The Living On: Portraits of Tennessee Survivors and Liberators collection, a project started by the Tennessee Holocaust Commission in 2003, includes the video interviews (and several audio interviews) of Tennesseans who were witnesses, liberators, or survivors of the Holocaust during World War II. The video interviews are available on Digi-Beta tapes, while the audio interviews are on mini-disc. The video interview tapes were originally used for the production of an original documentary created by Will Pedigo of Nashville Public Television, and donated by Pedigo to TSLA in 2008. Approximately sixty men and women were interviewed during the Living On project, which was originally presented to the public as a museum exhibit (curated by Susan Knowles) beginning in April 2005. Journalist Dawn Weiss Smith conducted most of the interviews, although Susan Knowles also contributed to a few audio-only interviews. The exhibit included original photographs taken by Rob Heller of the University of Tennessee, but these images were not a part of the donation to TSLA. Brief biographies of survivors and liberators were also included in the original exhibit, and this information has been retained by TSLA.