Kit 2: Be a NASA Detective

Be a NASA Detective

The Be a NASA Detective: Expanding Your Senses Kit focuses on activities and experiences that better help patrons be more comfortable using tools of science, and making predictions based on their observations. This kit focuses on things we cannot see with our normal vision or sense with our normal senses. Major content areas in this kit include: modeling both the vast distances in our Solar System using a fun paper folding activity, creating the shapes of the Moon’s phases with some tasty resources, exploring art as science and science as art, investigating the insides of planets using hands-on objects and detecting tools, and using the scientific tools such as a telescope and infrared thermometer to observe the properties of objects that are difficult to see with our own eyes.

Kit 2 Facilitation Guide
This guide describes the contents of the kits and the programming activities using the contents.

Additional Resources for the Be a NASA Detective STEM Kit

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Pocket Solar System

Looney Lunar System

Art and the Cosmic Collection

Investigating the Insides

Taking the Earth's Temperature

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Be a NASA Detective STEM Kit

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