Hatchie River Regional Library

Hatchie River Regional Library

Our Vision and Mission

The vision of the Hatchie River Regional Library, and its counterpart regional libraries across the state of Tennessee, is that the citizens of Tennessee will have the information they need for personal growth and development.

The mission of the Tennessee Regional Library System is to make libraries better by:

  • assisting local governments and public libraries in the development and improvement of public library services;
  • assisting libraries in the selection, maintenance and use of library technologies;
  • providing supplementary library materials and digital content to member public libraries and facilitating the preparation of materials for public use;
  • facilitating the sharing of resources between libraries through a delivery system;
  • providing opportunities to participate in shared automation systems;
  • and providing continuing education to local library staff and trustees.


The Hatchie River Regional Library has seen many changes over the years.

The forerunner of the Hatchie River Regional Library, Shiloh Regional Library, was the field office of the Reelfoot Region established in Jackson. Counties served from Jackson were Crockett, Decatur, and Hardin, beginning in the fiscal year 1947-1948.

In 1948-1949, three additional counties joined the Jackson field office.  They were Henderson, McNairy, and Madison.  This brought the number of counties served by the Jackson office to six (6).

In January 1949, the Cossitt Library Region (Memphis) was closed and Hardeman, Lauderdale, and Tipton counties were transferred to the University of Tennessee Junior College Region (Martin) to be given bookmobile service from Jackson.

The year 1950 again saw a change in the name of the Region.  The University of Tennessee Junior College Region became the West Tennessee Regional Library.  McNairy County withdrew from the Region and the administrative duties for the remaining thirteen counties were consolidated in Martin with the branch office in Jackson providing bookmobile service to five counties.  For the next six years, the same counties remained in the region,

In 1956, under the provision of the new regional library law, the Shiloh Regional Library was founded to serve the southwestern counties of the state.  The name for this region was borrowed from the Shiloh National Military Park located in Hardin County, one of the two original counties of which the region was composed.  The Shiloh Region was now composed of Madison, Henderson, Decatur, Hardin, Hardeman and Tipton counties.

In 1957, Haywood County joined the Shiloh Region, followed by Chester County in 1961 and McNairy rejoined the region.  Fayette county joined during fiscal year 1965-66.

A major change in the regional program in West Tennessee was the establishment of the Forked Deer Region in 1966, with headquarters in Trimble. Three counties were transferred from Shiloh Region to partially make up the new region: Tipton, Haywood, and Fayette. The Shiloh Region was composed of the seven counties: Chester, Decatur, Hardeman, Hardin, Henderson, McNairy, and Madison.

In 2010 the Regional Library System has reorganized and Shiloh Regional Library was renamed the Hatchie River Regional Library. Four counties are added to the region: Fayette, Haywood, Lauderdale and Tipton.

Hatchie River Regional Library
63 Executive Drive
Jackson, TN 38305-2901

Legislators Public Libraries in the Region Staff Trustees


Delores Gresham

Ed Jackson 

Mark Norris


Steve McDaniel

Jimmy Eldridge

David Byrd

Johnny Shaw

Ron M. Grant

Craig Fitzhugh

Debra Moody




Genny Carter

Assistant Director

Administrative Services Assistant
Kathy Beshires

Technical Services Assistant
Lisa Hopper

Library Information System Specialist
Chad Miller



Chester County
Pat Weatherington

Decatur County
Gail Story
Sarah Vise

Fayette County
Virginia Ann Walker
Cindy Matlock

Hardeman County
Charles Morrow

Hardin County
Roger James
Linda Walkup

Henderson County
Cindi Willilams, Chairman

Lauderdale County
Libba Burns

Madison County
Elaine Christian, Vice Chairman
Dr. Amy Dietrch

Tipton County
Ben Little
Dwight Stanton