Consists of correspondence related to the family of William Giles Harding (1808-1886), and his sons-in-law, the brothers Howell Edmunds Jackson (1832-1895) and William Hicks Jackson (1835-1903), of Belle Meade Plantation, six miles from Nashville, Tennessee. Howell E. Jackson married Harding’s daughter, Mary. He was a lawyer, Senator, and an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. William H. Jackson married Harding’s daughter, Selene. He became the owner and manager of Belle Meade Plantation. A broadside and a couple of newspaper clippings related to politics and the “Immigration to the South” as well as a family tree drawing and some legal documents (containing an article of agreement related to the horse trade) also appear. Items of note consist of a letter from Mrs. James K. Polk (f. 9), an invitation “To meet His Imperial Highness The Grand Duke Alexander of Russia” (f. 9), and a telegram from then future President W. H. Taft to William H. Jackson at the death of his brother, Howell E. Jackson (f. 11).