The Highlander Folk School Audio Collections, ca. 250 audio discs or 154 hours of listening time, contains records of dictated correspondence; labor meetings; panel discussions and reports on integration; and workshops on the United Nations, the student sit-in movement, citizenship schools, and voter registration. The Highlander Folk School, located in Grundy County, Tennessee, at the southern tip of the Cumberland Mountains, was the leading training center for southern labor and civil rights leaders for nearly three decades (1932-1961). In 1961, the school’s charter was revoked by the state of Tennessee for irregularities in its operation as a non-profit organization. Within a few weeks, the school reopened in Knoxville, Tennessee, under another charter granted to the Highlander Research and Education Center. The audio discs in this collection were copied from the original tapes made at Highlander during its last eight years as a “Folk School” and its first two years as a “Research and Education Center”. For purposes of brevity, the entire collection is referred to as the Highlander Folk School Audio Collection.