Guide to Manuscript Materials : Original Materials - Pt. B

The Lame Monkey Manifesto Collection, 1987-1988. .42 cubic feet. TSLA.

The Lame Monkey Manifesto was a small newspaper which contains articles, cartoons, poems and other literary efforts of students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The primary focus of the newspaper was to satirize campus life and the university administration. It provided an alternative forum to the university-sponsored paper. The issues include January 5, 1987 through December 7, 1988.

Michael B. D. Lane Papers, 1799-1895. ~ 300 items. TSLA.

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The papers of Michael B.D. Lane, lawyer, judge and member of the Virginia Legislature from Jonesville, Lee County are composed of correspondence, surveys, land grants, legal records, clippings, receipts and memoranda. The oldest item is the will of Jeremiah Orear, Madison County, Kentucky, dated 1799. The correspondence contains items of interest concerning Virginia politics and Mr. Lane 's law practice.

Ada Campbell Larew family papers, ca. 1919-1961. 150 items + 7 volumes. TSLA.

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This collection of papers consists of 4 scrapbooks containing clippings of the writings of Ada Larew (1866-1963), including poetry, historical sketches, drama, and short stories; 2 photograph albums depicting travels in Europe by Mrs. Larew's brother, Raymond M. Campbell, in 1927 and 1928; and one photograph album of movie stars and other celebrities, 1923-1925.

Also included are personal correspondence and yearbooks of the Knoxville Democratic Women's Club. Historical sketch topics primarily include prominent Tennesseans such as Admirals Banks Caperton and Albert Gleaves, as well as Tennessee-related writings on the Civil War and Indians. Some sketches were written by Mrs. Larew's husband, Charles L. Larew.

John Overton Lea Papers, 1867-1911. 5.88 linear feet. TSLA.

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These are the papers of John Overton Lea (1846-1912), descendant of early Tennessee families, lawyer, champion cattle breeder, and Nashville and Memphis property holder. It consists of accounts (receipted bills, statements in account with Overton & Grosvenor real estate firm in Memphis, Tennessee, and tax records); two diaries; papers dealing with Lea's Sussex cattle; and miscellaneous family papers.

The earliest diary dates from December 4, 1857 to November 22, 1868 and are introspective in nature. The other diary was kept on a European tour in October of 1868.

There are three volumes of correspondence, each with an index. This correspondence regards Colonel John Cocke's estate and Mrs. Lea's business interests in Knoxville from the time of Mr. Lea's marriage in August of 1870 to 1887; the Knox County farm, "Trafalgar"; Sussex cattle; rental property in Memphis; the dog law; etc. See also Mf. 1137.

Ezra Johnson Lehman, 1861-1957. ~ 200 items. TSLA.

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Although Ezra Johnson Lehman was principal of the Woodbury Academy, this collection is primarily deeds for portions of land for the Woodbury Academy, personal letters from nieces and nephews, and a document dated 1861 called the "Judge's Report of Root Crop" by the Whitchurch Township Agricultural Society.

Lindsley Family Papers, ca. 1600-ca. 1940. 95 items and 4 volumes. TSLA.

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The Lindsley collection is composed of papers of a family well known in the educational, political, civic and public health life of Nashville. The first Lindsley to come to Tennessee was Philip Lindsley who declined an offer to become President of Princeton College, New Jersey, to take the position of Chancellor of the University of Nashville. His son, John Berrien Lindsley, succeeded him in this position in 1855.

The genealogical data includes the families of Lindsley, Berrien, Lawrence, Caldwell, Calhoun, McGavock, Grundy, Rodgers, Bass and Warner with biographical sketches, obituaries, clippings, documents and writings of members of these families.

Included in these papers are biographical sketches for the following family members: Felix Grundy, 1777-1840; his wife, Ann (Rodgers) Grundy, 1779-1847; their grandson, John Meredith Bass, 1845-1908; Philip Lindsley, 1786-1855; and his son, John Berrien Lindsley, 1822-1897; and Louise Grundy Lindsley, 1858-1944. Obituaries for many members of the family are also included.

There are two volumes of diaries of John Berrien Lindsley, educator, geologist, physician, Presbyterian minister and public health officer of Nashville. He also served as Post Surgeon, Confederate States Army, for Nashville, February 17 to March 4, 1862. There are comments on the occupation of Nashville by Federal troops, the arrival of Federal gunboats, the Battle of Nashville, the confusion and terror of the people and the illegal procurement of government stores by civilians.

Locke Family Collection, 1824-1958. 2 volumes, 3 items. TSLA.

The collection consists of a book of returns and abstracts kept by Robert Locke, entry taker for Rhea County, Tennessee, 1824-1834; an arithmetic book belonging to Ralph Locke, undated; biographical sketches of Ralph and Robert Locke, sons of Thomas and Susanna Locke; and a plat map and photographs of the Locke family cemetery near Washington, Tennessee, surveyed in 1958. Photocopies.

Looking back at Tennessee: a photograph collection, 1890-1981. 7,726 items. TSLA.

The collection, a Homecoming '86 project of the Tennessee State Library and Archives, consists of copies of photographs depicting how Tennesseans lived in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The photographs are arranged by county. Subjects include Nathan Bedford Forrest, Cordell Hull, Luke Lea, James Nance McCord, Alvin York, John Thomas Scopes, Benjamin Franklin Cheatham, Buford Ellington, Ku Klux Klan, Civilian Conservation Corps, Columbia Military Academy, moonshine stills, et cetera.

Frank Love Collection of Martin Family Papers, 1756-1952. ~ 200 items. TSLA.

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This collection is centered around the Isaac Martin and William Dawson families of Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee. It consists of correspondence, financial records, genealogical data, an invitation, a journal, military records, a photograph, real estate records, and a school record.

The genealogical data is very thorough concerning the Dawson family, but the Martin family records are not complete. However, the data that is included is very helpful.

Of special interest in the collection is the journal, written by Isaac Martin in 1826. The journal was written while Isaac was on a voyage from Baltimore to the Pacific Ocean, eventually to Rio De Janeiro, and tells of events happening on the ship.

Lytle Family Papers, 1578-1931. .42 linear feet. THS.

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The Lytle Family Papers concern genealogical data and other records pertaining to the Calvert family, 1578-1765; the Dorsey family, 1660-1772; Dashiell family, 1675-1912; and the Lytle family, 1703-1928.

Marr and Holman records, 1911-1929. ~ 6,500 items. THS.

This collection consists of accounts, bids, bills and receipts, blueprints and sketches, clippings, contracts, correspondence, photographs, specifications and several miscellaneous items of Thomas Scott Marr (1866-1936) and Joseph W. Holman (1891-1952), well-known architects of Nashville, Tennessee.

Martin and Vaughn, Inc., Columbia (Maury County), Tenn. Records, 1892-1963. 31.5 linear feet. TSLA.

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The records of Martin and Vaughn, Inc., successor to Street, Martin & Vaughn Co., Inc., a hardware store in Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee, consist of correspondence (1941-1948), account books, a bank book, check registers, financial records, inventories, etc. Customers listed lived in communities such as Bigbyville, Carters Creek, Columbia, Culleoka, Mt. Pleasant, Spring Hill, and Theta; with some from the surrounding area, such as Duck River (Hickman County), and Nashville (Davidson County). Also listed are accounts with companies (eventually wholesalers) in other areas.

Thomas Edwin Matthews Papers, 1789-1945. ~ 800 items. TSLA.

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The Thomas E. Matthews collection contains correspondence, clippings, biographical and genealogical materials, all of which are primarily concerned with Judge Matthew's book, General James Robertson, Father of Tennessee. There are numerous photocopies and typed copies of materials obtained from the Indian Affairs Section of the Department of the Interior, the Draper Manuscripts, and the Library of Congress. These documents are for the period from 1789 to 1814. The correspondence of Judge Matthews is for the years 1921 to 1945. It deals with arrangements for the publication and distribution of his book. The collection is most valuable for the twenty-seven letters of Willie Blount; twenty-seven R.J. Meigs letters; and its sixty-eight James Robertson letters as well as its quantity of genealogical material on the families of Cockrill, Eakin, Erwin, Fort, Matthews, Robertson, Sharp, and Thompson. There are no originals of this early material in the collection.

Hill McAlister Family Papers, 1806-1959, bulk 1933-1937. 1,250 items. TSLA.

The bulk of the materials in this collection fall in the period 1933-1937 when Mr. McAlister served as Governor of Tennessee. It contains correspondence, campaign speeches, briefs, sketches, reports, biographical and genealogical data, diaries, scrapbooks, photographs and personal memorabilia. Several of the scrapbooks follow the political careers of Hill McAlister and his father, W.K. McAlister. The diary of William King McAlister, Sr., grandfather of Hill McAlister, was kept in 1836 while he was on a trip to Arkansas and later in 1842 when traveling to New Orleans. He included names of steamboats on the Cumberland and Mississippi, items about the cargo, places where the boats stopped and comments about his fellow passengers.

Thomas McCallie Papers, 1821-1854. ~ 300 items. TSLA.

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The Thomas McCallie Papers (1821-1868) are centered around Thomas McCallie (1795-1859), a merchant of Rhea County, Tennessee. The papers are concerned primarily with suits for debts owed to him as a merchant in Rhea County.

McCarthy - Brownell Collection, 1790-1951. 8 volumes. THS.

This collection contains a scrapbook of Mayor William McCarthy, Brownell Engineering Company promotional booklets, a R.G. Hay ledger, 1844-1899, and a copy of the Dutchess County, New York census records of 1790.

McCutchen Family Papers, 1818-1958. ~ 2,000 items. TSLA.

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This collection is composed of the papers of the McCutchen family, descendents of John McCutchen ( - 1755), emigrant from Scotland. The records were collected by Miss Hildegard Smith, a McCutchen descendent, and used as primary source material for her book, The McCutchen Trace.

The collection also includes accounts, inventories of estates, records of the Harpeth Presbyterian Church (Williamson County) and the Presbyterian Synod, land, marriage, school and slave records, and wills.

The greatest portion of the papers belong to James McCutchen (1796-1864), second son of Samuel and Catherine Bell McCutchen. Although James was apparently not a lawyer, he was administrator of many estates. Also included are his records as treasurer of the Nashville-Hillsborough Turnpike Company.

There are three Civil War letters, probably written by families who had relatives fighting on the Federal side. Other letters for the Civil War period can be found in the correspondence under the name of the writer. Also included is a diary, which may have been kept by James McCutchen, giving troop movements during the War of 1812 and a brief entry about the Battle of New Orleans.

William L. McDonald Collection, 1780-1969. .42 cubic feet. TSLA.

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This collection is centered around the history of Lauderdale County, Alabama, and is composed of cemetery records, church records, clippings, correspondence, genealogy, maps and pamphlets. There is a special emphasis in these records of the town of Florence, Alabama. Also included is a genealogical listing of the John McDonald family.

Lutie (Moore) McFarland Genealogical Papers, 1934-1951. ~ 150 items, 15 volumes. TSLA.

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This collection contains correspondence, genealogical charts, notes and forms, family lines and historical sketches, clippings and printed material, and photographs. Genealogical data on the following families may be found: Bernard, Claiborne, Cumming, Dade, Dorsey, Douglas, Dulaney, Dunbar, Durett, Greenberry, Hobbs, Hanson, Hammond, Harris, Kavanaugh, Lawrence, Luckett, McFarland, Miller, Moore, Overton, Percy, Peyton, Randall, Ridgely, Roos, Sandy, Scrope, Stafford, Sutherland, Talbott, Todd, Wallace, Wilsford, Warfield and Woods.

Louise Bransford McGavock, 1878-1960. .84 cubic feet. TSLA.

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The papers are centered around Louise Bransford McGavock (1878-1965), a social leader and philanthropist. She was the daughter of William and Manoah (McGavock) Bransford. She married, first, Hugh C. Kirkman, and, second, Spencer McGavock. Her home was Two Rivers Mansion, Nashville. The collection contains financial records, clippings, correspondence, and miscellaneous membership cards.

McGill-Thatcher Family Papers, 1818-1979. .70 cubic feet. TSLA.

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This collection documents William Napoleon Bonaparte McGill and his family, particularly his two daughters, Ida Irene McGill and Pearl McGill Thatcher. These families lived mostly in East Tennessee, in the towns of Retro, Bakewell, Soddy, and Chattanooga. Included in the papers are genealogies of the Hunter, McGill, Patterson, and Vandergriff families; land deeds dating to 1818; correspondence; numerous photographs, tin types, calling cards, cabinet pictures, drawings, and Daguerreotypes; greeting cards; a will; a military promotion and discharge papers from World War I; a pass to town from the Civil War; receipts; insurance papers; speeches; composition books; and obituaries.

David Fryar McGinnis Papers, 1917-1983. .21 cubic feet. TSLA.

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This collection of clippings, magazines, military records, photographs, and miscellaneous items are centered around David Fryar McGinnis' experiences as a member of the 114th Field Artillery during 1917 and 1918. The famed 114th was Tennessee 's only volunteer regiment in World War I.

Mcllwain Family Papers, 1890-1915. 11 items.

The papers consist of eight photographs and three letters of the McIlwain family of West Tennessee. The letters are to Benjamin Aldridge and his wife, Maggie McIlwain Aldridge, from McIlwain family members in Trenton, Humboldt, and Dyer, Tennessee, 1890-1900. Photographs include a family reunion from 1911 and four McIlwain sisters and their husbands, 1915, both taken at Humboldt, Tennessee. Some photographs are unidentified.

McMillan Family Papers, 1802-1927. 41 items. TSLA.

This collection includes Bible records, correspondence, biographical data, and a will relating to the Rev. Edward McMillan family of Tennessee and Illinois. Rev. McMillan was a Presbyterian minister in Tennessee until the Civil War, when he moved his family to Illinois. Correspondence includes letters from Rev. McMillan to his family when he served as chaplain of the 32nd Illinois Infantry, USA, as well as letters from his sons Joseph (7th Illinois Infantry, USA) and John (122nd Illinois Infantry, USA). Information about the Dement family is also included. Photocopies.

William Henry McRaven Papers, 1851-196-. 14.7 linear feet. TSLA.

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This collection contains correspondence, photographs, genealogical data, clipping, diaries and writings of Mr. McRaven. The correspondence includes letters of the Charles, Moore, Lanier, Crutcher, Pepper, Saxon, Currier, Edlen, Hogin, McMahon, Ruka and Stubblefield families. The photographs show the McRaven and associated family reunions of 1961 and 1964 in Yazoo City, Mississippi and in 1962 in Biloxi, Mississippi. There are also family group photographs taken in about 1900 in Meridian and Yazoo City, Mississippi.

A large genealogical collection contains histories, photographs, biographical sketches, genealogical charts, diaries and clippings relating to the Duncan, Elliott, Henderson, McFarlane, McRaven, Morton, Stubblefield, Swanson, Tarkington and Terrell families.

In addition, there are a number of letters of William H. McRaven, Jr., while in the U.S. Army during World War II, and a diary of Henry McRaven kept during his travels through Mississippi in 1930.

William Henry McRaven Papers - Addition, 1918-1959. ~1,250 items. TSLA.

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This addition to Mr. McRaven's collection consists of brochures, cards, correspondence, maps, menus, music, newspaper clippings, notes, poetry, printed materials, scrapbooks, and a ticket. The bulk of this collection is concentrated on the various travels by William Henry McRaven.

Also of interest in the collection are the scrapbooks. The scrapbook titled "Along the Way" contains short stories written by Albert Hines which were published in the Nashville Tennessean. The scrapbooks titled "Little's Cartoons" consist of editorial cartoons drawn by Tom Little which were also published, in the Nashville Tennessean.

Of interest in the correspondence are the letters from R.B. Mayes to Mr. McRaven which consistently speak of the coming of the end of time. These letters use biblical references and various predictions of the day to illustrate the possible second coming of Christ. Mr. Mayes says that he does not believe the predictions, but he is constantly talking about them.

Robert Montgomery Family Papers, 1818-1874. 50 items. TSLA.

This collection contains correspondence, financial records, land records, and legal documents pertaining to the Robert Montgomery family of Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, and Jackson County, Tennessee. Of special interest are letters by Robert Montgomery (1833-1889) during the Civil War.

Moore Family Papers, 1816-1891. ~225 items. TSLA.

The Moore Family Papers consists primarily of receipts, land records, legal documents, and a few items of correspondence of the Moore family of Decatur and Perry counties, Tennessee. Most documents pertain to Jesse Moore (d. 1841) or Leroy P. Moore (1830-1887.) Photocopies.

Frederick Wightman Moore Papers, 1904-1905. ~ 75 items. THS.

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These papers concern attempts made by the Tennessee Historical Society to obtain passage of a law authorizing the construction of a permanent, fireproof building to house the Tennessee State Archives. Included is correspondence of Frederick Wightman Moore (1863-1911), who served on the Tennessee Historical Society's committee to petition the State Legislature in behalf of such legislation, as well as correspondence of John C. Kennedy, a member of the Tennessee Historical Society's committee on plans and arrangements for a public meeting concerning the archives.

Moore, John Trotwood (1858-1929) Papers 1849 - 1957 ~ 20,000 items. TSLA.

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John Trotwood Moore was a journalist, teacher and Tennessee State Librarian. This collection contains correspondence, speeches, literary manuscripts, legal documents, accounts, newspaper clippings, photographs, scrapbooks, and genealogical data of John Trotwood Moore and other members of the Moore family, including his wife, Mary Brown Daniel Moore; his son, Merrill Moore; and his father, Judge John Moore.

Subjects covered in the collection include John Trotwood Moore's writings and literature in general; Tennessee and U.S. politics; historic preservation, monuments, and memorials; the anti-evolution and labor movements; the Civil War, Spanish-American War, and World War I; historical buildings and events in Tennessee, most notably the State Capitol and the Tennessee Sesquicentennial celebration; Andrew Jackson; Alabama history; genealogy of the Moore, Brown, and Daniel families; and horse breeding and showing.

William A. J. Moore Papers, 1893-1898. 2.1 cubic feet. TSLA.

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William A.J. Moore was a deputy County Court Clerk for Knox County, Tennessee as well as an insurance agent. He was active in the Baptist Church. This collection is composed primarily of personal correspondence from members of Mr. Moore's family and a wide circle of acquaintances.

Morgan Family Papers, 1860-1874. 4 items. TSLA.

This is a collection of business and legal documents of John F. Morgan and Mrs. L.J. Morgan of Maury County, Tennessee.

Calvin Morgan Family Papers, 1820-1931. ~ 3,000 items. TSLA.

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The Calvin Morgan Papers center around the Calvin Morgan family of St. Louis County, Missouri, and Knox and Maury County, Tennessee. The collection consists of account books, accounts, a bond, certificates, charter of incorporation, correspondence, financial documents, land records, legal documents, a list, minutes, a newspaper clipping, printed materials, subject files, and wills.

Murrell Family Papers, 1833-1941. .42 cubic feet. TSLA.

The bulk of the Murrell Family Papers are limited to the dates 1849 to 1879. The collection consists of correspondence, accounts, recipes, clippings, receipts, land records, and a diary and poems kept by Margaret Murrell Campbell. Included are items which concern the Murrell and related families, primarily the Campbell family of Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee.

Madison Claiborne Napier Letters, 1830-1847. 14 items. TSLA.

These are letters of the Napier family of Aetna Furnace and Centerville, Hickman County, Tennessee. Correspondents include Madison C. Napier, his father Richard C. Napier, his wife Mary Eliza Burch Napier, brothers Leroy Napier and James L. Riggs, and his wife's mother and stepfather, Elizabeth D. Sansom and William B. Sansom. The letters primarily concern family news and some mention of the family's iron business. Photocopies.

Nashville Bridge Company records, 1819-1853. .42 cubic feet. TSLA.

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This collection includes a day book (1819-1853), an account book (1819-1823), a contract for the bridge over the Cumberland River made with Joseph Johnston in 1819, and the record of a lawsuit against Johnston filed by Jacob Beltzhoover on behalf of the company. The court record is from the Court of Common Pleas, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, January term, 1821.

Nashville City Schools, 1955-1964 and Metropolitan Public Schools, 1964-1967. 9 items and 43 volumes. TSLA.

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These volumes and papers deal with the teaching of the social sciences from kindergarten through grade twelve in the Nashville public schools. The collection is composed of resource guides and units, community studies, progress reports and related materials.

Nashville Housewives League Records, 1939-1961. 11 volumes. TSLA.

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The Nashville Housewives League was founded in 1916. This collection contains the League minutes (1948-1961), treasurer's reports (1949-1961), correspondence (1939-1961), and newspaper clippings (1939-1942). The clippings deal with activities of the league, including better canning and homemaking methods, clean-up drives, city beautification, anti-smoking campaigns, and aid to educational institutions.

Nashville Library Club Records, 1957-1974. ~ 150 items. TSLA.

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This collection consists of materials pertaining to activities of the Nashville (Tennessee) Library Club during the years 1957-1974. Included are correspondence, minutes of meetings, and other related documents.

Hugh C. Nichols Papers, 1901-1964. .75 linear feet. TSLA.

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These documents were collected by Hugh C. Nichols and concern the United Spanish War Veterans Association. Contained here are membership records, membership cards, and roster lists for the 20th Infantry Regiment, the regiment Nichols served with during the Spanish-American War. Nichols was also a member of the United Spanish Veterans Association, Colonel William C. Smith Camp No. 20, which was comprised of Spanish-American War veterans living in and around Nashville, Tennessee.

William Lee Northern, Jr., papers, 1923-1958. 85 items. TSLA.

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The Lee papers consists primarily of photographs made during the period 1940 to 1941 when William Northern was training to be a U.S. Army Air Corps pilot in Texas, Michigan, and California. These photographs show Northern and his classmates, the P-38 fighter plane, and class 41-E, the class from which Northern was commissioned. The yearbook for class 41-E is included, as are two scrapbooks of photographs and mementos, some clippings, and miscellaneous items.

Old Oak Club Records, 1888-1990. ~ 2,000 items and 10 volumes. TSLA.

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The Old Oak Club was organized by Herman Justi in November, 1887. The members consisted of a group of his friends who had been associated together in an eating club. The membership was limited to twenty-five. The purpose of the club as given in the constitution is "for the discussion and investigation of subjects of general interest." The records are composed of correspondence, clippings, handbooks, programs, minutes, papers read by members, histories of the club, and several sketches of deceased members.

Open Letter Club Papers, 1886-1967. ~ 60 items and 1 volume. TSLA.

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The Open Letter Club's goal was to disperse liberal propaganda concerning civil rights and education for the Negro in the South between 1887 and 1890. The collection contains correspondence, membership lists, papers by members on such topics as education and the suppression of Negro, a newspaper clipping and a thesis, "A History of Failure: the Open Letter Club," by Essie (Wenar) Samuels.

Orr Family Papers, 1811-1876. 10 items. TSLA.

This collection of papers includes an 1876 letter from F.E. Haynes to Robert M. Orr of Culleoka, Tenn., a Civil War letter from C.Y. Orr in Port Hudson, La., to his family in Mooresville, Tenn., and four Creek War letters between James and Elizabeth Orr, 1814-1815. Also includes genealogical notes about the William Orr family and three legal documents involving members of the James Orr family. Photocopies.

W.E. Osteen Papers, 1884-1902. 7 items. TSLA.

The Osteen Papers includes 4 deeds and a rental agreement for property in Bedford and Maury counties, Tennessee; a court case involving the estate of W.E. Osteen, 1902; and a printed letter from F.W. Todd to W.E. Osteen notifying Osteen of his status as a defendant in a case filed against Farmer's Mutual Insurance Association of Tennessee.

Marshal V. Otis Papers 1954-1961. ~ 900 items. American Society for Testing and Materials.

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This papers relate to the activities of Marshall V. Otis with the American Society for Testing and Materials and the Office of Critical Tables of the National Academy of Sciences. They include correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, coding data, and information bulletins concerning the organization of information storage and retrieval systems in the United States and abroad. Correspondents are scientists from the United States, England, France, Germany, and Switzerland. Literary rights for unpublished data in the papers are subject to the approval of the American Society for Testing and Materials.

John Franklin Overton Papers, 1848-1879. 20 items. TSLA.

This collection is primarily letters received by Col. John Franklin Overton, of Troup, Texas, from his brother, E.C. Overton of Maury County, Tennessee. The letters chiefly contain information on the brother's joint financial interests, on E.C. Overton's farming pursuits, and a small amount of family and political news. Photocopies.

John Page Papers, 1784-1880. .42 linear feet. TSLA.

This collection contains correspondence (1799-1844) of the Rev. John Page (1766-1859), pioneer Methodist Episcopal circuit-riding minister who resided in Sumner County (or perhaps the area where he lived was incorporated in Smith County when it was erected in 1799). Included in the collection are his diary (ca. 1797- ca. 1851); his legal documents and those of a few members of the Page family; family correspondence; papers regarding the estate of Elmore Douglass (d. 1819), surveyor, merchant and landowner of Sumner and Smith counties and father-in-law of Mr. Page; two prescriptions; and a clipping regarding the Secession convention. In these papers appear names of some of the pioneer families of Sumner and Smith Counties: of Sumner County - James Winchester and the Douglass and Cage families; of Smith County - Wilson Cage, Elmore Douglass, the Rev. John McGee, Ephraim and John Peyton, Moses Pinkston and Peter Turney. Photocopies.

Miles Pardee Papers, 1822-1873. 10 items. TSLA.

The papers of Miles Pardee of Marshall County, Tennessee, includes a voter's certificate, 1866; a stock certificate for the Eagleville & Chapel Hill Turnpike Company, 1873; two Bedford County, Tennessee deeds, 1832 and 1835, involving Miles Pardee, Thomas Powderill, Charles Hopper, and Hugh Ray; Marshall County circuit court records, 1837-1839, for the case of Miles Pardee vs. B.M.G. Blackwell and others; Masonic documents for Miles Pardee, who was a master mason in Abbeville, S.C. and Abingdon, Va.; and a phrenological analysis of Miles Pardee, undated. Photocopies.

Peacock Family Papers, 1858-1925. 18 items. TSLA.

This collection includes letters, receipts, greeting cards, a memorandum book, and a diploma of the Peacock family of Shelbyville, Tennessee.

Peterson-Priestly Family Papers - Addition, 1936-1981. TSLA.

This addition to the Peterson-Priestly Family Papers, Mf. 549, includes newspaper clippings, correspondence, biographical sketches of the Priestley family, photographs, and drawings.

David Phillips Papers, 1793-1838. 6 items. TSLA.

This collection includes letters to David Philips in Tennessee from his father Josiah, his brother John, and his uncle David, all in Pennsylvania, 1793-1802; a journal kept by David Philips during his journey from Pennsylvania to Nashville, 1796; and a sheet of writing exercises signed by Nancy Turner Philips, 1838. Photocopies.

Pope Family Papers, 1829-1906. ~ 77 items. TSLA.

This collection consists of correspondence, diaries, military records, school records, a slave record, and several miscellaneous items belonging to the families of Dr. Samuel Pride (1799 - 1863) and Rev. Fielding Pope of Blount and Williamson Counties, Tennessee. The letter that has the most historical interest is the one written by Dr. Pride, dated October 8, 1863, to his wife, Mary Montgomery (Sharp) Pride (1806 - 1867), describing the recent Battle of Chickamauga and his concern for the safety of his wife and their property in East Tennessee.

Military records include the election of officers of the 3rd Regular Tennessee Volunteers, Confederate States of America, orders, passes, etc.

Post Card Collection (Includes THS)

The Tennessee State Library and Archives Tennessee Post Card Collection is an artificial collection of post cards from various collections, donations, and purchases drawn together to better promote access to this rich research source. To facilitate research the collection includes post cards from the Tennessee Historical Society's collections. Where applicable, accession numbers have been recorded in pencil on the cards. The post cards in this collection represent places, topics, and persons specifically related to the State of Tennessee.

The post cards are arranged alphabetically by place, location, or topic, and an itemized subject listing is available.

W.L. Powell Papers, 1871-1896. 25 items. TSLA.

The Papers of W.L. Powell of Memphis and Chapel Hill, Tennessee, includes a business card for Hartmus & Co. of Memphis; correspondence; a power of attorney for W.L. Powell granted to C.M. Neal; and receipts. Correspondents include Austin Powell, M.T. Powell, and Mary A. Taylor. The letters primarily concern family news and crop information.

Edwin A. Price Scrapbook Collection, 1911-1934. 14 volumes. TSLA.

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These scrapbooks contain clippings primarily from the two Nashville newspapers, the Banner and the Tennessean. The subjects include aviation, civic reform and development, economic development and decline, education, foreign affairs, historical articles, prohibition, race relations, the Scopes trial, woman suffrage, and others.

Priestley Family Research Collection, 1936-1981. 83 items. TSLA.

This collection consists of the research materials on the Priestley family compiled by Ruth T. Davis. It includes correspondence of Ruth Davis, John H. Thweatt, Dr. L.G. Crume, Herschel J. Priestley, and Vernice E. Robinson, as well as biographical data on William Priestley, Joseph Priestley, and James Priestley. In part, photocopies.

William Priestley Correspondence, 1811-1812. 1 volume.

This volume contains the correspondence of William Priestley and Catherine P. Adair written in verse in 1811 and 1812. The letters were carefully copied in 1814 by William and bound under the title of "Recueil." William Priestley was the son of Dr. James Priestley, a celebrated scholar of Rockbridge County, Virginia. Dr. Priestley came to Bardstown, Kentucky, as principal of Salem Academy in 1788 and while there was a neighbor of Governor John Adair. The children of these two families became great friends. In 1809 Dr. Priestley moved with his family to Nashville, Tennessee, where he served as principal of Cumberland College until his death. William Priestley and Catherine Adair began their correspondence when the two families became separated by Dr. Priestley's move. Catherine married John M. Foster in Mercer County, Kentucky in 1814. William joined General Jackson's forces in the Battle of New Orleans. He was secretary to General William Carroll who became Governor of Tennessee.

Primm Springs Hotel Registers, ca. 1870-1961. .84 linear feet. TSLA.

This collection is composed of the guest registers, reminiscences, and records of the Primm Springs Hotel in Hickman County, Tennessee. This was one of the many summer health resort hotels, built at the site of mineral springs. The hotel opened soon after the Civil War; the guest registers begin with the date 1879 and continue through 1961, when the hotel was closed.

Protestant Orphanage Records, 1845-1957. 4.6 linear feet. TSLA. RESTRICTED.

This collection is composed of material dealing with the Protestant Orphanage (first known as Protestant Orphan Asylum) located in Nashville. The institution was originally chartered by the Tennessee State Legislature in 1846. Although incomplete, the records date back to 1845 and continue until suspension of operations in 1957. They include financial reports, Board of Manager's minutes; admissions and removals; case histories, receipts, medical and psychological test records, the Constitution of the Orphanage, and a short history of the institution.

RESTRICTED: Adoption records may be released pursuant to court order as provided in Tennessee Code §36-1-138.

Jackson Pryor Papers, 1830-1897. ~ 100 items. TSLA.

The business papers of Jackson Pryor, merchant, farmer and educational benefactor of Jasper, Marion County, Tennessee consists mainly of accounts, land deeds, receipts, and slave bills of sale.

Several Civil War items are of particular interest. A letter by G.S. Deakins written March 14, 1863 from a camp near Tullahoma refers to the case of William Pryor; it is in answer to a plea of Jackson Pryor asking for intercession for his brother who is imprisoned in a Confederate camp. (William became a Union soldier in 1864.)

A wage-hour record dated July 4, 1863, is from a saltpeter mine. It is addressed to Jackson Pryor and contains the names of employees, hours worked and their wages.

Robert T. Quarles, Jr. Papers, 1940-1954. ~ 500 items. THS 427.

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The Robert T. Quarles, Jr., Papers, 1940-1954, chronicle the career of Robert T. Quarles, Jr., (ca. 1891-1968) as Director of the Tennessee State Archives, Recording Secretary of the Tennessee Historical society, President of the Tennessee Historical Society, and as Secretary Emeritus of the Tennessee Historical Society.

The collection contains materials on associations/institutions, cards, cemetery records, clippings, correspondence, financial documents, genealogical data, invitations, lists, memorials, military records, Civil War maps and notes, notebooks, notes, notices, passes, photographs, poetry, printed materials, programs, railroad papers, reports, sketches, speeches, stamps, tax materials, and writings.

Query Club Records - Addition, 1993-1994. TSLA.

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Query Club Records, Addition, consists of 23 cassette tapes of programs conducted by the club in 1993 and 1994. The topic of the programs is the Fugitives and the Agrarians of Vanderbilt University. Some of the tapes have accompanying material, which consists of research relating to each person studied.

Quilts Of Tennessee Collection, 1820-1930. ~ 2,700 items. TSLA.

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The Quilts of Tennessee Collection, 1820-1930, is composed of the results of the "quilt days." Included with each survey is information about the owner and a photograph of each particular quilt. The survey also included maker information, quilt provenance, and a genealogical or family history. There is also a detailed study of each quilt's physical characteristics. Research of the pattern identification is included with each survey.

Ragland family papers, 1861-1899. .42 cubic feet. TSLA.

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This is a collection of papers related to the Ragland family of Haywood County, Tennessee, including correspondence, genealogical data, and some speeches. Correspondents include John Marshall Stone, Governor of Mississippi (1876-1882 and 1890-1896), and Thomas Fletcher Ragland, who fought in the Confederate Army (Co. A, 9th Tennessee Infantry) and died of wounds sustained at the Battle of Chickamauga, 1863. The speeches are those of John Marshall Stone, a cousin to the Raglands.

Railroads Collection, 1853-1858. 2 items.

The statement shows value of work done and cash and stock paid to Theodrick Webb on sections 36 and 37 of the Mississippi Central and Tennessee Railroad, 1855-1856, contract by Thos. Reed. The final estimate was for work on Section 13, Madison County, Tennessee Division, Mobile and Ohio Railroad, Theodrick Webb, contractor. Photocopies.

Reams Family Papers, 1829-1934. TSLA. ~ 300 items.

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The Reams Family Papers is centered around the Reams and Frazier families, including Absolom H. Reams, Herschel Burger Reams, Martha J. Burger, W.G. Frazier, Jarret C. Frazier, and Tabitha Ella Frazier.

This collection is composed of accounts, cards, correspondence, genealogical data, invitations, journals, notes, notices, poetry, speeches, addresses, etc., writings, and several miscellaneous items.

The correspondence is mostly from family members, friends, and professional colleagues. A majority of the family correspondence is comprised of letters from Absalom H. Reams, Herschel Burger Reams, S.I. Burger, W.A. Burger, and R.B. Ragland. The journals contain material pertaining to the lives of W.G. Frazier, Jarret C. Frazier, and Tabitha Ella Frazier. W.G. Frazier and Jarret C. Frazier shared a journal giving accounts of their daily lives. Mr. Jarret Frazier served in the 48th Tennessee Infantry, Confederate States of America and his journal is included (December 10,1861-December 26, 1864).

Henrietta (Kendrick) Reeves Papers, 1860-1967. 60 items and 5 volumes. TSLA.

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The papers of Henrieta Reeves, a cultural and social leader in Nashville, contains many of Mrs. Reeve's poems, short stories and essays. Also included is material regarding the Centennial Club of which Mrs. Reeves was a past president. For several years she also served as the chairman of its literary department and was responsible for bringing many famous writers and artists to Nashville as guests and lecturers. Included is her autograph book with notations made by such visiting poets and writers as Robert Frost and Lord Dunsany.

Miscellaneous items include a photograph, biographical sketch, and letter of Samuel Dold Morgan (1798 - 1880), great-grandfather of Mrs. Reeves. Samuel Dold Morgan, "merchant prince" of Nashville, manufactured percussion caps for the Confederacy in Nashville (1861) and was chairman of the Capitol Commission responsible for building the present capitol building. At his death, the State honored him by interring him in a crypt in the walls of the capitol.

Rogers Family Papers, 1827-1862. 33 items. TSLA.

This collection consists primarily of the correspondence of the Rogers family of Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi, Texas, and Alabama. Correspondents include Alexander and Eliza Swan, James Rogers, Francis Q. Rogers, Stephen Hart, Oscar F. Rogers, and M. Lafayette Rogers. Most letters are to John Rogers of Lincoln County, Tennessee and Absalom Rogers of Madison County, Alabama. Also included are loan contracts and one unidentified photograph.

Rogers and Clarke Family Papers, 1326-1987. ~ 200 items. TSLA.

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The collection is centered around the Rogers family, originally from North Carolina, then later Mississippi, Tennessee, and eventually settling in Maryland. A couple of gentlemen are of significance in the Rogers family. One of them is James Webb Rogers (1822-1896), who served as Chaplain of the 1st Corps, Army of the Mississippi, Confederate States of America, on the staff of Leonidas Polk. James Webb Rogers was present at the battle of Shiloh. Also of note in the Rogers family is James Harris Rogers (1850-1929), a famous inventor, who was responsible for the invention of a wireless communications system used by the United States during the First World War.

The collection consists of announcements, Bible records, cards, correspondence, financial documents, genealogy, an identification badge, invitations, newspaper clippings, photographs, poems, printed materials, programs, a report, a school paper, a biographical sketch, and a transcript, although the bulk consists of photographs and various publications received and written by the Rogers family. The Rogers and Clarke families are related by marriage.

Kenneth Daniel Rose Papers, 1879-1957. 1.6 linear feet. TSLA.

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This collection of papers and manuscripts of Kenneth Daniel Rose (1888-1960), Head of the Violin Department of Ward Belmont Conservatory of Music, 1918-1952, is composed of correspondence, clippings, programs, notices, scrapbooks, and manuscript writings. The correspondence deals with the first Nashville Symphony Orchestra, 1925-1931, and with the efforts of Mr. Rose to obtain a publisher for his manuscript, "Pioneer Nashville, Its Songs and Tunes, 1780-1860." This manuscript represents a lifetime of work of Kenneth Rose and although it was never published, it contains much material of great value. Another unpublished manuscript, "War Music of the Confederacy - Our Patriotic Music or America's Loyalties made Vocal," is also in the collection.

Round Table Club Papers, 1884-1974. 1.2 linear feet. TSLA.

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The Round Table Club Papers are composed of correspondence, handbooks, programs (1908-1955 with some missing issues), and papers prepared for the Club by Morton B. Howell, Lansing Burrows, John L. Hill, John H. DeWitt, R.B.C. Howell, and Judge Thomas H. Malone, Jr. The club was founded by Mr. Herman Justi in 1884, three years earlier than the Old Oak Club which was also founded by Mr. Justi. The papers cover a wide variety of subjects.

Safeguard order, 1862 July 28. United States. Army Corps. 14th. TSM.

This is an order for safeguard of the property of Joseph Vaulx who lived near Nashville, Tennessee. The order is signed by Col. John F. Miller, 29th Indiana Volunteers, USA. The back of the document is signed by Brig. Gen. Lovell H. Rousseau and noted as approved by Maj. Gen. Rosecrans.

Sam Davis Memorial Association records, 1930-1961. 12 volumes. TSLA.

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The records of the Sam Davis Memorial Association are composted of minutes of meetings, the Charter of Incorporation, and an inventory of the contents of the Sam Davis Home.

Giles Christopher Savage Papers, 1850-1933. .42 linear feet. THS.

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This collection is centered around Giles Christopher Savage (1854-1930), ophthalmologist of Nashville, Tennessee and includes clippings, correspondence, court records, genealogical data, legal documents, memorabilia, medical notes, patents and copyrights, photographs, poetry, speeches and writings. This collection supplements the Nell Savage Mahoney Papers, 1928-1978, Mf. 1120, in the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

Sevier Family Genealogical Collection, 1911-1926. ~ 175 items. TSLA.

This collection consists of clippings, correspondence, and several miscellaneous items relating to the Sevier family of Tennessee. Most of the research represented by this collection was done by Alva N. Turner of Mendota, Wisconsin and Ina, Illinois, Sevier family genealogist and descendant of Col. Valentine Sevier (1747-1800).

Shahan Family Papers, 1855-1941. 37 items. TSLA.

This is a collection of letters and genealogical data of the Shahan family of Alabama. There are eighteen Civil War letters from John and Alonzo Shahan, both of whom died from typhoid fever in 1863, to their mother, Editha Shahan. Both brothers, as well as correspondents A.J. Little, W.A. Crawford, and Polk Noble, were members of the 1st Alabama Infantry, Confederate States of America. Other correspondents include H.M. Breeden, Benjamin Chandler, S.A. Goode, and J.M. Pridmore. Genealogical data focuses on the connection between the Shahan and McCallie families. Photocopies.

Shields Family Papers, 1834-1881. ~135 items. TSLA.

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This collection of papers is largely concerned with the family of Benjamin Shields, a Nashville resident of the mid-nineteenth century. It contains correspondence, legal documents, genealogical data and miscellaneous items of this family. Several letters deal with family and community activities of early Tennessee.

Probably the most valuable item is a Civil War letter written by Lieutenant E.B. Shields to his father on September 22, 1861. Lt. Shields was killed at the Battle of Fishing Creek, Kentucky and wrote in considerable detail of a sharp engagement with Federal forces near Cumberland Ford, Kentucky. There are also four letters written by John Shields to his wife Kate while he was a prisoner of war at Camp Chase in 1864.

William Simpson Papers, 1918-1925. ~ 800 items. TSLA.

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The collection is centered around the operation of a plantation owned by William Simpson in Florence, Alabama, known as the Fair View Farm. William Simpson hired a manager, who in turn hired laborers to work the farm. The farm concentrated on dairy, chicken, and cotton production, although all aspects of the farm are discussed in the letters. William Simpson was employed by the U.S. Post Office, Nashville, Tennessee.

The collection consists of accounts, cards, correspondence, financial records, printed materials, and school records.

Richard Smith Family Papers, 1820-1965. ~ 200 items. TSLA.

These are the papers of Richard Smith, his son William Smith (1837-1907) and other descendants, all of Wilson County, Tennessee. It includes correspondence, deeds, slave bills of sale, receipts and accounts, the 1881 will of Richard Smith, a history of Green Hill, Tennessee, a history of Hendersonville Presbyterian Church, and other miscellaneous documents. Richard Smith was hired in 1841 as overseer at the Hermitage. There are numerous documents involving the Andrew Jackson family and the Donelson family. Photocopies.

Membership applications: addition, 1985-1986. Sons of the American Revolution. Tennessee Society. Restriction: Research requires permission of applicant.

These are applications for membership in the Tennessee Society, Sons of the American Revolution for the year beginning April 1, 1985.

Southern States Industrial Council, 1933-1973. 15.12 cubic feet. TSLA.

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The Southern States Industrial Council records consist of account books, audit reports, printed materials, scrapbooks, and reel-to-reel tapes. The collection is concentrated on the activities of the council which was designed for the benefit of all business, with a special emphasis on the southern states. The council had staff that was responsible for research to aid southern business production and ability to sell their products across the nation and the world.

Sowell Family Papers, 1827-1881. 19 items. TSLA.

This collection includes correspondence, land records, accounts, and legal documents of the Sowell family of Hickman and Maury counties, Tennessee. Other family names include Coleman, King, and Dobbins. Photocopies.

John F. Stephenson Family Papers, 1881-1924. TSLA. Maury County.

This collection consists of items related to the John F. Stephenson family of Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee. The collection contains accounts, bills and receipts, correspondence, maps, printed materials, and school papers. Of interest is a map of Columbia (1890.)

John W. Stephenson Papers, ca. 1824-1897. ~ 200 items.

This collection consists of accounts, tax receipts, logging calculations, checks, funeral notice, and correspondence pertaining to John W. Stephenson of Maury County, Tennessee. Also includes church records and material relating to J.S. Fleming of Maury County, ca. 1824-1897.

Storer Photograph Collection, ca. 193?-1955. 3 cubic feet. THS.

This collection of slides, negatives, and copy prints of images was taken by Dr. Walter H. Storer, amateur photographer and professor of Romance Languages at Vanderbilt University, 1929-1966. Subjects include Vanderbilt University (buildings, events, and individuals); Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, and Lookout Mountain, Tennessee; countryside scenes in Tennessee; and numerous friends and acquaintances of Dr. Storer.

Sundquist Gubernatorial Campaign Materials, 1994.

This collection of materials includes internal correspondence, fundraising letters, clippings, brochures, and examples of campaign ephemera such as a bumper sticker, campaign pin, and fan. It also includes fundraising dinner guest list and seating chart. In part, photocopies.

Swick Family Papers, 1842-1879. 59 items. TSLA.

This collection includes receipts, accounts, and land records of the Swick family of Hamilton and Davidson counties, Tennessee. Family members prominently mentioned are David P. Swick and William F. Swick.

Talbot - Fentress Family Papers, 1817-1953. 1.26 linear feet. TSLA.

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The Talbot-Fentress Family Papers consist of account books, clippings, correspondence, diaries and memoirs, genealogical data, legal documents, obituaries, photographs, printed materials, sketches, writings and miscellaneous items.

The collection is centered around the descendants of Colonel James Fentress (1763-1843), of Montgomery County, Tennessee, Revolutionary War soldier, legislator, Speaker of Tennessee House of Representatives (1815-1823) and friend of Andrew Jackson; his son David Fentress (1794-1855), pioneer and legislator of Bolivar, Tennessee; his grandson James Fentress (1837-1903), Civil War soldier, planter, lawyer, legislator, and delegate to the 1870 Tennessee Constitutional Convention; and his great-grandson Calvin Fentress (1879-1957), banker, investment councilor and genealogist of Chicago, Illinois.

Included in the correspondence are seventeen letters written by James Fentress to his wife between 1860-1870 and eleven letters by Eli Talbot to his wife during 1817-1818. Persons mentioned include the Earl of Shrewsbury, Lord Baltimore, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Andrew Jackson, Light Horse Harry Lee, William Byrd, Abraham Lincoln, Generals Polk, Pillow, Smith and Buckner.

The Civil War diary included in the collection was kept by Sally Wendel Fentress for the period August 1863 - February 1866. Among the persons mentioned are Gladstone, Lord Aberdeen, Generals Forrest, Lee, Sherman, Grant, and Johnston, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, John Wilkes Booth, Andrew Jackson, William Seward, E.M. Stanton and John C. Breckenridge.

Genealogical data is included for members of the Byrd, Cantrell, Charters, Farrar, Fields, Fentress, Henderson, Hughes, Lyon, Rice, Talbot, and Wendel families.

Elizabeth Yeargan Tarpley Papers, 1884-1949. 10 items. TSLA.

This collection includes three cabinet card photographs, two deeds for property in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, a will and handwritten codicil, a poem, a valedictory address, and the diploma from Soule Female College in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, of Elizabeth (Lizzie) Yeargan Tarpley.

Baxter Taylor Family Papers, 1730-1961. .42 linear feet. TSLA.

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The Baxter Taylor Family Papers includes clippings, correspondence, genealogical data, photographs, printed material, speeches and miscellaneous items.

The clippings are largely about the political careers of Baxter Taylor (1877-1961), a state official in Tennessee and his uncles, Governors Alfred "Alf" Alexander (1848-1931) and Robert "Bob" Love Taylor (1850-1912.)

Included in the correspondence is a Civil War letter of Landon Carter Hayes (1816-1875) and a letter to Baxter Taylor from Harry S. Truman (1884-1972.)

The balance of the material is made up of genealogical data of the George Taylor and Worley families; memorials to William McKinney (1843-1901) and Robert Love Taylor; photographs of the Taylor family; and speeches of Alfred Alexander Baxter and Robert Love Taylor.

Tennessee Authors and Writings on Tennessee. 33.6 linear feet. TSLA.

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This collection is composed of original manuscripts of books, textbooks, short stories, biographies, articles, and poems written by Tennesseans, or about subjects dealing with Tennessee. These manuscripts were given to the Tennessee State Library and Archives between 1930 and 1964 by the individual authors, relatives of the authors, or other persons interested in historical preservation of original manuscript materials.

Authors whose manuscripts are in the collection include: Octavia (Zollicoffer) Bond, Roark Bradford, Amasa Buck, Mrs. Henry Cannon (Minnie Pearl), Alfred Leland Crabb, George Creel, Jay Guy Cisco, Donald Davidson, Maria Thompson Daviess, Mrs. L. Virginia French, Col. P.T. Glass, Corra Harris, Robert Selph Henry, Marquis James, Helen B. and Joseph M. Krechniak, Mel B. McCall, Abby Crawford Milton, Marthia McBride Morrel, Mary Noailles Murfree (pseudonym, Charles Egbert Craddock), Frank L. and Harriet C. Owsley, Holden Bovie Schermerhorn, Joseph D. Shields, Harold Shumate, and Thomas S. Stribling.

Tennessee Candidate Speeches, 1970-1974. 210 audio cassette tapes. TSLA.

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Tennessee Candidate Speeches consists of taped speeches and interviews of candidates for public office in the 1970 and 1974 campaigns. Included are interviews and speeches for the office of Governor for the years 1970 and 1974, the office of Public Service Commissioner for the year 1974, and a few Congressional campaign speeches for the 5th, 6th, and 8th Congressional districts for the year 1974. Additionally, there are a few miscellaneous tapes that include speeches by Reverend Jesse Jackson and Fred Thompson, and a University of Tennessee Board of Trustees meeting that consists of discussions regarding the University of Tennessee, Nashville campus.

The tapes in this collection are stored in a climate-controlled vault. A 24-hour notice is required before listening to these tapes.

Tennessee Defense Force Collection, 1941-1991. ~ .42 cubic feet.

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This collection consists of research material gathered to aid in the creation of the historical sketch of the organization. The items relate to the history and operations of the Tennessee Defense Force (Tennessee State Guard) for the period 1941-1998. Items include biographical sketches, correspondence, historical sketches, manuals, mission statement, organizational chart, photographs and publications. Of related interest are materials relating to the Indiana Guard Reserve for the years 1968-1971.

Tennessee Democratic Party Women's Division Records, 1938. 60 items. THS.

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These letters deal with the organization of the Democratic Party in Tennessee for the statewide campaign of 1938, in which year Prentice Cooper (1895-1969) was the Democratic nominee for Governor and Arthur Thomas ("Tom") Stewart (1892- ) was the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senator. The letters especially center around the activities of the Women's Division of the Tennessee Democratic Party in that campaign.

Tennessee Federation of Garden Clubs scrapbooks, 1951-1957. 15 volumes. TSLA.

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This collection of scrapbooks contain clippings, programs, yearbooks, and other data dealing with the four districts into which the State of Tennessee was divided. The first volume contains an index giving the names of the various clubs in each district.

Tennessee Federation Of Women's Clubs Records, 1893-1992. 12.6 cubic feet. TSLA.

The Tennessee Federation of Women's Clubs was organized 1896 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Twenty Women's Clubs assembled for the purpose of organizing a State Federation. These clubs felt the need for unification to promote service; a broader field for work; and, to learn to understand the needs and recognize opportunities for doing good.

The collection consists of administrative records and reports, histories, minutes, and publications related to this organization of service clubs.

Tennessee Federation Of Women's Clubs Records - Addition, 1928-1998. 2.5 cubic feet. TSLA.

The materials in this collection are additions to the Tennessee Federation of Women's Clubs Records. They consist of many of the same types of materials: minutes, histories, correspondence, publications, reports, and notices of resignation.

Tennessee Historical Society Office Files--Addition, 1989. THS 892.

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Tennessee Historical Society Office Files--Addition, consists of 6 audiocassette tapes of two committee meetings held by the Society. The committees were the Task Force on Teaching Tennessee History and a series of Bicentennial planning meetings. These meetings all occurred in 1989. No paperwork exists regarding these meetings and their exact content. The Task Force meeting does have a listing of those in attendance written on the cassette jacket. That listing is included in the container list for this collection.

The tapes in this collection are stored in a climate-controlled vault. A 24-hour notice is required before listening to these tapes.

Tennessee Historical Society Picture Collection, Ca. 1800-1970. ~ 700 items. THS 193, 217, 599.

This miscellaneous file of pictures has been collected by the Tennessee Historical Society over a number of years. In addition to photographs, there are also engravings, lithographs and drawings. Included are photographs of many prominent Tennesseans, some national figures, towns, buildings and landmarks throughout the state of Tennessee.

Tennessee Historical Society World War II Naval Collection, 1941-1945. ~ 2,000 items. THS.

Clippings, photographs, press releases, and other items pertaining to Tennesseans who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.

Tennessee League for Nursing records, 1935-1971. ~ 100 items. TSLA.

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These records include the charter of incorporation, constitution and by-laws, annual reports, convention programs, and manuscripts on various nursing subjects.

Tennessee Municipal League Records, 1941-1953. ~ 50 items. TSLA.

This collection contains correspondence, newsletters, press releases, and other records of the Tennessee Municipal League. Issues reflected in these records include wartime ordinances for municipalities, municipal home rule, and the establishment of a cooperative arrangement between the League and the Bureau of Public Administration of the University of Tennessee.

Tennessee Philological Association Records, 1912-1991. 3 cubic feet. TSLA.

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In 1904, certain professors of English and Foreign Languages decided to form an organization which would bring together these types of teachers in the State of Tennessee. The first meeting of the Tennessee Philological Association was held at the University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. in October, 1905 when the formal organization took place. It was given its' present name (Tenn. Philological Association), and it was modeled on a small scale upon the already familiar organizations of the Modern Language Association and the American Philological Association. The Association celebrated its' fiftieth anniversary at the University of the South in 1955 and continues to enjoy an active existence.

Tennessee Rail Road Depot Photograph Post Card Collection. 339 items. TSLA.

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The Tennessee Rail Road Depot Photograph Post Card Collection is a collection of photographs reproduced onto post card photograph stock. The photographs came from various sources, and are unidentified other than for the name of the depot.

The Tennessee Society In New York Collection, 1905-1949. ~1,200 items. TSLA.

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The Tennessee Society in New York Collection, 1905-1949, is composed of bills, notes, receipts, applications, agendas, clippings, correspondence, financial documents, invitations, lists, memorabilia, notes, photographs, drawings, and printed materials. The bulk of the collection is comprised of correspondence, printed materials, and lists.

The correspondence is mostly from fellow members, guests, and business acquaintances. A majority of the letters are from A. Weisbrod, general manager of Louis Sherry, New York, and J. Arc Williams, secretary of the society.

Prominent correspondents include Governor Prentice Cooper and Secretary of State Cordell Hull, both honorary members of the society. Governor Cooper and Mr. Hull's correspondence deals mostly with responses to invitations concerning social dinners and invitations during the New York World's Fair of 1939. Hill McAllister is also included in the correspondence.

There are many lists included in this collection. The bulk of the lists pertain to membership, seating lists for the many dinners and smokers, officers of the society, and potential members. The printed material consists of booklets (1907-1943), the constitution of the society, and programs of the society's events.

Texada Family Papers, 1855-1919. 57 items. TSLA.

The papers of the Texada family of Rapides Parish, Louisiana includes many Civil War letters, most from Capt. Joseph W. Texada to his wife, Mag, and from Charles V. Cosby to the Texadas and his own family. Also included are letters from Mrs. Texada's father, J.P. Davidson. Capt. Texada served in Company A, 8th Louisiana Cavalry, Confederate States of America. Photocopies.

"That You May Know" 1981. TSLA.

"That You May Know" is a series of programs produced by the Caney Fork Regional Library. These programs were produced as promotional/public relations material. These programs are on reel-to-reel tape, with cassette tape copies available.

C.A.R. Thompson Papers (1825-1898), 1819-1935. ~ 300 items. TSLA.

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The papers of Charles A.R. Thompson and his relations consist of correspondence, an account book, a homemade trigonometry book, and several stories written by his daughter, Mary Allen Thompson. Mr. Thompson was a prominent merchant of Nashville who married Kate Morton White, the adopted daughter of John J. White, a lawyer of Gallatin, Tennessee. Some of Mr. White's correspondence is also among the papers and contain the earliest dates in the collection. A family genealogical chart is included.

Fred Travis Papers, 1940-1994. 5.56 cubic feet. TSLA.

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The collections are centered around the writings of Fred Travis, a Capital Hill correspondent for the Chattanooga Times, Associated Press, and NewsTenn, Inc. is respected throughout the state for his outstanding qualities as a journalist. The list of political figures that Mr. Travis has been associated with include such notables as Clifford Allen, Ross Bass, Frank Clement, Sr., Albert Gore, Sr., Estes Kefauver, Gordon Browning, Bill Brock, Buford Ellington, James R. Hoffa, Jim McCord, K.D. Kellar, Edmund Orgill, Raulston Schoolfield, Andrew T. "Tip" Taylor, and John Shelton Wilder, Sr., and others.

The collection is composed of biographical sketches, clippings, correspondence, court records, interviews, maps, news releases, notes, photographs, publications, reports, speeches, addresses, vital statistics, and writings.

The papers include many issues which were widely publicized and somewhat controversial. Such issues were segregation, the death penalty, Nashville sit-in demonstrations, the "Tent Cities" in Fayette and Haywood Counties, T.V.A., constitutional revision, James R. Hoffa trial, the Tombigbee Waterway, and other political developments.

Audio taped conversations with some very interesting people of Tennessee, past and present are included, such as Judge McCanless, Judge Albert Williams, John Jay Hooker, Jr., and Jim Cummings. Drue Smith and Fred Travis were interviewed by Eddie Parker on his radio show on June 29, 1980. Mr. Travis also included taped interviews with Trabue Lewis, retired State Highway Patrol captain, who was the chauffeur for Governors Horton, Browning, McAlister, Prentice Cooper, McCord, Clement, and Ellington.

Mr. Travis included in his collection photographic images of John T. Scopes, Alexander Heard, William Emerson Brock, Jr., Alex Shipley, the old Tennessee State Penitentiary, and the Nashville Sit-In demonstrators.

Levi Trewhitt Papers, 1840-1858. 15 items. TSLA.

Primarily, this is a collection of the business correspondence of Levi Trewhitt, an attorney, of Cleveland, Tennessee. Correspondents include J.Y. Coffee, G.W. Churchwell, W.S. Maxwell, A.B. Hanna, J.A. Rodgers, J.P. Thompson, James Hickey, J.W. Campbell, George A. Bryan, John White, and W.F.M. Rice. One personal letter is included from Trewhitt's wife, Harriett.

Todd Troutman (1958-____) Musical Works And Papers, 1970-1990.

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Todd Troutman, a native Nashvillian, graduated from Overton High School in 1975. After studying orchestration and conducting at Peabody, he pursued studies in composition at Indiana University. His experiences in the Nashville music scene include arranging and writing lead sheets for various performing artists.

This collection is centered around applications, clippings, court records, legal documents, lists, music, programs, and sketches. The bulk of the collection is comprised of original musical scores written or arranged by Todd Troutman.

Turnpike Records, 1830-1910. 4 linear feet. TSLA.

These are records of the Franklin, Gallatin, Nolensville, Lebanon, Charlotte, and the Knoxville and Kingston turnpikes. The volumes contain the names of the stockholders, the dates and amounts of dividends paid, act of incorporation, tolls charged, agreement and blueprints of the Interurban Railway, accounts of the gatekeepers, notes and surveys, and the minutes of the Board of Directors.

United Daughter of the Confederacy, Tennessee Division - Scrapbook Collection, 1927-1953. 29 volumes. TSLA.

This collection contains scrapbooks assembled between 1927 and 1953 for the following branches of the UDC: William B. Bate Chapter; Kate Hickman Chapter; Nashville Chapter #1; and the Tennessee Division.

General subjects covered include: Cartoons; Civil War prisons and spies; Confederate bonds, money, and stamps; Confederate reunions; economic development in the New South; historic shrines; the Ku Klux Klan; Civil War soldiers and battles; pioneer history of Tennessee and the nation; slavery; UDC meetings, membership and programs; and World War II.

United Spanish-American War Veterans Papers, 1940-1943. ~ 300 items. TSLA.

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The collection is comprised of information relating to the membership and activities of the Colonel William C. Smith Camp No.20. The camp was located in Nashville, Tennessee and met in the War Memorial Building in downtown Nashville. The Nashville Camp served as the headquarters for the Tennessee Department of the Spanish-American War veterans.

Robert Vaughn Family Papers, 1786-1937. ~ 50 items. TSLA.

The papers of Robert Vaughn, clerk and master of the Davidson County, Tennessee, Chancery Court, and his family, includes correspondence, deeds, insurance policies, receipts, and land title abstracts, as well as records concerning Vaughn's estate. It also includes a certificate of election as Davidson County attorney general, 1892, and the wills of Emma A. Baxter Vaughn, 1915, and William Williams, 1880. An oversize North Carolina land grant and survey for the land of John Evans, 1786, is stored in a separate folder. The papers were found in the vault of the Third National Bank, Nashville, Tennessee, after the death of Robert Vaughn. Not all papers may be related to the Vaughn family.

George I. Waddey & Son, Inc., Nashville Plat Book Collection, 1908-1970. 4 volumes. TSLA.

This collection consists of plat maps for Nashville/Davidson county and surrounding areas. George Waddey & Son, Inc. real estate firm was located in Nashville until it ceased operation in 1990.

Francis Carl Walk papers, 1888-1934. 142 items.

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This collection consists of correspondence, most of which was written by F.C. Walk to his wife, Mary Ellen. The letters reflect the life and activities of an employee of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers during the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century.

Walker Family Papers, 1863-1885. 33 items. TSLA.

This collection contains primarily correspondence of the Walker family of Knox County, Tennessee, most of it from the Civil War period. Includes letters from Richard E. Walker to his wife, Caroline, from camps in Tennessee and Georgia. There are also letters between Richard Walker and his brothers, George and Thomas, and sister, Sarah. Richard Walker served in the 6th Tennessee Infantry, USA. Also included in the papers are two pages of family history notes and a clipping concerning the death of Caroline Walker. Photocopies.

Bernhardt Wall Collection, 1935-1949. 52 items, 12 volumes.

This collection of correspondence and historical sketches relate to the volumes of etchings of "Mark Twain's Missouri", "Following Sam Houston" and "Following Andrew Jackson."

William Waller Collection of Records of Waller, Lansden & Dortch law firm, 1927-1960. 50.82 linear feet. TSLA.

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This organization, located in Nashville, Tennessee, has over the past thirty years handled the legal affairs of some of the largest and most powerful corporations in Tennessee and the South. Some of the more important accounts were: Cain-Sloan Company, Cherry Branch Coal Company, Consolidated Phosphate Company, Crescent Amusement Company, Caldwell & Company, Standard Oil Company of Louisiana, Southern Coach Lines, Tennessee Central Railroad, and Tennessee Products Corporation.

General items in this collection include correspondence, financial data, legal documents, labor contracts, newspaper clippings, tax data, and miscellaneous trial data - appeals, briefs, court opinions, decrees, depositions, exhibits, memoranda, orders, petitions, and pleadings.

Ward-Belmont Collection, 1900-1957. ~255 items and 47 volumes. TSL A.

This collection relates to Ward-Belmont School and its two predecessors - Belmont College and Ward Seminary. Included are annuals, bulletins, newspapers, programs, school directories and about 150 photographs of students participating in sporting and social events (no dates or names).

James Cartwright Warner Papers, 1873-1932. .40 linear feet. TSLA.

The Warner Papers deal primarily with the iron and coal interests of James C. Warner in Northern Georgia. There are fifty-four letters for the years 1878-1879 between Joseph E. Brown, President of the Western and Atlantic Railroad and James C. Warner, President of the Chattanooga Iron Company. In addition to the correspondence there are accounts and legal documents related almost wholly to the acquisition and sale of the Rising Fawn property (located in Dade County, Georgia), within the complex of the James C. Warner Company, the Walker Iron Company and the Dade Coal Company in the years 1878-1882. A small amount of family correspondence, some accounts, Mrs. J.C. Warner's will, and a memorial to Mrs. Warner, make up the remainder of the collection.

Jeannette Joy Sloan Warner, 1895-1984. ~ 500 items. THS.

This collection consists of materials centered around Jeannette Joy Sloan Warner, collector of genealogy, of Nashville, Tennessee. Families include Joy, Lowe, Sloan, Bigelow, Chambliss, Dowlen, Hargrave, Harris, Hawkins, Townsend and Tuttle family.

Charles W. Warterfield, Tennessee State Capitol Building Restoration Photographs, 1954-1959. ~ 208 items. TSLA.

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This collection of photographs are centered around the restoration and repair of the Tennessee State Capitol Building between 1954 and 1959. Charles Warterfield photographed the various stages of renovation for the architectural firms of Victor H. Stromquist and Woolwine, Harwood and Clark.

W.M. Watkins Papers, 1845-1880. 26 items. TSLA.

The Papers of W.M. Watkins, a merchant from Tyree Springs, Sumner County, Tennessee, includes business correspondence, receipts, election tallies, a Sons of Temperance pamphlet, and cartes-de-visite of notable persons in the entertainment and political fields.

Joseph Locke Weakley Papers, 1857-1913. TSLA.

This collection of school materials includes class pictures, diplomas, class roll books, clippings and reports of various schools: Hume School, Knox School, Hume Fogg, Nashville Public Schools, and Howard School.

Philip Van Horn Weems Papers, 1833-1965. 31 linear feet. TSLA.

This collection of retired U.S. Navy Captain, author, former partner of Weems System of Navigation, inventor and teacher, Philip Van Horn Weems, contain accounts, correspondence, diaries, biographical and genealogical data, inventions, photographs, materials on naval and navigation, records of Weems System of Navigation, and student records and courses taught in schools of Weems System of Navigation.

Genealogical data on the following families includes Atlee, Barber, Carmichael, Haldeman, Jenkens, Riegard, Rush, Robbins, Chapman, Hagewood, Lansdale, Lock, Pearson, West, Phillips, Van Horn Weems, and Weems' kindred families.

An 1857-1861 diary and account book kept by a medical doctor in Tennessee, Thomas H. Rye, gives information such as medical fees at the time.

There are thirty diaries which cover the years 1911-1963 intermittently, the heaviest concentration of which is during the years when Weems was a Midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Weems Family Interviews, 1973. 5 reels. TSLA.

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The Weems Family Interviews collection consists of taped interviews with various members of the Weems family. The Weems family was originally from Tennessee, but most members of the family settled in Maryland, which is where the interviews took place. The interviews concentrate on the life of Phillip Van Horn Weems, a noted inventor and aviator. Phillip Van Horn Weems was known for creating various instruments that were used as navigational aids by pilots, as well as authoring several books regarding aviation. Additionally, the interviews talk about other family members and the various activities associated with their lives.

Please note, this collection is housed in the cold storage vault. Please allow 24 hours for tapes to acclimate before using this collection.

Emma (Middleton) Wells Papers, 1712-1945. ~70 items and 5 volumes. TSLA.

The papers of Emma Middleton Wells, East Tennessean prominent in philanthropic and welfare work, and author of a history of Roane County, Tennessee consist of Bible records, correspondence, diaries, memoirs, genealogical data, and the Wells family Bible.

The correspondence includes letters by and to Mrs. Wells and her husband, Edward Oliver Wells before and after their marriage, Mrs. Wells activity in the United Daughters of the Confederacy, the Presbyterian Church and welfare work.

There is a typed copy of a diary of John Edgar McElrath written in the field November 1, 1861 to December 1, 1861, Centerville Virginia while he served in the 3 rd Tennessee Regiment, Confederate States of America. Included are reminiscences of Mary (Carter) Middleton giving her experiences during the Civil War, particularly during the Battle of Vicksburg.

The genealogical material includes data on the Middleton, Anderson, and Montgomery families.

Carl Hickok West Papers, 1922-1974. ~ 200 items. TSLA.

This collection of papers are centered around correspondence written by Carl while a sailor in the U.S. Navy during World War II. Primarily the letters were written home from boot camp, Naval Radar School, and from onboard the USS Cetus during the years 1942-1945. Because of Naval censorship, there is no detailed description of actions by the U.S. Fleet.

John W. White Papers, 1915-1925. 10 items. TSLA.

The John W. White Papers include photographs, certificates, and other documents of John W. White of Nashville, Tennessee. Some items relate to White's membership in the International Typographical Union and his election as a delegate to the 1915 convention. White was also a member of the District Exemption Board for the Middle District of Tennessee, run by the Provost Marshal's Office during World War I; there are two photographs of this group. Also included is a portrait of J.W. White; a panoramic photograph of the 48th Triennial Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Audubon Park, New Orleans, La., 1925; and an unidentified panoramic photograph of a large group of men and boys gathered in East Nashville, date unknown but possibly in the 1920s.

Robert Hiram White Papers, 1832-1970. 811 items, 3 volumes. TSLA.

These are the papers of Robert H. White (1883-1970), Tennessee's first state historian, author, former faculty member of Middle Tennessee State College, past president of the Tennessee Historical Society, and past vice chairman of the Tennessee Historical Commission.

Robert Looney Caruthers White Autograph Collection, 1783-1895. ~ 130 items. TSLA.

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This material, spanning the years 1783-1895, is composed of autographs, photographs and letters of authors, legislators, other statesmen, and historians, collected by Robert Looney Caruthers White of Lebanon, Tennessee.

Whitfield - Green Family Papers, 1880-1914. 58 items. TSLA.

This collection documents the life of an African-American family in turn-of-the-century Tennessee. These are the papers of Freeman Green and Sallie Whitfield Green of Davidson County, Tennessee, who married in 1891. It also includes some papers of the Whitfield family of Williamson County, Tennessee. It contains correspondence, advertisements, programs, clippings, and other ephemera. Programs and brochures of Nashville-area educational institutions, including Fisk University, Central Tennessee College, Draughon's Practical Business College, Walden University, and Meharry Medical College are of special interest. Also included are a speech and brochure of Sen. John K. Shields of Tennessee.

Wiles Photographic Collection, 1896-1910. 60 items. THS 682.

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The Wiles Photographic Collection is centered around the photographs of Marvin Willard Wiles (ca.1883-1957). Wiles was a pioneer Nashville news photographer. Wiles retired in 1954, after almost 50 years as a commercial photographer.

The bulk of the collection is comprised of photos taken at the Tennessee Centennial and International Exposition, 1897.

Wiley - Abernathy - Bass Family Papers, 1671-1972. 450 items and 1 volume. TSLA.

This collection is composed of an account book, church records, correspondence, genealogical data, land records, legal documents, photographs, school records and sketches. The earliest correspondence (1867 to 1869) is primarily between Fredonia Francis (Abernathy) Bass, who prior to her marriage to Patrick Henry Bass, lived at Mount Pisgah in Giles County, Tennessee. Miss Abernathy taught at Holly Bush Seminary at Bells, Crockett County, Tennessee beginning in February 1868.

Patrick H. Bass was a farmer of Nankipoo community, Lauderdale County, Tennessee. His account book for the years 1901-1906 includes a journal of farm work completed, weather conditions, livestock records, sales and shipments of strawberries, wages paid for labor, and other business records.

Also included are letters exchanged between their daughter, Anna Richardson Bass and Ewing Baxter Wiley while they were young school teachers, before their marriage in 1896.

Other items include church records of the Richland Creek Baptist Association, 1886; Abernathy, Bass, Wiley and related family genealogy, 1671-1856; legal documents include three bills of sale for slaves in Giles County, Tennessee 1836-1848; wills for members of the Abernathy family in Tyron County, North Carolina, and Brunswick County Virginia, 1772-1816; and photographs for the Ewing, Baxter, Wiley family 1927-1966.

Williams Collection, 1812-1907. ~300 items, 16 volumes.

This collection centers around the business records of Henry E. Williams, Joe B. Williams, and John J. Williams, cashiers and owners of the Bank of Savannah, Hardin County, Tennessee. It is composed of correspondence, bills, notes, receipts, wills, indentures and letterbooks. The sixteen letterbooks date from 1887-1907 and are concerned with the business of the bank. A few indentures and other documents are for dates beginning in 1812.

George Wilson Papers, 1834-1839. 84 items. TSLA.

These are the papers of George Wilson (1778-1848), editor, publisher, Tennessee State Senator, Mason, and resident of Knoxville, and, Nashville, Tennessee. They are composed primarily of correspondence exchanged between Wilson and his daughter, Sarah Greer Wilson (later Mrs. John Williamson Butler), while she was attending the Columbia Female Institute, Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee.

James H. Wilson Papers, 1850-1868. 345 items. TSLA.

The Papers consists of accounts/bills, notes and receipts, correspondence, guardianship records, insurance papers, military bills and receipts, oaths, and taxes. The collection centers around James H. Wilson, Second Lieutenant, 1st Infantry, 1850-1851, stationed at Ringgold Barracks, Ringgold, Texas. Wilson later became a businessman in Nashville, Tennessee, and served as the guardian of the estate and children of General Felix K. Zollicoffer.

John Knibb Winn Papers, 1786-1838. 40 items. THS.

This collection contains correspondence, agreements, a muster roll, and writings of various individuals. It is centered around the conflict between Andrew Jackson and John Sevier. Winn was one of three legislators who presented a report concerning the conflict between Sevier and Jackson.

Winston Family Collection, 1825-1963. 65 items, 3 audio tapes. TSLA.

This collection is composed of agreements, court records, estate papers, correspondence, reminiscences and genealogical data about the Taylor and Winston families. The Taylors and Winstons of this collection were ancestors of the two Taylor governors of Tennessee, Robert Love Taylor and Alfred A. Taylor. There are also three audio tapes containing folk music played and sun by the Gragg family Sam Coffey, Earl Scruggs, and Dr. Nat Winston. In addition to the music, the tapes contain interesting reminiscences of Sam Coffey and Nat Winston, Sr., both having lived a long time in East Tennessee.

Wood Family Papers, 1833-1864. 62 items. TSLA.

This collection of letters centers around the family of Felix Wood and Lockey (Adams) Wood and their children. This genealogical data was compiled by Annie Wood Howell Saner. Several letters were written by Thomas B. Wood while in school at Wesleyan College, Connecticut during the years of 1837-1840. There are comments about the Yankees and abolitionists, the southern students, and attitudes of both northern and southern students.

Also included among the letters are several Civil War letters. Felix Wood was a member of the 43 rd Mississippi Regiment, Confederate States Army and wrote of the illness in the army, prospects of peace, and his parole. In a letter written in 1864 from Texas, he told of the crops, the health of the Wood family in Athens, Henderson County, Texas, and stated that the county was full of refugees and Negroes. Thomas B. Wood living in Texas in 1864 told of large numbers of deserters from the Confederate States of America in Arkansas. A few letters written by J.C. Wood from Arkansas and Texas during the war years comment on the terrible conditions facing the South if the war should be lost. Also, he tells of fighting at Prairie Grove and White River, Arkansas, the lack of supplies and the prices of food.

Woods Family Papers, 1819-1889. 35 items. TSLA.

This collection includes letters and other documents, primarily of Maj. John Woods of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, some of which are related to city business. There are also typed transcripts of letters to W.M. Woods of Obion County, Tennessee, from various family members. Photocopies.

World War II letters, 1943-1945. 114 items. TSLA.

Consists of letters written by PFC Frank E. Baker to his aunts and uncle in Gallatin, Tenn. during his World War II service. Baker was stationed at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas and on the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Many of the Texas letters are written jointly with his wife, Ella, who lived there with him until his departure for Hawaii. The letters largely pertain to his reactions to hometown news and some discussion of war developments.

Yandell Family Papers. 700 items. TSLA.

The Yandell Family Papers contain vivid descriptions about mid-19th century Tennessee written as various members of Lundford's family visited with relatives in Murfreesboro and other areas. The originals are located at The Filson Club, Louisville, KY.

David King Young Papers, 1880-1963. ~ 100 items. TSLA.

The papers are centered around David King Young (1826-1912), lawyer, judge of the 16th Judicial Circuit of Tennessee, and businessman of Clinton, Tennessee, and his son, Reverend David K. Young, Jr. The collection is composed of correspondence, court records, land records, receipts and miscellaneous items. Rev. Young's correspondence deals primarily with church affairs.