Index to Brief Biographical Sketches of 30,000 Tennesseans

 A searchable index to 30,000 Tennesseans -- now called the Tennessee Biographical Index --  
is available on the Genealogy Index Search Site.   The revised index includes additional titles

The Tennessee State Library and Archives has a wide range of books that contain brief biographical information on many Tennessee politicians, clergy, military leaders, businessmen and craftsmen. It can take some time, however, to search through the individual books to see if there is a listing on a particular person of interest. Library and Archives staff members have indexed over 90 books, including WHO'S WHO IN TENNESSEE (1911 and 1961 editions), TENNESSEE: THE VOLUNTEER STATE, LAWMAKERS AND PUBLIC MEN OF TENNESSEE and EPROMINENT TENNESSEANS 1796-1938 and compiled these listings into a searchable index of over 30,000 names. A complete bibliography of book titles and authors (with links to available online copies of the books) has been posted on our web site.

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  • The biographical sketches listed in this index do not always list the total number of pages in the article; many of the listings only indicate the page on which the article begins. The sketch may be a single paragraph or several pages long.
  • Some listings -- but not all -- note if there is a photograph or portrait of the individual in the book. Portraits are indicated by [port] following the name.
  • This index does not include every individual listed in the books. (For example, while the book MEN OF MARK lists many individuals from the South, only those with a connection to Tennessee are included in this index.)
  • The index was compiled over the course of 40 years or more by many librarians. We particularly wish to acknowledge the extensive contribution of the late Genella Olker.

The Library and Archives will, for a fee, copy up to three (3) separate listings for names located on this index. Please see the page Ordering Materials - Biographical Sketches for instructions.