tennessee. Captain Johnson was a Confederate veteran, lawyer, and legislator. The ledgers contain accounts of his father and mother, brothers and sisters, and his uncle. The ledgers record farm income, disbursements, and cash payments to family members. There are some accounts for political campaign expenses. In addition to the farm ledgers, there are two volumes containing the minutes for the Dark Tobacco Growers’ Protective Association, 1906-1908, and the Planters Protective Association of Montgomery County, 1909; three volumes of R.Y. Johnson’s Magistrate’s Dockets for 1877-1883, 1884-1888, 1888-1900; and a partial inventory of the property of R.Y. Johnson’s father, Alexander Lewis Johnson, dated 1893.

Mf. 1771  -- Wilkerson and Allied Families Genealogical Materials, 1758-2002. Smith and Wilson County. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This collection includes copies of “Daniel Allen of North Carolina, Indiana, Tennessee and Descendants, 1781-1988;” “Turner Lee Wilkerson of Virginia & Tennessee and Descendants, 1758-1988;” and “Asa Harrell & Descendants; Allied Families,” compiled by Ellis Wyman Allen; a modified Register for Turner Lee Wilkerson, 2002; and pictures and interment lists for the Wilkerson Family Cemeteries, Wilkerson-Ballinger Family Cemetery, and the Alvis Family Cemetery.

Mf. 1772  -- Virginia Wood Alexander Genealogical Collection – Addition, 1965-2000. TSLA. 2 linear feet. 1 reel. 16 mm.
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This collection contains the genealogical research compiled by Mrs. Alexander and her husband, Charles C. Alexander, in the publication of three books, Alexander Kin (1965), Alexander Kin, Volume II (1990), and Whitten and Allied Families (1966).

Mf. 1773  -- Jackson Masonic Lodge #45, Free and Accepted Masons, Madison County , Tennessee. TSLA. 11 rolls. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The Tennessee State Library and Archives carried out a cooperative project with the Genealogical Society of Utah and the Tennessee Room of Jackson Public Library to preserve these records on microfilm.

Included for the Jackson Masonic Lodge # 45 are the original charter dated 1823-1980; Minute Books dated 1851-1945; “ In Memoriam ” records, 1848-1950; “ Deaths ” 1930-1980; membership records 1935 to 1993; Register of Members 1945-1971; Requests for Restoration/or Transfer 1920-1959; Petitions for Degrees, 1920-1950; and Visitors Register, 1876-1977. Clinton Chapter #9 records include Minute Books, 1841-1950 and Visitors Register dated 1909-1957. Records for Medina Lodge # 399 include Minute Books, 1916-1949 and Petitions for Degrees, 1920-1930.

Mf. 1774  -- Bessie Ethel Page Travis and Ancestors Genealogical Collection, Revised, 1850-1995. TSLA. 1 linear foot. 1 reel. 16mm.
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This collection focuses on the Ancestors of Bessie Ethel Travis (1899-1988) Genealogical Materials, revised by her daughter Margaret Mitchell Travis Gray between 1987 and 1995. The collection consists of copies of records compiled by Mrs. Gray on the Page and related families of Atkison, Baird, Bates, Benskin, Bissel (Bezill / Besiler / Bessell / Besyler), Bouse, Coursey, Crockett, David, Easley, Gray, Headrick, Holman, Johnson, Langley, Mathews (Mathis), Matlock, May, Meadow (Meados), Nolen, North, Parker, Robinson, Willhite, and Williams of Humphreys County, Tennessee.

Mf. 1775  -- Bill Wagoner Scrapbook and Clipping Collection, 1968-2005. McNairy County and Hardin County. TSLA. Microfilm Only Collection.
The scrapbooks, clippings and community newspapers on this microfilm reflect the writings and publications of Bill Wagoner of Adamsville, Tennessee. Contents include a scrapbook of Bill Wagoner’s “Wagon Spokes” columns, 1980, miscellaneous clippings, 1973-2002, and issues of Community Shopper, 1968-1987 and Community News, 1988-2005.

Mf. 1776  -- Margaret Travis Gray Genealogical Materials: Gray – King Lineage, 1886-1994. TSLA. 1.5 linear feet. 1 reel. 16mm.
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The materials relate to the ancestors of William Ryburn Gray, Sr.,(1924- ) and allied families of Loudoun and Washington Counties, Virginia, and Fayette and Sullivan Counties, Tennessee

Mf. 1777  -- Margaret Travis Gray Genealogical Materials: James – Payne Ancestors, 1778-[1820-1900]-1989. TSLA. 1.5 linear feet. 1 reel. 16mm.
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This collection consists of copies of records compiled by Mrs. Gray on the James and Payne and related families of Mississippi, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia.

Mf. 1778  -- Margaret Travis Gray Genealogical Materials: Travis Ancestors of Emmett Alexander Travis, 1790-(1860-1988)-1996. TSLA. .5 linear feet. 1 reel. 16mm.
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This collection consists of copies of records on the ancestors of Emmett Alexander Travis (1895-1984) and Margaret Ann Nesbitt (1851-1924) and related families of Bucks, Pennsylvania, Salibury, North Carolina, and Rutherford and Davidson Counties, Tennessee.

Mf. 1779  -- Margaret Travis Gray Genealogical Materials: Travis and Related Families, 1790-2001. TSLA. 1 linear foot. 1 reel. 16mm.
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This collection consists of copies of records on the family of her great-grandfather, David Travis (1816-1882), and his children of Rutherford and Cannon Counties, Tennessee.

Mf. 1780  -- Robert Whyte Papers, 1786-1882. ~ 1,200 items. TSLA.
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This collection contains a large number of legal documents such as wills, indentures, trial dockets, and notes on Judge Whyte’s cases. The correspondence is primarily legal in nature dating from 1786-1882. There are a few family letters including two written by his father from Creich, Scotland. His father spelled his name White so the change in spelling was made by Robert. Whyte appears to have changed the spelling around the time he relocated to Nashville in 1802-1804. The reason for the change remains unclear, but some sources have speculated that it was to distance himself from the scandal over fraudulent land grants which surrounded his father-in-law, Col. James Glasgow. Glasgow was indicted for fraud and the scandal cost him his position as Secretary of State of North Carolina.

There are a few letters of political nature: two from John Haywood and two from Joseph McMinn. One letter from John Sevier refers to two cases, which he wished to turn over to Judge Whyte. There are several documents relating to Whyte’s slaves or those belonging to others or deal with farm and plantation matters (Fayette County, Tennessee) of Judge Whyte and his heirs between 1804 and 1880.

There are also items that deal with the establishment of claims and allowances made for losses of property during the Seminole Campaign in 1819. Also included is a map of lands in Mississippi ceded by Chickasaw Indians in 1835. The rolls of seven captains containing lists of losses and the laws relating to them make up the remainder of the collection.

Mf. 1781  -- Jim Nance McCord Papers, 1919-[1950-1970]-1975. THS. 1.75 cubic feet. 1 reel. 16mm.
These are the papers of Jim Nance McCord, newspaper publisher, auctioneer, Governor of Tennessee, and Commissioner of Conservation. The majority of the collection consists of unidentified slides, color and black-and-white negatives, and photographs. The collection also contains personal correspondence, drafts of speeches, genealogical materials, and an album of newspaper clippings.

Mf. 1782  -- Senator Harlan Matthews Papers - Addition, 1992-1994. 3.5 linear feet. TSLA. 2 reels. 16mm.
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The Senator Harlan Matthews Papers contain information relating to the two years (1993-1994) which Senator Mathews served as one of Tennessee ’s senators in the 103 rd Congress of the United States.

Items in the collection include appointments, attendance at roll call votes, correspondence, floor statements, legislation co-sponsorships, news releases, news service clippings, position papers, reports, speeches, voting records, weekly columns by Senator Mathews, and several miscellaneous items.

Mf. 1783  -- Travis Windrow & Azariah R. Dyer Store Ledger, Windrow’s Campground, 1866-1888. Rutherford County. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection
Travis Windrow started this store in April 1866. This ledger was a reuse of the Civil War era “Morning Report of the Sick and Wounded,” ledger. Travis Windrow and Azariah R. Dyer were partners in the store. It begins as Travis Windrow, then in 1867 becomes Dyer and Windrow.

The ledger includes expenditures of the Rutherford County 12th Civil District School fund for 1869. It also includes notes of the beginning of “Mount View Grangers” in 1873.

Mf. 1784  -- Swan Church : Swan Cumberland Presbyterian Church; Campground Cumberland Church ; Swan Creek, Campground Presbyterian Church Records. Hickman County. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This collection contains the History of the Swan Cumberland Presbyterian Church; Swan Church Book, August 19, 1852-February 6, 1870; Swan Church Minutes, 1871-1903; Swan Church Register, 1905-1952; Swan Church Register and Record, 1953-1975; and a transcription of the Swan Church Book, August 19, 1852-February 6, 1870 and Swan Church Minutes, 1871-1903.

Mf. 1785  -- Margaret Brown Coppinger Papers, 1910-2000. BSHS/TSLA. 5 reels. 16mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The papers of Margaret Brown Coppinger, teacher, historian, and genealogist of Beersheba Springs, Tennessee, are the property of the Beersheba Springs Historical Society.

The papers include personal papers, correspondence, and genealogical materials of Mrs. Coppinger, as well as the records of the Beersheba Springs Historical Society.

Mrs. Coppinger was avidly interested in three principal areas, all of which are reflected in her papers. The first was the history of the Beersheba Springs resort, founded in 1835 in what was then Warren County, Tennessee. She collected material relating to the people, homes and organizations of Beersheba Springs.

Her second interest was family genealogy, and particularly the genealogy of the descendants of Absolom Brown, one of her own ancestors. Her collection of family group sheets, correspondence and genealogical notes on the Browns and other families in her lineage is extensive.

Mrs. Coppinger’s third interest was the history of education in Grundy County, Tennessee. She was an active member of the Retired Teacher’s Association and involved in the collection and publication of the memoirs of her colleagues. This material is represented in her papers.

The records of the Beersheba Springs Historical Society, of which Mrs. Coppinger was a founder and defacto archivist, are part of her collection. These records include the manuscript materials created prior to the 1983 publication of Beersheba Springs: A History as well as correspondence, financial records, newsletters and membership data of the Society.

Mf. 1786  -- West Tennessee Funeral Home Records – Benton, Carroll, Gibson, Henry, and Weakley Counties. TSLA. 10 reels, 16mm; 76 reels, 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The West Tennessee Funeral Home Records is an extensive set of funeral home records. The counties included are Benton,Carroll, Gibson, Henry, and Weakley Counties. The records were microfilmed through a cooperative project of Gordon Browning Museum (GBM) and Genealogical Library (McKenzie, TN), the Genealogical Society of Utah, and, Tennessee State Library and Archives. Volunteers at the GBM Library prepared and provided a comprehensive index.

The records provide family names, genealogical and burial records. They may also include reference materials such as obituaries, family names, and parent’s names. Some funeral homes prepared items described as death certificates. They are considered drafts of death certificates, and they are not considered an official record by the Office of Vital Records. Business and financial records were not microfilmed. The businesses kept records in a variety of ways and to many levels of simplicity or detail. Some businesses maintained their own index books and some did not. If available, the index was filmed.

Mf. 1787  -- Madison Street United Methodist Church Records, 1829-2005. Clarksville, Montgomery County, Tennessee. TSLA. Microfilm Only Collection.
The Madison Street United Methodist Church Records consist of nine volumes, some of which are ring binders, of materials such as ledgers, registers, letters, bulletins, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, photographs, and ephemera, both original and as copies.

Mf. 1788  -- E.H. Crump Collection, 1874-(1910-1954)-1954. Memphis/Shelby County Public Library and Information Center. 60 reels 16mm and 3 reels of 35mm. [Microfilmed by TSLA]
E.H. “Boss” Crump (1874-1954) was a Memphis, Tennessee insurance broker, businessman, and political figure in the early 20th century. Beginning in 1896, Crump climbed the 19th Century version of the corporate ladder. He founded the E.H. Crump Company, a large and successful insurance business firm.

His skills as a businessman were subsumed by his passion for politics. Exactly when he developed a taste for public affairs is not known, but it first manifested itself when Crump was elected director of the Memphis Business Men’s Club in 1904. The Progressive Movement, of which Memphis was a part, sought to democratically improve American society through the reformation of both government and business. Crump’s association with this group of reformers sparked an interest and broadened his understanding of politics. In 1905 Crump was elected by an overwhelming majority to a seat on the board of public works supervisors, beginning one of the most celebrated and controversial political careers in 20th Century American history.

In 1907 he was elected to the board of fire and police commissioners and in 1909 he was elected Mayor of Memphis and served until 1915. He was then elected county trustee and from that position built a powerful political apparatus becoming the most powerful political leader in Memphis and Shelby County. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1930 where he served through 1934. During the 1940s and early 1950s, Crump remained the leader of one of the most powerful political organizations in the United States. He would remain so until his death in 1954.

Mf. 1789  -- Ernest N. Haston Papers, 1898-[1904-1943]-1956.   TSLA.  1 reel. 16mm.
This collection consists of items related to the life of Ernest N. Haston of Spencer, Van Buren County, Tennessee. Ernest N. Haston served in a variety of capacities during his life, including being a federal income tax collector, serving in the Tennessee Senate, serving as the Secretary of State for the state of Tennessee for the period 1921-1937, Executive Director of the Tennessee Democratic Party, and an attorney.  In addition to his professional careers,  Haston also enjoyed writing poetry under his pen name “Nathan”.  Several poems written by Mr. Haston are included in the scrapbooks in this collection.  Additionally, Mr. Haston served as an elector for Franklin Roosevelt.  He died in 1956 in Nashville and is buried in Mt. Olivet Cemtery, Nashville, Tennessee.

The collection includes items related to the life of Ernest N. Haston, including certificates, correspondence, newspaper clippings, a news release, printed materials, programs, photographs, and scrapbooks.

Mf. 1790  -- Brice M. McFall Journal, 2nd Tenn. Cavalry Regiment, USA. THS. 1 reel. 35mm.
This journal contains references to engagements with Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest’s Cavalry in North Alabama in 1864; the presidential election of 1864; engagements with Confederate General Hood’s troops in Alabama in November of 1864, and an attack on Hood’s pontoon train in January 1865. Also mentioned are views on secession, politics, national war debt, soldiering, speculators, and proposed amendments to the Tennessee Constitution. It includes poetry relating to the Civil War, McFall’s fellow soldiers, and living conditions in camp.

Mf. 1791  -- Record of Ex-Confederate Soldiers and Sailors – Members of the Confederate Relief and Historical Association of Memphis , 1865-1923. 1 volume. 1 reel. 35mm.
The Record of Ex-Confederate Soldiers and Sailors – Members of the Confederate Relief and Historical Association of Memphis volume – contains information on Confederate veterans, including in some instances, a photograph or printed image of the veteran, rank, company, regiment, brigade, division, army, enlistment date, commission, discharge date, parole, and remarks.

Mf. 1792  -- Joseph Beverly Borum Civil War Letters, 1836-1888.  TSLA. 1 reel. 16mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The letters are dated 1836 to 1888, but date mostly 1866-1867.  Joseph Beverly Borum, Sr., was captured early in the Civil War and incarcerated at Johnson’s Island in Sandusky, Ohio.  Most of the correspondence was written by him, to his fiancé Eva McNeil Dobbins, during that period.  Several of the letters were written by Ms. Dobbins.

Joseph Borum was born in Virginia in 1830.  He moved to Mississippi County, Arkansas, where he had a cotton plantation.  He died in July 1876 and is buried in the City Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee.

Mr. Borum married Eva McNiel Dobbins on January 22, 1867.  They had three sons and one daughter.  Joseph Beverly Borum, Jr., the eldest child, was born in Luxora Arkansas, March 21, 1870.  After Joseph Borum, Sr.’s death in 1876, Eva (Dobbins) Borum moved the family back to Columbia, Tennessee, where her family lived.

Mf. 1793  -- Galen Home Telephone Company Log Book, 1916-1936. Macon County. TSLA. 1 reel. 16mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This telephone log book records the names of old-time Macon County citizens as well as some founding documents of the Galen Company.

Mf. 1794  -- St. Mary Magdalene Church (Episcopal) Parish Register, Fayetteville , Tennessee , 1884-1975. TSLA. 1 reel. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
This collection consists of a brochure on the church histories, a photocopy of an unidentified, undated clipping, “ Church of St. Mary Magdalene, Fayetteville. Established 1881,” and the parish register, 1884-1975.

Mf. 1795  -- Drouillard Family Papers, 1698-1936. .42 cubic feet. THS. 1 reel. 16mm.
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The Drouillard Family Papers consists mainly of genealogical data on the Van Leer and related families. Included is Joseph Drouillard’s Officer’s Order Book, 1861-1865. He served as a cadet at the United States Military Academy at West Point and went on to become a Captain in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

Mf. 1796  -- World War II Publications: Yank and Stars and Stripes, 1943-1945. TSLA. 2 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The Army weekly newspaper Yank was published by and for the men in service. Issues dated April 23, 1943 through April 8, 1945, although the holdings are scattered.

The publication Stars and Stripes was a daily newspaper of the U.S. Armed Forces in the European Theater of Operations. As with Yank, the holdings are scattered.

Additionally, the collection contains random issues of six London newspapers: Daily Sketch, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, News Chronicle, Daily Herald, and Daily Mail. All were published between June and September 1944. Black-out hours are posted on mastheads. Coverage of the D-Day invasion and the Allied push into Germany is valuable for those studying the British home front during World War II.

Mf. 1797  -- Employment Rolls and Nonpayment Rolls of Negroes Employed in the Defenses of Nashville , Tennessee , 1862-1863. NA. TSLA maintains negative copy and permission to duplicate 3 reels. 35mm.
These rolls primarily represent employment records of free Negroes and slaves who were hired or impressed into the Union Army to work as laborers on fortifications of Tennessee. Also included are a few payrolls from Alabama.

Reel 1: Payroll No. 12 contains a listing of Nonpayments on Contraband rolls, 3 rd Quarter of 1863 for Fort Gaines, Alabama, and a List of Negroes employed on Nashville fortifications from August 1, 1862 to April 1, 1863.

Reel 2: Lists the slaves and their owners employed August 1, 1862 to April 1, 1863; and, a roll of non-payment of carts, drays, and Negroes employed in hauling during the same time period.

Reel 3: Includes 6 rolls: Roll No.1 is a list of those who were dead and paid August 1, 1862 to April 1, 1863; Roll No. 2 is a non-payment roll listing the paid, dead or certificate given; Roll No. 3 lists the dead, paid, enlisted, and certificates given for April 1, 1863 to November 1, 1863; Roll No. 4 lists Negroes employed by the Union Army at Murfreesboro, Tennessee, August to December 1863, Bridgeport, Alabama, January to March 1864, Clarksville, Tennessee, July to November 1863, and Fort Donelson, Tennessee, April 1863 to March 1864; Roll No. 7 lists the dead and paid in Nashville, November 1, 1863 to June 1, 1864; and finally, Roll No.9 lists the non-payment roll for defenses of Nashville, August 1, 1862 to April 1, 1863.

Mf. 1798  -- Julia Otey Lee Scrapbooks, ca. 1870s-ca. 1920. TSLA. 1 reel. 16 mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The materials in the scrapbooks reflect the lives of an African American family in Nashville, Tennessee. The postcards on this microfilm are from one of the two scrapbooks and date ca. 1908 through ca. 1920. The photographs in the photograph scrapbook date from ca. 1870s to ca. 1910.

Mf. 1799  -- Holston Missionary Baptist Association Records, 1884-2005. Hawkins County , Tennessee. TSLA. 5 reels. 35mm. Microfilm Only Collection.
The materials on this microfilm were loaned to the Tennessee State Library and Archives by the Holston Missionary Baptist Association for filming and returned.

Included are the minutes, 1884-1934; proceedings, 1935-1958; annuals, 1959-1987; and, the book of reports/directories for 2004-2005.


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